Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

I will immediately warn you of the question, “Why are these programs included in the review?” It’s hard for a beginner to understand rendering, presets, keyframes, and other terms. If you offer him 10+ programs that are not much different from each other, he will only get more confused. Therefore, I took the standard “Film Studio” and five programs with trial versions, which are simple enough for beginners and at the same time quite functional. This article will give you a complete guide about the best video editing software for beginners.

What if you don’t have the super ability to edit professional videos yet? Start working in simple programs, gradually moving on to more complex ones. As in this review. It presents:

  • The free Windows Movie Maker, or Windows Movie Maker, is the most straightforward program for beginners.
  • Movavi Video Editor – an editing tool with a claim to professional editing.
  • VideoMONTAZH is a program with optimal capabilities for simple operations.
  • Wonder share Fillmore – a plan with a wide range of special effects and the best video editing software for beginners functions.
  • Video Pada tool for creating semi-professional video clips.
  • Sony Vegas Pro is a professional video editor with fine settings and many special effects, transitions, filters.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program. Works with photographs as well. Depending on the operating system version, Movie Maker will be built into the package or require a separate installation. So for Windows 10, “Movie Maker” from the Windows Live Essentials package is suitable. The company’s specialists recommend installing the “Film Studio” together with the “Photo Studio.”

In the program, you can:

  • Cut the video into the required number of parts.
  • “Glue” parts of the video, adding their music, text, photos, video from a webcam, voiceover, snapshot.
  • Add animation and visual effects, choose the duration of the impact you need and change the video (useful if you want to make video infographics ).
  • Zoom in or out on specific frames.
  • Adjust the volume of audio and video tracks, select fade in or fade out.
  • Add text to the movie: title, title to particular episodes, credits.
  • Upload a finished film to One Drive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, save it to your computer, view it on a high-resolution monitor.
  • Change the color and size of the font, the thickness and color of the outline of the letters, the background color, the start time, and the duration of the display of text on titles and titles.

Personal experience: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Windows Movie Maker 2012 is installed on Windows 7 and 8 versions. Windows Film Studio is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1. If you run into a problem while installing a version of the operating system, you can solve it by installing the Windows Live Essentials package.

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Windows Movie Maker is easy to understand. Familiar Windows interface, Russian – and in a few minutes, you are already cutting the video and adding effects. It is convenient to paste files from the clipboard. However, you can increase and decrease the playback speed if you are working with an extended clip. I added two different soundtracks, animation, and visual effects. For myself, of the minuses, I note the rough work. So it will be difficult to finely cut parts of a video or music and fit it in this program.

Movavi Video Editor

  • Trial version – 7 days.
  • OS – Windows, Mac.

Program description: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Movavi Video Editor is one of the best video editing software for beginners from Movavi. A beginner can figure out how the program works in half an hour or an hour. Movavi Video Editor supports many formats. So after installing the video editor, a browser tab opens with instructions. Before starting work, you can read how to upload a video, cut it, add transitions, apply special effects, add titles, save the finished video and perform many more necessary actions.

There are four tracks on the timeline.

  • Text and titles are anchored to the video clip and move with it.
  • Video track. It also has an associated audio track. So you can change the sound volume of the top video, cut out parts.
  • Additional video track. For photos and videos located on the main video sequence.
  • Audio track. Music on it plays in parallel with the background video.

What can be done in the program:

  • record video and audio from the camera, screen, Skype.
  • Trim, merge video, audio frames.
  • Add music, sounds, images from the program database, Internet, or computer.
  • Improve video and image quality (stabilize, correct color manually or automatically, sharpen).
  • Change the playback speed of audio and video tracks.
  • Overlay any of 36 color filters on the video: Aivazovsky, Van Gogh, Levitan, Picasso, Shishkin, El Greco, etc.
  • Use visual effects, animated transitions.
  • Add titles, flying figures, vignettes.

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Create slideshows for working presentations using animated effects – arrows, checkmarks, callouts, lines, question marks, etc. The program has to rotate and to crop video, chroma key, scaling, and panorama, highlighting a separate part of the video and overlaying the censored area. There are different settings for saving the movie.

Personal experience: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Movavi Video Editor is relatively straightforward for beginners and yet versatile. After installation, the program offers action options:

Create an extended project.

Open a ready-made one.

Create a slideshow.

  • Read the manual.
  • Set up a new project.

Each special effect, splash screen, titles, the background can be previewed in a large window. This made it easier for me to choose. It turned out to be complicated that when the special effect was applied, a hole appeared in the video’s dubbing. Because I wrote about this in the online chat. A day later, I received an answer.

If problems occur during operation, for example, the computer freezes, after restarting the program, the program offers to restore the project. So it is easy to add effects, titles – I dragged them onto the timeline to the video’s desired point. Conveniently, the credits follow the video without desync. So if you need to cut a frame, add a new one, or swap places, the titles will always remain tied to a specific location.

I was given: a clip with unusual places of nature. So the task is to cut off the ad at the end of the video, slightly shorten the video duration, add effects. I downloaded the main video, inserted titles and several different sounds for them, and added a video. So of the impact, I used panorama, censorship, flying figures, zoom in / out, artistic filters, color correction, color filters, and others. However, it is straightforward and exciting to work with. Crop accuracy is better than Windows Movie Maker.

