How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

What do you do? The employee, the worker, the banker, the lawyer, and the social media manager, the influencer, the YouTuber. Professionals that were once “of the future” are now absolutely current, but it is still difficult to understand the’ scope and importance. And the market value. In this article, we will give you a complete guide about how much money do YouTubers make.

So how much money do YouTubers make? How much money can you make by posting videos of cars, makeup, toys, lifestyle, yoga, and so on? To answer, we must first start with some numbers that give an idea of ​​the magnitude of the phenomenon: every month, about 2 billion people watch something on the video platform owned by Google, on which about a billion hours of video are viewed every day. and publish over 300 hours of content every minute; earnings for those who create these contents (YouTubers, in fact), according to the most recent statistics, grow at a dizzying pace of 40-70% from one year to the next. Where does this money come from? From advertising, of course.

How much money do YouTubers make?

How much do you earn?: How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

Each video recognized as monetizable by YouTube has its own CPM rate, the gain for every 1000 views: it is not fixed and varies according to the topic, whether it is “family-friendly” (suitable for everyone, in short), the country from which the upload has been made, of those where the views come from, the target it is intended for and so on. It usually ranges between 1 and 4 dollars (half of this money goes to YouTube), and for a channel that has between 1 and 2 million views, it leads to monthly revenues of between 2 thousand and 4 thousand dollars. But there are videos with a Cpm (the acronym stands for “Cost for M,” understood as the Roman numeral representing thousands) even 5-6 times higher than the average. They are long ones, not necessarily very long, of duration more than 10 minutes.

And how

To understand how instagram followers cheap important they have become, it is enough to scroll through the ranking of the most popular videos on YouTube worldwide and realize how many are those that exceed, perhaps even slightly, the 10-minute threshold. Which is the one beyond which the platform allows the insertion of more advertisements within the movie, in addition to the usual initial spot. The difference between videos lasting less than 10 minutes and those.  Which is about 1.3 million people, talks about technology and lifestyle: in a video (10 minutes and 47 seconds, of course), he analyzed the economic performance of his latest uploads, realizing that he was in the average of the Cpm of 1-4 dollars for every 1000 views.

But to have almost by chance noticed that one of his videos had touched the 18 dollars of CPM and alone earned over 3 thousand dollars. Because? Because it lasted 10 minutes and 27 seconds, and therefore could host a lot more advertisements. At that point, Shelby tried to do an “experiment,” as she said herself: “I started making videos that were longer than 10 minutes, and in the last few months, I have tripled my earnings”.

The rule “over 10 minutes, more commercials” is not new (YouTube introduced it a couple of years ago). But it is only now, with the dizzying growth of the platform, that YouTubers have begun to understand its potential: “I could insert an advertisement every 30 seconds – explained Shelby – but obviously nobody would watch my videos anymore ». Therefore? “So I saw that 2 spots in between are enough to make a huge difference” in terms of CPM. And therefore of money collected every month.

The girl of records: How Much Money Do YouTubers Make.

Because yes, YouTube is not just a pastime, an alternative to traditional TV, a way to distract the children at the restaurant: it can absolutely turn into a job and be very profitable. If it were still needed, this is demonstrated by the case of little Boram, a South Korean girl of just 6 years who has two channels on YouTube (in total, more than 31 million followers) in which she talks about toys and gives “advice” to her peers, who managed to earn enough to spend over $ 7 million to buy (through her parents, of course) a building in Seoul.

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How much money do YouTubers make?

In a digital world where influencers override classic jobs, you may be wondering how much YouTube pays in  2020  and what the actual earnings a red tube channel can benefit from. Clearly, we must promise that often not all that glitters is gold. Because on the one hand, money on the web can be made, but it is not easy to succeed in a short time. Indeed, sometimes it requires long-term investments, even years.

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How do you start earning on YouTube?

Before answering the question “how much does YouTube pay” and how its policies have changed in recent years, what you need to know is that to get started, all you have to do is create a channel and then attract as many followers as possible. The community with which you will have to interact will allow you not only to maintain high engagement but to increase your notoriety and without resorting to “strategic” and unintelligent methods, one of which could be the purchase of YouTube views.

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Once you’ve acquired a good number of followers and views, then make sure you  don’t have :

  • Violated YouTube copyright laws ;
  • Received reports on your account ;

If up to now you have complied with what is written, always in your private area, there will be an item on the left menu where it invites you to ” start earning with your videos. ” Once you have clicked this last option and if you have scored at least  4000  views, the program will accept you without any problem.

You are officially a YouTube partner!

Finally, after becoming an integral part of the Earnings and Partner Program on YouTube. The last step is connecting with  Google Adsense. Don’t worry. If you are not registered on the platform, the red tube will do it instantly. At this point we have to move on to the most interesting part, in terms of money, how much can you do with a channel on the red tube? It depends. Some YouTubers manage to earn millions, others a traditional monthly salary, and those who can not even make € 1.00. Depends on what? First of all, from the quality of the video content.

You have to create (even if the business takes a long time) quality content. Show your passions and convey the same feelings to your audience. Although you only appear “online,” remember that you are facing a “virtual audience.” The most interesting part is that YouTube pays from € 0, 50  cents up to a maximum of € 1 00  for each  1. 000 unique views. This means that if the same user watches the video twice, the system will always count one.

