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Believe Me: The abduction of Lisa McVey is a crime drama film. Jim Donovan directed the movie. Since UK Netflix added the movie to its list, it has been the talk of the town on social media. So today I’m going to reveal every detail of the film like where can I watch Believe Me? Is the movie streaming on digital platforms? Etc.

This film is based on a true story of an incredible, strong, brave, and intelligent girl named Lisa. The movie is both horrifying and inspiring at the same time. The movie is like an emotional roller coaster. Katie’s remarkable performance compels the audience to feel Lisa’s challenging and harrowing experiences.

Where Believe Me Is Streaming?

Recently the 2018 crime drama Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey is the talk of the town on Uk Netflix and social media. The movie is based on a real-life case from 1984. The lead actress Katie played the character so lively the audience could realize her suffering of Lisa.

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey is currently streaming on Lifetime Movie Club and DirecTV.

You can watch Believe Me on Lifetime Movie with a $3.99 monthly subscription. Besides, this streaming service offers 7 days free trial. So you can watch the movie for free. The Lifetime Movie Club add-on is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

DirecTV subscription packages start at $74.99 for a year. You can enjoy your favorite channels and On Demand titles.

Can I watch Believe Me on Netflix?

Recently, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey debuted on UK Netflix. But it’s still not available in the US. But there’s a way to unblock the movie and stream it on Netflix in the US.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download a quality VPN (skip the free VPNs because they don’t work well).
  • Complete the payment process
  • Connect to a UK server
  • Enjoy streaming Believe Me from the USA.

Why is Believe Me not available on US Netflix?

You must be wondering if Believe Me is streaming on UK Netflix then what its issue with the US is.

It is because of the geo-restriction barriers of Netflix. Netflix needs to sign a license agreement with prosecution businesses. For this, streaming content varies from geographical location. When we log in to Netflix, it shows a specific regional library using the user’s IP address.

So if you want to watch any content from Netflix unavailable to your region, you need to change your IP address through VPNs.

Is Believe Me available to Purchase or Rent?

Yes, the crime drama film of Jim Donovan is available for purchase on most of the major digital platforms. You can purchase the movie from Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple iTunes, and Microsoft Store at $3.99.

But the movie is not currently available for rent.

Believe Me Casts

In the movie, the lead character Lisa McVey is played by Katie Douglas. The story seemed lively because of its top-notch acting of Katie. It was so beautifully screened that audience could actually realize what a person goes through in such a situation.

where can i watch believe me

Rossif Sutherland played Bobby Joe Long (the kidnapper). His acting was on point. Other casts, David James as detective Larry Pinkerton and Bruno Verdoni as Morris Elwood, were also praiseworthy. Besides them, Megan, Amanda, Kim, Kerry, Patrice, and Kiera’ played their role perfectly.

Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey

The movie connects emotionally with the audience because it is based on a true story.

The movie centers on a 17 years old girl Lisa. She was forced to live in a horrible family where she goes under physical abuse. Despite knowing this offense, her mother and grandmother didn’t bother about the matter.

Adding to her suffering, when she was coming home from work, she gets kidnapped and repeatedly sexually abused by a serial killer.

But she was strong and brave enough to escape from that hell. Lisa used reverse phycology and even left evidence of her being there to overtake him. She was the only victim who could escape from that killer.

Returning home, she shared this horrifying experience with her family members and the police. But nobody believed her. They accused she is telling a fictional story she made in her head. Thankfully a sergeant believed her words and took every detail of that kidnapper from her. Later they succeeded in catching that beast.

After all, this had happened to her, she managed to hold herself together. After a few years, she grew into a strong and passionate woman and went to work for the police to protect against any further assaults happening to children and women.

People’s thoughts about Believe Me

People found the movie absolutely phenomenal, from the acting to the story. Everything was on the dot: the suspense, the drama, the characters, and the plot. All the cast, especially the lead actress, did a brilliant job.

The movie delivers a touching and inspiring message. The movie teaches, don’t give up; no matter what happens in our life, there’s still a chance to turn back and rearrange our life. A single broken moment of life can’t be the ending of all hopes.

Lisa showed excellent self-control and bravery and managed to escape from that hell. In the end, the smile on Lisa’s face relieved the audience.

Some criticize the unnecessary graphic assault scenes. But the filmmakers put those scenes to portray the sufferings of the victim. These real events made the film an emotional roller coaster.

The character of Lisa is an inspiration for all girls and women worldwide. The trauma and suffering of Lisa hit every girl and woman on a personal level.

Believe Me Reviews

The movie has an 80% audience score and 100+ ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The average of the film is 4 out of 5. That’s pretty satisfying.


Is Believe Me a true story?

Yes, Believe Me, is the story of Lisa McVey, who was kidnapped and sexually abused by a serial killer Bobby Joe in 1984. She overcame that trauma and is now working as a specialized sex crime officer and motivational speaker. Indeed she is working for a safer world for children and women.

Where Can I watch Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey?

You can watch Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey streaming on Lifetime Movie Club and DirecTV. 

You can also purchase the movie from Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Vudu, and Microsoft Store at $3.99.

Is Believe Me on Netflix in the UK?

Recently, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey debuted on UK Netflix. But it’s still not available in the US and other regions due to geo-restrictions.

Is Believe Me Worth Your Time?

Believe Me, is an emotional roller coaster and heart-touching movie. The main lead, Katie’s remarkable performance, compels the audience to feel Lisa’s challenging and harrowing experiences. If you are looking for a film that will hit you emotionally with profound lessons, Believe Me is definitely worth your time.

Wrap Up

We don’t need the whole world to believe us; all we need is that one person who really makes a difference. In Lisa’s story, she found a sergeant who was a life changer for Lisa.

The movie is a lesson for all women. Lisa showed what level of mental and emotional control is required to survive such desperate situations.

If you want to see a light born from the dark, the movie is worth watching. This article has covered every detail about Believe Me: The abduction of Lisa McVey and where you can watch the movie. Take some time out to enjoy this emotional roller coaster.

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