What is the Importance of NCERT for Class 7 Students?

Importance of NCERT

Children who study under the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) board follow the textbooks that are prescribed by NCERT (National Council of Education, Research and Training). Thus, class 7 maths NCERT solutions can be found on several online platforms as these are the most widely used books. There are several benefits of using the NCERT textbooks that we will talk about further in this article. However, as a note to remember, textbooks can only take you so far; the real work has to be done by you as well as the teachers who guide you.

When a child starts solving questions in worksheets or textbooks, he is bound to hit roadblocks in the form of doubts. He might have shaky concepts leading him not to reach the final result or make mistakes in the steps. If his calculation skills are not up to the mark, this might also cause him to have issues in completing a sum. To combat all these situations, the best way is to join an institution that will supplement a child’s school curriculum. Cuemath is one such educational platform that provides a fantastic support facility to kids. The certified math tutors use several resources such as math worksheets, online workbooks, math games, and puzzles that are based on the NCERT textbooks issued by the school. They make an active effort to combine fun with studies and give children a holistic learning environment. Kids are also encouraged to work at their own pace as long as they are building a robust mathematical foundation. To know more, you can log on to www.cuemath.com. Now let us take a look at the advantages of using NCERT books.

1. Practice Questions

NCERT textbooks have a host of practice questions that kids can use to understand concepts better. These sums are arranged in an increasing level of difficulty. The exercise questions start with filling in the blanks, match the columns, and MCQ type of problems. The next sections include intermediate and advanced level sums. (medsmarter.com) As kids apply concepts to a wide range of questions, they get an idea of the type of problems that can be framed in exams.

2. Well-Organized

One of the main reasons for confusion for kids is when the subject matter is presented to them in a chaotic form. NCERT deals with this by structuring the chapters well. It starts with an excerpt from history based on the important mathematicians related to the topic. Additionally, they also have fun facts. Next, they have a section consisting of the theory and axioms required by that topic. Finally, they have a section consisting of solved examples to give children an idea of the steps that will be required and how to solve questions. Last but not least, exercise questions are provided to test kids on the strength of their concepts.

3. Competitive Exams

NCERT books are usually meant for students appearing for their school exams. However, these textbooks can also be used to crack several competitive exams such as Olympiads. The NCERT books are written in a way to appeal to a wide audience with different learning abilities. Irrespective of their intelligence quota, all students find it easy to refer to these books and prepare for any exam.


Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into all the uses of the NCERT textbooks. The goal is to instill such a strong base that solving research-level questions will be like a cakewalk.

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