Video Montage

Program description

VideoMONTAZH is a program for editing and editing. The interface is straightforward, simple enough for beginners. All folders on the computer are expanded to the left. So you can open the one where all the initial data for editing a video is stored, and in a couple of seconds, download everything to the timeline. So the program window is divided into 3 parts: video and photos, titles, screensavers. Videos and pictures include folders from which you download the materials you want. The title is an area in which you create your labels or use ready-made ones. Screensavers are images for creating video cards.

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“Video Montage” is a simple program; you will not get confused about the work algorithm. So there are 5 tabs in the program window. First, add the source material, then go to the processing of frames, then apply the necessary effects, work on the sound and start publishing the video.

What can be done in the program:

  • trim and cut video into fragments.
  • Add text and pictures to a video fragment.
  • Change the saturation and colors of the video.
  • Add sound separately to each video and additionally general.
  • Add title and credits.
  • Slow down or speed up the video.
  • Add text/picture to the video.

The program is right for simple work when you do not need jewelry clarity of the frame, a variety of special effects.

Personal experience: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Installed “Video Montage” hung a little. It’s not very convenient to edit a video. You have to go to another tab and only after that add the finished cut to the future movie. So after the same Windows Movie Maker, the number of transitions and special effects seemed obscenely small.

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Unfortunately, there is no video clip. After the 2-minute video was done, I started converting the video. And the program froze at 1% of the audio track. So I changed the save formats, resolution, reinstalled the program – everything was useless. I corresponded with technical support for five days and reinstalled the video card drivers, but the result remained the same. So I won’t show the video.

Filmora Video Editor

Program description

Filmora is the best video editing software for beginners & paid trial version. Filmora has an intuitive interface and great editing options. You can get training before working in the program or peep there as you work. So there is an essential collection of videos, audio clips, the ability to add your audio files or download new animations.

What can be done in the program:

  • trim video and cut parts from it.
  • Record dubbing for videos.
  • Record video from a laptop screen, camera.
  • Turn off the sound of videos and replace it with your audio track.
  • Add titles, screensavers, captions, shapes, animations, transitions, filters.
  • Combine images and frames in chroma key technology.
  • To upload photos from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr.
  • Divide the screen into several parts.
  • Take snapshots of frames from the video.
  • Stabilize, crop, rotate video, adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and speed.
  • Separate and mute an audio track from a video.

Personal experience: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

I liked the program. It took some time to get used to the interface. But then I figured it out and got real pleasure from the work. Suppose previous programs’ effects and transitions were superimposed in a strictly defined place (it was necessary to cut the video track), then in Filmora titles. In that case, filters, moving figures can be dragged onto any segment of the video superimposed on each other. So staged editing is a good thing. The steps of the work are immediately apparent.

Given: three different videos, an audio file. Because the task is to crop videos, combine them into one, add effects.

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Excellent frame breakdown. So this allows you to cut frames as accurately as possible. But there are many different effects, animations, transitions, filters. So there is a collection of filters for Instagram. Want something fresh? Download from the Filmora Resource Center. However, titles are flexibly edited – color, fonts, the distance between letters and lines, and location.


Program description

VideoPad is a program with exciting tricks to work with and rich functionality. So the free licensed version lasts 14 days, there is no watermark. Fine-tuning all transitions: change the duration, angle, color, speed. Works with all popular formats, including 3D.

What can be done in the program:

  • “Glue” videos by adding audio, text, video from a webcam
  • slow down or speed up the video, rotate it in different directions
  • edit 3D video and convert 2D video to 3D
  • add text to video, add titles.
  • use chromakey technology.
  • write your comments.
  • stabilize video.
  • work on changing the pitch, sound panning or create your soundtracks.

Personal experience

Double impression of the program. At first it was tough to understand it. Because the interface feels cluttered and the manual is confusing. But I think it’s worth spending a couple of hours on it and here’s why. So it has some pretty exciting features. For example, speech synthesis. So the greeting at the beginning of the video is recorded in this way. Also, VideoPad works with different editors, which allows you to create slideshows, cover for discs, mix many audio tracks using the mixer. And also create presentations, charts, diagrams and even design your home. I described the rest of the program’s functions above.

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Sony Vegas Pro

Program description: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Sony Vegas Pro is a professional video editor. There are very few ready-made templates here. But a lot of quiet settings for each effect. Why is he in the rookie review? If you plan to continually engage in creating video content, it is better to start learning how to do it using professional software.

The program is technically demanding: for its full operation, you need about 500 MB of free space, at least 4 Gb of RAM, 512 Mb video card. And Sony Vegas Pro works only on 64-bit Windows. Sony Vegas has 3 windows for working with files. In one you search and download the files you need, in the second you edit the files and view them, in the third you see the composition during creation and editing.

In this program you can:

  • edit and “glue” video and audio files.
  • work with high-definition video without losing quality.
  • use ready-made realistic effects and transitions.
  • overlay objects on top of each other.
  • capture broadcasts and sound.
  • adjust all parameters of audio and video, titles, special effects, filters, transitions.
  • work with multiple monitors and processors, creating an infinite number of tracks.
  • open files in the 3D format and apply stereoscopic effects.
  • correct color, lighting, darkening of the frame.

Personal experience: Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

The minimum knowledge of English is not enough to quickly understand the program. So the cracks helped only partially. There are video tutorials and it helps out great.

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The program has subtle, flexible, varied settings. In my opinion, in Sony Vegas there are simply no parameters that cannot be configured. So if you like ready-made templates, this program is hardly for you. But for those who want to think for themselves what color each drop-down letter will be and what trajectory it will describe before disappearing from the screen – welcome to Sony Vegas Pro.

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