What Makes the Perfect Poker App?

Perfect Poker App

Poker seems to be everywhere at the moment, certainly for those willing to look hard enough.

It is on television, courtesy of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. It’s been in the cinema, with Molly’s Game giving an insight into the life of the high rollers. It’s even coming to a state near you, with seven states in the US now allowing for legalized Online Cricket Betting ID and five having providers operating within state limits. Thanks to the recent pandemic, players couldn’t indulge in this growing trend in their casinos, so online providers benefitted.

The online poker scene has changed since the original poker boom. Back then, you needed a computer to play with friends or against others, but now all you need is a cell phone or tablet. Poker apps are plentiful, with hundreds out there looking to lure you in. There are so many; it might be difficult to spot what a good one looks like. There are two distinct types; those that allow you to play for real money, and the free-to-play models, which are more for fun and social interaction than anything. We’re going to concentrate on the serious ones, real money poker apps.

What makes the perfect real money poker app? We’ve narrowed it down to a few key points.


The obvious major factor in a poker app being perfect is security. This is where things can get cloudy; providers might be based in countries where the laws are a little less restrictive, leading to poor regulation. The best way to find out if your chosen app is safe in your country is to turn to Google or another search engine and dig around a bit. Remember, the US-based Full Tilt Poker looked secure but was the subject of penalties in 2011 with the Black Friday collapse. Generally, poker apps you find on the Play Store or Apple Store are regulated and safe, but it pays to check Cricket ID.


Poker is a game of many variants based on a core concept. In most instances, the hand ranking remains the same, but how the cards are dealt and handled changes. The perfect poker app will offer you a range of variants to keep the game interesting. Almost all of them will have Texas Hold‘em, the most popular poker variant globally, but others are not so mainstream. A good app will let you jump between that and something like Pot-Limit Omaha without trouble.

Payment Options

The range of payment options could be important, but it is a personal choice. Some players like to use bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, so they remain anonymous and secure. A standard payment service such as PayPal or simple debit card will suffice for other, more casual players. Remember, the latter payment options use an intermediary, increasing the chances of fraudsters becoming involved, even if the risk is small.


Finally, the social option within an app is incredibly important. Even when playing for real money, some will want the interaction of a real poker game. Around a table, there will be trash talk, bluffing and general chatter, which attracts many to the game. Few players really believe they’ll ever sit at the WSOP main event table; they play with friends or strangers as a way of relaxing. The perfect poker app has two facilities for players; friendly games and the all-in, serious rounds. Giving you the full house is a great way an app can remain top of those download charts.


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