How does a VPN Help Netflix Streamers to Watch Different Netflix Libraries?

Netflix Streamers

Netflix streamers is one of the best streaming services and is a must-have for TV shows and movie buffs. The streaming service has great content on its platform, including original binge-worthy shows like Squid Game which has won awards left, right, and center.

The streaming service is available in 190 countries, but unfortunately, your Netflix content depends on your geographical location and on Netflix Streamers . That’s because the Netflix library is not the same everywhere.

Most Netflix originals are available worldwide because the streaming service owns the licenses for the programs. However, there are some exceptions for different content like NCIS, 30 Rock, Manhunt: Deadly Games, Ripper Street, etc.

This article will explain why Netflix content is different from region to region and how a VPN can help you stream different Surfshark libraries.

Why Does Netflix Content Differ Internationally?

Territorial licensing is the main reason Netflix content differs from country to country.

Like any product or service where a developer needs maximum returns, producers of movies and TV shows do the same with their products. So, the producers license their creation to different content distributors worldwide. In this case, the highest bidder owns the rights to the TV show or movie.

If Netflix buys the show’s rights, they act as a distributor. The streaming platform has to decide if there are enough viewers in different countries to recover the rights’ expense.

Netflix will then carry out research, and if it shows an interest in the show in France but not the US, it will buy the show’s territorial license for France. So American Netflix streamers can’t stream the show and must use a VPN to watch French Netflix from US.

Furthermore, if the same research shows an interest in the show in both France and the US, Netflix will bid for the territorial license for both countries. But another distributor might come in at a higher price for the American license or may already have the license. In this scenario, the show will still be available in France but not in the United States.

Maximum profits and audience interest determine whether a particular show will be available on your Netflix version or not on Netflix Streamers.

As a streaming platform aiming for global dominance, Netflix continuously tries to hold international licenses for all content. But this process isn’t simple and will take some time, and until then, every country will have a different Netflix library.

How to Watch a Different Netflix Library

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a simple yet crucial tool for data protection and preserving user anonymity while browsing. However, this tool is also used to access the Netflix library from different countries.

DNS Tunneling (Smart DNS) is also used for spoofing the location to access different versions of Netflix, but a VPN offers the best Netflix unblocking results.

How to Change Your Country Using a VPN

Like a normal house address, every internet-enabled device has an IP address that can be changed using a handy tool known as a VPN. A VPN will not only change your IP address but hide the one provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) based on the selected VPN server.

So, when you access Netflix, the streaming service will see the IP address provided by the VPN instead of the original IP from your ISP.

For example, you’ll need an IP address from France to watch French Netflix from the United States.  When you connect to a French VPN server from the US, the VPN will hide your real US IP address and provide one from France. Once you connect, you will unlock all the content from the French version of Netflix.

In addition, the VPN will mask all your online activities and data from your internet provider and other surveillance groups, including the government. A proper VPN provides secure and encrypted connections for added security. In addition, it will allow you to change your IP address from anywhere to bypass the Netflix content restrictions.

How to Choose a Good VPN to Access Different Netflix Libraries

There are many VPNs in the market today, but most have problems accessing different libraries of Netflix. The following are three things you need to look at when choosing a VPN:

  • Reliable access to many different content streaming sites – a good VPN should bypass the geo-blocks imposed by different content streaming services.
  • Great variety of servers worldwide – server availability determines how well a VPN works with streaming sites. Therefore, a high-end VPN should have servers in different parts of the world.
  • Excellent streaming speeds – a good VPN should not harm your internet connection speeds.
  • Wide device support – a premium VPN should support all major operating systems and streaming devices, including Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, gaming consoles, etc.

Wrap Up

Finally, now you can watch your favorite Netflix shows worldwide using a VPN. This is a great tool that gives you the freedom to watch any version of Netflix from any part of the world. So, subscribe to your favorite VPN service and watch Netflix from anywhere.

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