Adult Escort Services: Five Ways That They Are Different Than Prostitution Services

Adult Escort Services

When the Canadian government essentially made prostitution legal several years ago, most people considered it a good thing. As opposed to the way things were before the law went into effect, escorts and sex workers are now protected and kept a lot safer.

But are escort services and prostitution services the same thing? Interestingly enough, they are not. In fact, many people are under the impression that these two types of workers do the exact same thing when they go to work each day, but the roles that each of them play are really not very much alike.

Though many people consider services by escorts and prostitutes to be similar, they are actually quite different. Below are five ways that the two types of workers are different.

  1. Escorts Are Paid for Companionship, Not Sex

On paper anyway, escorts are paid for their companionship, not for the sex act itself. This means that people can hire these ladies just to go out to dinner, to attend a corporate function, or simply stay at home and enjoy a movie.

Escorts usually provide the same services that a date would provide, so it’s a little bit like going out on a date for the first time. For men who are too busy to devote to a girlfriend but who would like to have a date sometimes with someone whose company they can enjoy for a while, these ladies serve a very important function.

  1. Escorts Are Very Professional Ladies

Whether escorts have their own websites or their services are described on an agency website, they feel comfortable listing their services online because they are true professionals. Unlike prostitutes, who people usually hire off the streets, escorts offer professional services, have a professional demeanour about them, and consider the entire transaction a professional one. This not only makes the escort herself feel safer and more confident about the process, but it helps the client feel much better as well.

  1. Escorts Will Go Anywhere with You

Since prostitutes are often hired off the street and are hired for one thing and one thing only, they usually won’t go with you to dinners, holidays, or any type of company function. Escorts, on the other hand, get the opportunity to have dinner at expensive restaurants, visit exotic places all over the world, and stay at some of the fanciest resorts and hotels on the planet. Escorts are usually hired by the job, not by the hour or by the night, so it is usually a long-term, albeit temporary arrangement. 

  1. Escorts Are a High-Class Group of People

Because so many important and well-to-do men hire escorts, they are usually a higher-class of women than prostitutes are. They are always well groomed to look and act as though they are part of a high-class society.

When a man hires an escort to attend an event or just spend the evening with him, he is expecting a true lady who can talk about various topics and be interesting to be with. In other words, these men are not just looking for someone to have sex with. This alone makes them much different than prostitutes.

  1. Escorts Are Trained and Usually Well-Educated

Escorts know about etiquette and always look their best. They are trained by their agencies in how to act, how to talk, and how to get along with a variety of men. Because of this, they fit right in when a man takes them to any type of social gathering.

People who see and interact with these men at these functions never guess that the ladies they’re with are escorts. They simply look upon them as they would if the woman was a girlfriend, wife, or friend.

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