How to Meet Aditya Thackeray Personally In 3 Simple Ways

Aditya Thackeray
Aditya Thackeray

Aditya is the head of Yuva Sena, which is a youth wing of Shiv Sena. He is the grandson of popular political personality, Balasaheb Thackeray. Yuva Sena was established on 17th October, 2010. The party has its units scattered many parts of India. If you are unaware about how to meet Aditya Thackeray personally, then this article will be of great reference to you.

There are many political parties and leaders, who have accomplished immense success in their respective parties; Aditya Thackeray is one of those brilliant youngsters.

How to Meet Aditya Thackeray
Aditya Thackeray

How to Meet Aditya Thackeray Personally In 3 Simple Ways:

  1. Yuva Sena Meetings and Group Discussions:

Yuva Sena meetings are one of the simplest ways to approach Aditya Thackeray. Take permission beforehand and be prepared to have an interaction with him. Try to get the details about Yuva Sena meetings in your city or nearby location. To share more, Aditya has proposed many initiatives to open malls and hotels all night in Mumbai.

  1.  Prior appointment through post:

Another way to approach Aditya Thackeray is by sending a letter through post. You need to write a few details such as, your full name, address, purpose of meeting, and the urgency of your request. Once your detailed letter is ready, post it on his official address:

Residential Address:

Aditya Thackeray
Yuva Sena Leader
Shivsena Bhavan,
Ram Ganesh Gadkari Chowk,
Mumbai – 400 028

  1. Rallies Arranged for Political Purposes:

Political rallies are more common ways of meeting Aditya Thackeray. Try connecting with him in a nearby city, where he engages himself in his political promotions and rallies. In regard to his political promotions, Aditya also turned to a lyricist. He released his album, Ummeed and wrote eight songs. His political rallies are often conducted in locations like, Maharashtra, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, and Bihar.

Aditya is one of the young and talented political leaders; he has contributed greatly in various societal issues in Maharashtra. Hope the article on how to meet Aditya Thackeray personally helps you to reach him soon. Gather some political knowledge and understand the various contributions made by Aditya before you personally interact with him.

Basic Information About Aditya Thackeray

  • Name: Aditya Thackeray
  • Profession: Chairperson, Yuva Sena
  • Relation: Son of Uddhav Thackeray (Chairperson and Leader of Shiv Sena)
  • Date of Birth: 13th June
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Place of Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Article Title: How to Meet Aditya Thackeray Personally In 3 Simple Ways
Article last re-published on May 21, 2018.

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