Best Free Cloud Storage

Best Free Cloud Storage

Are you looking for the best free cloud storage service for your personal / work data? Here I have compiled a list of the best free cloud storage solutions. Read on to find out how you can get up to 200GB of cloud storage for free! Cloud computing is a revolution in the IT world that has changed the meaning of IT resources for business. Simply put, cloud computing is about delivering cloud computing services – storage, computing, networking, databases, and moreover, the Internet. Best free cloud storage is something that we have accepted intentionally or unintentionally; There is a massive hype around all these free cloud storage solutions. You can also use synology cloud sync.


Cloud storage is now a valuable asset for small and large business companies. Startups are trying not to spend money on expensive hardware and therefore want to move their data to the best free cloud storage available. But most of these companies have very little knowledge of the best free cloud storage and are therefore surrounded by the blind beliefs of traditional storage devices. To help such entrepreneurs, I am writing this blog post on what cloud storage is and what cloud storage options are best available for their business. Let’s start!

What is cloud storage?

Traditional storage methods such as hard drives, flash drives, or any other storage device have many advantages. Hence, using cloud storage acts like a replica of traditional storage devices where users can store their data and backup files from their hardware and USB drives.

The IT sector is always stressed when it is time to move to new software or technology, as it forces them to hire more employees and increase the capacity of their computing ecosystem. But with the abundance of available and free cloud storage, IT sector investment has declined comparatively. About blackeye store gave a lot of tariff plans for businesses, both free and paid, to simplify and save them on physical media costs.

What cloud storage offers for business

Let’s say right away that cloud providers provide two options for using the cloud: for an individual and for a business. Business accounts differ in that their owner can create a team of users, assign levels of access to certain information, control actions with files, and upon dismissal of an employee, deny him access to shared files and folders. Individuals can also share files with other users (and revoke access by link) and even sometimes choose the access level: just download the file or edit it.

It is clear that all business accounts are paid (as opposed to private), and for convenience, we have collected information on each of them (see the table). Another essential function of the best free cloud storage is integration with other applications and services, in particular, web versions of office programs. This possibility is provided in Google Drive and Google Suite, OneDrive, Yandex. Disk, etc. and is very convenient for users who continuously work with documents and collectively: you can jointly edit texts online right in the browser without downloading them to your computer. Or write comments on a document created by a colleague.

Many cloud storages allow you to view files of standard formats right in the browser: documents, tables, photos, videos. This is quite important in work – you do not need to download a file to view its contents. By the way, this is why you won’t be able to use encrypted files in preview mode either.

Best Free Cloud Storage Available in 2021

There are several free cloud storage options available these days. These cloud storage facilities are easy to use and provide open storage space up to 200GB. These storage solutions can be used for both personal and corporate storage.


blomp-logoMore often than not, the low memory warning on mobile phones or your PC’s local drive is very frustrating. However, you don’t have to worry about storage space anymore as Blomp provides free cloud storage and backups. Blomp offers free cloud storage for your images, videos and multiple files up to 200GB. In fact, only 20GB is given, but by completing a simple quest, they can be expanded to 200GB.

Degoo: Best Free Cloud Storage

Your search for reliable cloud storage providers with free service packages may also lead you to Degoo. 100GB of free storage in Degoo is one of its main advantages. However, this is not the only positive thing about Degoo. It serves as a reliable cloud backup service. The Degoo mobile app is readily available on Android and iOS devices.

Mega: Best Free Cloud Storage

Mega cloud storage is a great storage place that is very similar to Dropbox , but the difference between the two is the amount of space that both cloud storage provides. 50 GB of free space is available for Mega users . Mega cloud storage helps users to download multiple files in zip archive, it is also possible to download files via mobile app.

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Its unmatched 50GB storage has made it one of the most popular free cloud storage solutions and has attracted a large number of users to this service. Users looking for an excellent option for a backup file should definitely sign up with Mega cloud storage as it not only provides the best storage but also a lot of security features. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the not always fast speed of access to your data.

Media Fire: Best Free Cloud Storage

Media Fire is easy to use and is one of the best free cloud storage used to store documents and photos on the Internet. The initial free storage that Media Fire provides is 10GB , but their incredible feature is that the free storage can be expanded up to 50GB. This best free cloud storage has many features that make it easy to work with files.

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Media Fire made it possible to download multiple files at the same time from any browser, which is a unique feature that sets it apart from others. Organizing your files in the Media Fire file manager just got easier.

Yandex Disk: Best Free Cloud Storage

In the Russian segment of the Internet, there is no need to represent Yandex, everyone already knows about it. Yandex has established itself as a reliable provider of free cloud technologies. Yandex Disk has automatic download functions from phones to simplify storage of all photos in the Yandex Disk cloud. The best thing about Yandex Disk is support for all popular operating systems including Linux.

You can transfer all files to Yandex Disk for access and editing, as if it were on your hard drive. Yandex Disk also allows users to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint in their browsers without installing them. Well, the most apparent advantage of Yandex Disk is its speed. You get 10 GB of free cloud space as soon as you sign up for Yandex. However, you can also get an extra 32GB by participating in their promotions. You can send short links as well as files up to 50 GB in size. Recipients can view, download and save files directly to their Yandex Disk .

Google Drive

Google_Drive_logoAnother IT giant that makes no sense to introduce. Free 15 Gigabytes of space for your files and photos is given. Everything is simple, fast and conveniently synchronized with mobile phones and tablets.