But even in this case, some premise must be made. Earnings can vary based on several factors:

  • Type of video ;
  • Format of the advertising banner ;
  • Skip on the listing ;
  • And other variables that could affect the overall account profit.

Is it worth making money on YouTube?: How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

You’ve just seen how much YouTube pays in 2020, and although the figures may seem relatively low, the streaming service is just a starting point to start earning for what you believe in. If you have a passion and an idea, don’t waste time, rather take action. Remember that you will need time,  perseverance but above all, a lot of willpower and ambition.

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6 effective ways to make money on YouTube

There was a time not too distant when those who wanted to become famous dreamed of becoming an actor or singer. Today, with the incredible impact and growth that social media has had over the past decade. Anyone who wants to become famous dreams of becoming a YouTuber. In some respects, achieving popularity, and thus earning, with YouTube is a more achievable dream than being an actor or singer. In the same way, however, it is not as immediate as you might think. And to make money with YouTube and understand how to make money with YouTube, you need to be highly prepared.

Thanks to this article, you will discover some secrets of the most famous video platform in the world and 6 effective ways to make money with YouTube. Analyze them and find out which ones may best suit your channel format aur audience.

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Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program allows video content creators to access the many features offered by the platform. Which ones are they?

  • Creator Support Team
  • Copyright Match Tool
  • Monetization functionality

Obviously, to make money with YouTube, you need to demonstrate to the platform that you have a suitable and deserving channel for this opportunity. Therefore, you must meet the requirements to join the Partner Program and earn money with YouTube through advertising.

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Comply with all YouTube monetization policies
  • Live in a country or region where the Partner Program is available (you can check the list of countries here )
  • Have more than 4000 public viewing hours in the past 12 months
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers
  • Link the channel to an AdSense account
  • Access to the Program

Once the program access threshold is reached, your channel will go through a review process. YouTube will check your channel as a whole to make sure it complies with all policies. Once accepted, the platform will allow you to activate monetization, and you can start earning with YouTube.

How to make money with YouTube thanks to the Partner Program

Now that you are a YouTube Partner, you have access to several ways to make money with YouTube:

  • Advertising revenue: Make money with YouTube thanks to the ads that appear on your videos.
  • Channel memberships: Offer your subscribers special benefits in exchange for monthly payments.
  • Merchandising: Your subscribers can purchase items linked to the channel and brand displayed on your pages.
  • Super Chat: Your fans will pay an amount to highlight their messages in the chat.
  • YouTube Premium: When a YouTube premium subscriber watches your videos, you will receive part of their subscription fee.
  • Each of these ways to make money with YouTube has requirements. You can see the full list here.

Make money on YouTube by selling your products: How Much Money Do YouTubers Make.

Choosing what to sell online is almost always a business if you don’t know where to start. But if you have a YouTube channel with a loyal following, your fans may be interested in purchasing products related to your brand! In addition to being another way to make money on YouTube, selling personalized products has additional benefits. In fact, you will transport your channel in the real world, strengthen the relationship with your fans, and significantly increase your visibility. Imagine creating such an eye-catching logo that your fans want it printed on t-shirts, mugs, or caps.

Your fans will then become a kind of passive spokesperson for your channel! Their friends, or simply the people they meet, will notice your logo, be intrigued, and maybe looking for you and finding your channel. You could also think about creating an online store with Shopify to make it much easier, so you can focus on the most important thing: to continue to publish quality content that interests your fans! To make money on YouTube by selling your products, you need to sell quality products to your fans. Do thorough research on the right suppliers, and don’t forget to leverage your channel to bring your online store visibility!

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Finance your project thanks to crowdfunding

Have you started uploading videos to YouTube but don’t have enough funds to scale? If money is the only thing that hinders your growth on the web or creates your own idea. You could find the solution to your problems thanks to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a fundraiser done online through many small contributions from large groups that share an interest or a project or support an innovative idea.

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There are four different types of crowdfunding

  • the donation-based model for non-profit initiatives;
  • the reward-based model, which provides for a non-monetary reward;
  • the lending-based model, which is based on microloans;
  • the equity-based model, according to which the financing takes place in the form of risk capital, in exchange for shares of the company.

What is the relationship between crowdfunding and making money with YouTube? Many projects realized thanks to crowdfunding offer a preview to capture the public’s attention and keep interested alive. You could then create a video explaining or presenting your project. Not only that, many YouTubers run their channel on a tight budget. Therefore, they use crowdfunding to make money on YouTube, creating interest in their videos, and incentivizing people to participate as they can.

Among the most popular crowdfunding sites used by different YouTubers for their campaigns are:

  • Kickstarter
  • Indiegogo
  • Crowdcube

When you open your project to crowdfunding, try to establish a viable financial goal. You will only get the financing if you manage to reach your initial goal!

An example of Youtube and crowdfunding? The It’s Muffin Time! Born from the mind of Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, known to the internet world as the creator of asdfmovie. Below is his Kickstarter campaign to finance the board game, which has now ended having achieved its goal. I hope you clearly understand how much money do YouTubers make.

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