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Successful business development is a difficult job. It requires certain skills, experience, and resources. Recent years have shown a rapidly growing trend toward launching startups and new business projects. People want to implement their knowledge, and ideas and achieve success. However, most projects are closed shortly after launch. There are various reasons for this, but the main factor of failure is that managers are not ready or do not know how to cope with the challenges and problems when creating a company. Fortunately, today the chances of success are much higher than before. Today, many problems can be solved with the help of digital platforms and applications for project management and workflow optimization. Are IT services really useful? Maybe it’s just a fashion trend? Let’s figure it out together.

Why are IT services so in demand?

Today, businesses are actively using msp seattle services and introducing digital technologies into their work.The new reality creates new challenges, which means there must be new solutions to old problems. It is difficult to argue with the fact that corporate applications and platforms, for example, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, or Jira help solve many difficulties in organizing business processes. Moreover, these tools offer some advantages if used correctly.

  • Cost reduction. Most companies in the current uncertain situation are in no hurry to invest in new technologies for doing business. But with a reasonable approach, IT is self-sufficient. Each improvement will pay for the next stage of development. IT services offer good conditions for users, including free versions. Thanks to remote work, businesses can save significant funds, which is especially important for small teams and startups.
  • Increased efficiency. The lack of necessary technologies is one of the reasons why the staff does not achieve the required productivity. Business platforms provide effective tools to solve such problems. The effect depends only on the personal qualities of the manager and staff.
  • Improving the quality of service. Today, understanding the real needs of your customers is more important than ever. You want to outperform your competitors, don’t you? You can it by using business intelligence tools.
  • Crisis tolerance. Proper use of digital technologies in business increases the chances of survival in the event of a recession.
  • Data security remains an important factor in the successful development of any business. Today, the threats of phishing and cybercriminals are growing every day. Fortunately,  IT innovations and email encryptions like DMARC help to neutralize the growth of such threats.

Thus, IT services are the right solutions for successful business development. There is only one question left. Which business tool should I choose for my project? After all, today the market offers hundreds of offers. Each product has advantages and disadvantages. One of the most effective and popular applications for doing business is Slack. The service has millions of active users around the world, including both small IT teams and well-known companies. Well–known brands and thousands of positive reviews show better than advertising that Slack is a great tool for project and workflow management!

Slack and Communication: communicate without restrictions

Organization and automation of work processes together with project management play an important role in successful development. An equally important factor for success is effective interaction between team members, partners, and potential customers. What does Slack offer for organizing communication?

High level of communication within the team

Slack positions itself as a corporate messenger. You will have no problems with communication and interaction between employees. The platform offers a large set of tools for effective communication and interaction. You can discuss current tasks, ideas, and plans for the future in private/public chats (which are called channels here), send voice messages, exchange files, and much more. Text editing, individual interface settings, message search, notification automation, and much more. You’ll have to spend a lot of time listing all the communication opportunities that Slack offers. Therefore, it is better to try a business tool and personally test its full potential.

New opportunities for communication with partners and customers

Communication within the team is good. What is about communicating with partners or clients? Communication is a key factor in attracting an audience to your project and making a profit. And profit is the key to the functioning and development of the business. Slack is fine with it! Although the platform positions itself as a messenger, this is not entirely true. At any time, you can expand the functionality of the program by integrating third-party applications. Let’s talk about this a little bit below. It is important to understand the following. You can install additional tools that will expand your communication capabilities to connect with new partners and customers. For example, use Slack SMS to send mass offers to potential customers, discuss ideas with partners, process customer requests, and much more. With Slack, you will always be aware of important events!

What other advantages does Slack offer?

As mentioned above, Slack is a powerful tool for communication and interaction. Its key feature that distinguishes the service from competitors is integration with third-party applications. You can install the necessary set of tools from the Slack app directory for free to expand the standard functionality of the platform. The library offers more than 2.5 thousand third-party applications, including popular products from well-known IT companies and new services. With the help of integration, you will create a single workspace for business management and optimize/automate workflows. All integrations are divided into several large categories to make it easier for users to navigate, for example, analytics, marketing, or security.

Another advantage that small teams and startups choose Slack for is its affordable pricing policy. The developers offer several tariff plans, among which there is a free version. Yes, you can use Slack with a few restrictions for free. This is an ideal option to start because you get a powerful tool for managing and developing your business, saving resources. As everyone knows, there are always not enough of them at the start!

Let’s summarize the results. Today, IT services are indispensable tools for successful business development in any field of activity. If you want to achieve your goals, then you will have to use digital platforms and applications, otherwise, you won’t stand up to the competition and fail. Do not delay making a decision. It is better to introduce digital services in the early stages of business construction and think over this issue at the planning stage!

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