Icedrive: Best Free Cloud Storage

Icedrive is one of the next-generation alternatives among the best free cloud services. Everything is the same as the competitors, but they promise end-to-end encryption of all data and traffic. Users can access dedicated space to share, showcase, and collaborate on their files. The most notable benefit of Icedrive as a cloud storage provider is its support for Twofish Encryption. By simply registering, you can get 10 GB of free space.

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koofr-logoAmong the many top free cloud storage available at the present time, Koofr stands out as not only provides a reliable free best free cloud storage capacity of 10 GB , but also allows you to connect Dropbox accounts, OneDrive, Amazon and Google Drive. Yes Yes! Thanks to Koofr, you can combine your different repositories in one place! It is really convenient and straightforward.

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You just need to create a few free accounts, and then combine them all in Koofr. Thus, you can immediately get a bunch of open space for free.


the mimedia-logoAnother cloud that is specially created for storing backups. 10 GB of free space and the ability to sync your data from other storage.

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sync-logoAnother way to make a 5GB backup . Mostly focused on mobile platforms.

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Dropbox: Best Free Cloud Storage

dropbox-logoIt is the most popular and most famous player in the cloud solutions market. If I am not mistaken, they were the first to provide such services. Free 2GB is available, but they can be easily expanded by participating in various promotions and inviting friends.

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pcloud-logoAnother way of storing backup data is pCloud. It offers 10GB of free storage space for its data. Interesting in that there are several convenient functions for working with images.


OneDrive-LogoIf you use the latest OS from Microsoft, then you already know about this cloud storage. Microsoft OneDrive keeps your documents and files close at hand. Registering with Microsoft can help users keep everything in one place. Previously, it provided users with 15 GB of free space, but now its size has decreased to 5 GB.

OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service. By installing it on your PC, you can see a separate OneDrive folder. Any files you move to this directory will automatically sync between other computers (PC or Mac) and are available through your browser on For greater convenience, the developers have created clients for mobile platforms. If you make any changes to folders, add, change or delete files, then this directory of the cloud service will be gradually updated on other devices. Microsoft OneDrive can be used from the Windows system tray icon, from where all its primary functions are available.

Key storage options for Microsoft OneDrive:

  • Access your OneDrive content on computers running Windows or Mac OS X, and from mobile devices.
  • Add files and entire folders to the cloud by dragging and dropping them to the OneDrive directory.
  • Easily manage your OneDrive content just like any other folder.
  • Share OneDrive files by inviting, linking, or “sharing” files
  • Quick access to the last used documents.
  • On mobile devices, OneDrive can automatically sync all photos and videos to the cloud.

The iCloud

the iCloud-logoOneDrive equivalent for Apple users only. 5GB for backing up your photos and documents. Conveniently integrated into the entire ecosystem of products from the apple company.

Amazon Drive

amazon-drive-logo is another free cloud storage that helps users save photos and files securely. This cloud storage has many features that make it easy to work with files. It will be more convenient for the buyer of this store. Personally, I didn’t like the very complicated captcha upon login and only 5 GB of free storage after registration.

Cloud Mail

Several years ago, Group ran an attraction of unheard-of generosity – you could get 1 TB of cloud storage for free! But, unfortunately, it was quickly covered up. Therefore, whoever has had time is a fine fellow, and who has not had time – if you please use the standard rates.

Now the standard volume of the cloud from Mail.Ru Group is relatively small – only 8 GB. Its increase by 64 GB will cost you 749 rubles per year, 128 – 1490 rubles a year, and 256 GB are offered to buy for 2290 rubles per year. The most expensive tariff for Mail.Ru Group is 4 TB, 26,990 rubles per year. As we can see, in comparison with competitors – Yandex and Google, Mail.Ru Group’s prices “bite” a lot. This is obviously not the best option for your photos. At the same time, no unlimited limits are provided even when uploading images directly from a mobile phone. You can view prices for other tariffs here.

Best in cloud storage:

  • high download speed;
  • integration with the mail service Mail

Apple iCloud

Apple in 2019 does not change its traditions and provides only 5 GB of data in the cloud for free. It should be understood that free 5 GB is not only for photos, but also for your iOS device backups. And if you have a lot of “apple” devices, then it is very few. Therefore, device users from Cupertino are forced to buy additional space in the best free cloud storage.

Increasing the volume to 50 GB will cost you 59 rubles per month, up to 200 GB – 149 rubles per month, and for 2 TB of data in the cloud storage you will be asked for 599 rubles per month or 7188 rubles per year. But if you don’t use any iOS devices, then Apple’s cloud will not be the most convenient option. All photos will have to be viewed only through the web version. Yabloko does not have any applications for Android devices. For Windows, you can download a particular application – iCloud for Windows .

Best of iCloud Cloud Storage:

  • fast sync and easy access from iPhone or Mac.

Samsung Cloud

Users of Samsung smartphones have the ability to store photos not only in Google Photos, where all images from Android devices are uploaded by default but also in their personal cloud – Samsung Cloud.

Free 15 GB of data. But it is no longer possible to expand them. Currently, only the free cloud space option is available for Russian users. However, this volume is quite enough for a backup copy of the device itself, as well as for storing several thousand photos. In addition, it is essential to remember that Samsung’s cloud can only be used by owners of the company’s smartphones. No web version is provided.


If you revise all these services, then the most interesting will be those that are in the top ten, the Koofr service seemed especially interesting to me , which makes it easy to combine several storages within itself. Most free clouds do not provide much disk space, but if you use it only for the most necessary and essential data, then this is more than enough.

I deliberately omitted Nextcloud and other Open Source projects in this article , I think this will be the topic of the next article.

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