Guide to Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Porbandar

Best Places to Visit in Porbandar

Often the summer loving birds displayed their wings within the coastal destinations within the west of Asian nation. Amongst these best business destinations is Gujarat that has continuously been within the highlights for its sandy landscape and effervescent festivals. And there’s one coastal town during this West Asian nation state that in conjunction with speech

How to Meet Chief Minister of Delhi Personally and Face to Face

Chief Minister of Delhi is the head of executive branch of the government. The current Chief Minister of Delhi is Arvind Kejriwal who was elected by the people of Delhi with vast majority in the house of assembly. Arvind Kejriwal is also the co-founder of Aam Aadmi Party, a newly created political party created from the anti-corruption

How to Meet Politicians in India [Best Guide]

In India, politicians have less following compared to film stars and cricket players. Still, they have a good number of fan following in their area, city, state or even at national level which is completely based on politician’s popularity. Member of Parliament (MP), Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Ministers, Chief Ministers, President and Prime Minister