It’s Time for a Sex Toy

Time for a Sex Toy

Sex toys are mainstream now, even common. Maybe you didn’t know that, but I bet all your friends have them. Sex toys are not only enjoyable, but there are also some really fun designs. Perhaps when you were younger you didn’t think you needed such a thing, and now your mind is set. But the truth is, it isn’t whether you need a sex toy, it is about making an old thing new, and making your sex life a little more interesting. If you don’t have a sex toy it is almost a certainty that you are missing out. It doesn’t matter if you have a significant other that takes good care of you. It doesn’t matter if you are alone. The mad scientists in sex toy land, have changed the world for the better, there is a sex toy out there with your name on it and now it’s time for a Sex Toy.

  • How to Begin: Long ago if you wanted a sex toy, you either had to order one from the back of a magazine or go into one of those triple X video stores and see what they had available. The experience was a little too seedy for most. And if you remember it that way, be encouraged, things have changed. Since then, they have invented the internet. From there the sex toy industry started to become more professional. Now shopping for sex toys is no different than shopping on Amazon. There are wonderful specialty sites like Secrets Shop where you can browse at your own pace and do a little research too. And those sex shops you remember, well a lot of them became more professional too. There are some interesting places where you can shop and see the items in person.
  • What Should You Get: You might think the answer to the question depends on what sex organs you carry? But many sex toys can be enjoyed by both partners. Vibrations feel nice to everyone, and penetrative toys are also enjoyed by many different people. If you are new to sex toys, you won’t go wrong with a simple bullet vibrator. These little devices can bring a lot of pleasure, and they are inexpensive and discreet. If you know you want something penetrative, there are many kinds of items to choose from. You might want to start with something small and work your way through some of the variations.
  • How to Know What You Will Like: We are all different, and what works for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for you. But you won’t have to buy one of everything to find what you like. The secret is in knowing yourself. Think back to your best sexual experiences and figure out what were the wow moments. If you have a vagina, consider if you like clitoral stimulation or penetration. Have you had a G-spot orgasm? Is that a good place for you? You might also like nipple play or anal stimulation. For men, the recent improvement in male masturbation toys has been very successful. There are also devices that promote prostate health, in a really fun way.
  • How Do I Introduce a Toy to My Partner: This is something that people worry too much about? Very few people would be offended if you suggested the use of a simple toy like a vibrator.  That is, if you are already intimate. You might want to discuss it before and see if there might be a problem, but it is more fun to introduce a toy or even a couple game once things are getting a little steamy. Arousal is a great motivator.

If you have never tried a sex toy, you really need to find out what you have been missing. What could be better than adding pleasure to pleasure. And if things have grown a little cold in the bedroom. A sex toy could be just the thing to bring your passion back to life.

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