Trending Ideas For Lotus Flower Tattoos


Lotus flower tattoos present various meanings for different cultures. The lotus flower not only looks beautiful but also has some spiritual most cases, the lotus flower represents strength, grace, and purity. The flower is associated with strength because it grows in deserts and blossoms into a beautiful flower.

The lotus flower a good art idea because it’s is asymmetric from both the sides and the front. You can ink the lotus flower on your skin in so many ways as long as you are working with an experienced artist. Check out the following amazing ideas for lotus flower tattoos from which you can get inspiration.

  • Small lotus flower 

This is a good idea if you are a minimalist and don’t like very big tattoos. For this idea, your artist will not apply any 3D skills. The small flower definitely looks beautiful regardless of the part of the body that you ink it.

  • Lotus watercolor tattoo

This idea is definitely outstanding, with the definitive feature of the splash colors on the background of the lotus flower art. The watercolor effect is very beautiful and makes your tattoo stand out.

  • Tribal lotus tattoo

The lotus flower tattoos have spiritual meanings and origins. Your artist will feature specific geometric patterns and dots to beat the religious meaning. 

For a defined look, try the amazing Chandelier detail art. However, for the best results, you will need to work with a well-experienced tattoo artist; otherwise, you will end up being frustrated if you get an artist who is still learning.

  • The lotus dragonfly tattoo

Flies are known to represent change. If you love lotus art and you are encountering a major change in your life, you can get a skilled artist to ink the dragonfly lotus tattoo. The idea is basically a combination of the lotus flower and a fly that are properly inked into one art.

Getting a lotus alongside a fly shows that you are ready to take in changes and do what it takes to bloom. 

  • Chinese lotus tattoo

The lotus flower is very much embraced in Chinese culture and traditions. In Chinese culture, the lotus flower is used to represent the purity of mind and heart.

If you get a well-experienced artist, you can coordinate the lotus flower with arts of water or writings in Chinese.

To make the tattoo colorful, use several bright colors like reds, yellows, purples, and bright blues skillfully on different positions of the tattoo.

  • Geometric lotus tattoo

The tattoo artist will do the tattoo in various dimensions, and you can have them try the geometric shapes of your choice.

  • Indie tattoos

This idea has a range of options, the major being bohemian types of lotuses. You can do your indie tattoo with other unique styles that represent your personality, such as using indie words together with the lotus flower art to portray certain meanings.

  • Lotus symbol 

This idea is quite simple and good for minimalists. The tattoo is done in simple lines, so it does not take as much time as the dimensional tattoos.

It is not a popular choice, but it is best if you are trying the lotus tattoo for the first time and are uncertain of going so much extra.

  • Lotus Mandala 

This is among the most popular lotus tattoo ideas. The mandalas have a whole meaning of their own, and they entail super symmetric features, and the detailing is so defined. 

The mandalas have a deep meaning on their own and generally are used to symbolize love for the universe. The mandalas have very established patterns that are very well connected, and that is why they are used to symbolize the universe.

  • Lotus flower leg tattoos

The leg is a perfect position to get a lotus tattoo. If you want the lotus big, you can do it on the upper part of the leg; if you are a minimalist, you can have the lotus inked on the ankle.

  • Blue lotus tattoo 

Getting a blue lotus tattoo is a symbol of enlightenment. If you want your tattoo to represent wisdom and knowledge, this is your tattoo idea. You can have the tattoo in your favorite shade of blue to feature your personality.



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