White Sands Vacation

White Sands Vacation

White Sands Vacation. White sands national monument is an American park that can be found in New Mexico. It is an ideal place for a vacation or camping. You can see the white dunes with an entrance fee, go hiking and explore the park.

Places to Stay Near the White Sands National Monument

You can’t camp in your vehicle, the only city with several hotels close to the white sands national monument is Alamogordo. Hotels in the city are 23 miles away from the white sands monument. There are a lot of properties in the area that offer timeshare ownership. But before you consider jumping on the bandwagon, take time to educate yourself on the things you need to know such as how to get out of a timeshare yourself. Doing this might just save you from all the troubles and will truly make your vacation a wonderful experience. Read on to find out the alternative places to stay near the White Sands National Monument.

  1. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Alamogordo
  • Rated high
  • Offers free breakfast buffet
  • Offers free WiFi
  • It has an exercise room with a heated indoor swimming pool
  • Offers free parking
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  1. Quality Inn & Suites Alamogordo
  • Rated average
  • Offers free breakfast buffet
  • Provides free WiFi
  • It has an exercise room with an outdoor swimming pool that is available during the summer
  • Offers free parking
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  1. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Alamogordo
  • Rated very high
  • Offers free breakfast buffet 
  • It has an exercise room with a heated indoor swimming pool
  • Offers free unlimited WiFi
  • Offers free parking
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  1. Days Inn Alamogordo
  • Rated average
  • Offers free continental breakfast
  • It has an outdoor swimming pool that is available only during the summer
  • Offers free unlimited WiFi
  • Offers free parking
  • Pets aren’t allowed
  1. Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Alamogordo
  • Rated average
  • There is a kitchen in every suite in the motel
  • It has an outdoor swimming pool that is available during the summer
  • Offers free unlimited WiFi
  • Offers free parking/truck parking
  • Allow pets that weigh up to 40 pounds; however, there must be one pet per room, a pet fee of $10 a night, plus an additional $25 if the pet stays in the motel for a week.
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Camping White Sands

Although visitors can’t camp in their vehicles, backpackers can camp in the white sands national monument.

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Camping rules:

  • You must be at your campsite by dark. This is to reduce the risk of getting lost when hiking at night.
  • Quiet hours are scheduled from 10 pm to 6 am, and you must respect other visitors’ solitude.
  • You must not play music at a loud volume or make noise.
  • The gates of the park are closed 1 hour before sunset. This means you won’t be able to leave the park till the next morning.
  • You are not allowed to make campfires, only camp stoves are allowed, and they must be 6 inches above the dunes. That is because the heat emitting from campfires and camp stoves has melted the dunes.
  • Do not camp on top of a dune.
  • Sleeping in your car isn’t allowed.

Things to bring:

  • You must fill up your container with at least 4 litres of water at the visitor’s center, which is 8 miles from the camping parking lot. This water must last through the day and night because you won’t be able to access water at night.
  • A park map, trail map, compass and GPS.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hat, long and light loose-fitting clothing. This to prevent you from being burnt by the sun.
  • A cell phone, portable charger, whistle, signal mirror and coloured bandana. These items will vary by your means of communication if you get lost in the dunes.
  • Bring a headlamp, flashlight and extra batteries.
  • Bring a first aid kit that will meet the needs of you and your fellow campers.
  • Bring snacks and easy-to-make foods.
  • Bring a variety of dresses that are suitable for all weather conditions.
  • You must set up your tent to provide shelter before it gets dark.

White Sands Entry Fee

The entrance fee allows you passage to the white sands national monument for up to 7 days after the purchase. Annual vehicle pass and park pass give you one-year of access to the white sand national monument.

  • For a vehicle: $20
  • For an individual: $15
  • For a motorcycle: $20
  • Annual vehicle pass: $45
  • Annual park pass: $80


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