Pet Care Options for Your Next Vacation

Pet Care Options

Most people look forward to their vacation all year. The opportunity to take a break from the grind and spend some leisure and fun time with family and friends is one of the most anticipated events for many. But for pet owners, pending vacations can turn into times of great stress.  If you love your fur babies, deciding what to do with them while you are away can be difficult and anxiety-producing. The fear that your beloved pet won’t receive the care it needs can actually ruin the whole vacation. If you have a pet and are planning to go away on vacation, there are a few pet care options open to you for their care. 

Take Them With You

Don’t assume that you have to leave your pet behind when you head out for your vacation. Depending on where you are going and how it may be simpler than you think to take your pet along. Taking an animal with you on a hiking trip is easier than if you’re thinking about cruises from Miami. If you’re really crazy about your furry friends, you might even consider planning a vacation that they can be included in.

If you are hitting the road for a road trip, then taking your pet with you is an option. But you need to think about what you’ll be doing when you’re not driving. Certainly, if your vacation is about hiking and camping, your pet will fit right in, but if you will have events during the road trip that require you to leave your pet behind for a few hours, you will need to secure care for them. Leaving them in the car or RV is not an option. It might take a bit of planning, but you could always book single-day stays in pet boarding facilities along your route.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Hiring a pet sitter is a great option for those that want their pets to get more individual attention than they might in a boarding situation. It also allows nervous animals the chance to remain in an environment in which they feel safe. 

You can hire a pet sitter to live in your home while you are away, or make arrangements for the sitter to come by several times a day to feed and exercise your pet. The intermittent option can be great if you have more than one pet; however, a solitary pet might do better with the live-in options. Some pet sitters also offer to bring your pet into their home for the duration of your vacation. You can hire the services of a professional sitter, or ask friends or family to take on the job, but you want to be sure that the person you hire is good with your animals and can be counted on to provide consistent care. 

Choose to Board

Of course, you can always choose to board your pet while you are away with pet care options. Some vets offer boarding services, but they often don’t provide overnight care and your pet may be in contact with ill pets who are being kept for health reasons. Professional kennels should offer care around the clock. You definitely want to spend a lot of time asking around for recommendations and referrals. Look for facilities that offer you the chance to view your pets via video throughout the day so that you can see that they are being well cared for and are happy. 

You can always combine taking your pet with you and boarding. You can bring your pet along to your vacation destination and then board them there. In this way, you will be able to drop in and see your companion anytime during the day making the separation less traumatic for the animal and for you.

Deciding what to do with the animals and thinking of Pet Care Options, you love when you are planning a getaway can be stressful. Make sure that the people you choose to care for them while you are away are trustworthy. (Diazepam) Choose friends or family that you know you can trust, or be diligent about seeking out references for pet sitters or boarding facilities. In the end, you will enjoy your vacation a lot more when you know that your furry best friend is safe and happy.

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