Jennifer Lopez Surprises an Emergency Room Nurse in the Sweetest Way

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Singing sensation Jennifer Lopez arranged a very nice surprise for a healthcare worker, and it was the sweetest gesture that everyone witnessed recently. The singer-actor teamed up with NBC Universal Streaming Services Peacock, Savannah Guthrie, and Hoda Kotb for the plan. According to the plan, the celebrity was to send a thank you message to the nurse named Cassidy Toben.

She deserves such a gesture undoubtedly because Toben has dedicated nine long years of her life to treating sick people. She is a worker at Manhattan’s Lenox Hill Hospital. Besides, since the time of the coronavirus outbreak, she is also one of the most hard-working people who are working as frontlines in the war against COVID-19.

In one of the latest episodes of Peacocks, The At-Home Variety Show, Cassidy Toben was asked about her journey and feelings. Here she spoke to Kotb and Guthrie in a frank manner. In the video, she said that a person usually gets a quick understanding of the fact that saving everybody is impossible. So, it is evident that you won’t save a lot of people, which is also a very devastating feeling. Besides, it is scary because the entire helpless situation reminds you of your family. Then you start worrying about your health and of those close to you even more than before.

A thrilling surprise for the young nurse

Toben says that her mantra to tackle all the fear and anxiety is to stay positive at all times. Her face lights up whenever a patient is discharged from the hospital, or someone is released off the artificial blood supply. On that day, the hospital staff plays the song Here Comes the Sun on the loudspeaker. The experience is so emotional, and fulfilling that Cassidy says it gives them a lot of hope. All of the doctors and nurses in the hospital and emergency rooms clap to congratulate everyone who gets discharged after days of struggle.

Following the interview, Guthrie and Kotb decided to say thanks to Toben by ringing up a famous friend of theirs. So, that was the moment when Jennifer Lopez appeared on the screen and thanked Toben. She said that everyone is grateful for all that Toben is doing, and she wants to thank the young nurse for the same. As expected, Cassidy Toben was taken aback completely. She took a moment to absorb the experience and told Lopez that the last time she interacted with friends was during Super Bowl.

It was during the half-time that performances of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were added. Toben adds that attending the Super Bowl is like a cultural thing or a custom, and it feels awkward now. She says it is difficult to think about how we all were celebrating together just a couple of months back. However, now we are having to lock ourselves at home. Kotb intervened at this moment and said that the young nurse had told her how she thinks that her fellow nurses have a similarity with Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez spread so much love and positivity

She thinks that all of them are Badass people, to which the singer agreed too. Jennifer Lopez was really sweet to appreciate Toben’s work. She also acknowledged what every other healthcare worker is doing to help society. She said that the frontline workers are the real heroes, and they have all her respect. The interaction ended with Lopez offering something special to healthcare workers. She offered them to attend her first concert after the lockdown ends. To this, both Guthrie and Kotb joked that they would love to crash into the party as well.

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