Tony Hawk Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Tony Hawk Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Tony Hawk has a high-yielding net worth of $140 million. The legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk is an American gem who has become a successful athlete. With his technical skills, he has become the most demanding professional skateboarder.

Tony Hawk, known as Birdman, has made significant wealth throughout his career. With versatile resources, Tony Hawk has generated a million dollars from his athletic career.

As a successful athlete, he is always conscious of his fitness and lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss Tony Hawk net worth, personal life, and career.

Key Points about Tony Hawk

Full Name Anthony Frank Hawk
Net Worth $140 million
Born May 12, 1968
Birthplace California
Nationality American
Profession Professional Skateboarder
Age 55 years

Tony Hawk net worth

As of 2023, Tony Hawk net worth is estimated to be $140 million. As a skateboarding enthusiast, Tony Hawk has several resources to grow his net worth. In line with some sources, Tony Hawk earned around $50 million from his business’s sales. Through merchandise deals, Tony has made around 8 million dollars. In addition, his monthly income is around $2 million.

The Growth of Tom Hawk Net Worth

2023 $140 million
2022 $130 million
2021 $120 million
2020 $110 million
2019 &100 million

The Sources of Tom Hawk Net Worth

As an iconic figure, Tom Hawk has several resources to grow his net worth. Additionally, one of his prime sources of income is skateboarding. A list of his income sources is mentioned below:

Businesses ventures

After becoming a basketball player, Tom Hawk launched his own skateboarding company named “Birdhouse”. Additionally, this company produced a prominent source of income and offered him sponsorships.

Endorsement and Sponsorships

Endorsement endeavors are one of the prominent sources of income, and Tom Hawk has earned a handsome amount from several sponsorships. In addition, he has collaborated with multiple brands, such as Quicksilver, Nixon, Vans, Theeve, and so many others.

Tony Hawk Net Worth

Tv Screen

Tom Hawk has appeared in several tv shows and played a significant role in multiple films. With his amazing appearance, Tom Hawk has built a strong position in the TV industry.

Some of his notable films are highlighted below:

  1. Gaming the Cube
  2. Lords of Dogtown
  3. Deck Dogz
  4. Unearthed
  5. Parental Guidance
  6. Minding the Gap

Some of his Tv shows are mentioned below:

  1. Rocket Power
  2. Tom Green Live
  3. CSI: Miami
  4. Life In Pieces
  5. Fresh Off the Boat.

Book Sales

Tony Hawk is a renowned author, and he has published several books which were written by him. Some of his best-selling books are Hawk:Occupation: Skateboarder, and Tony Hawk: Professional Skateboarder

Early Life

Anthony Frank Hawk, known as Tony Hawk, was born on May 12, 1968, in California, and was raised with his parents. At the age of 8, he found an interest in skateboarding. Growing up as a skateboard enthusiast, his parents consistently backed him.

Tony Hawk Net Worth

Due to his exceptional talent, Dogtown Skateboard offered him sponsorship when he was 12 years old. Meanwhile, his good fortune knocked at his door, and he became a professional skateboarder.

Personal Life

When he was in high school, Tony Hawk was in a relationship with Cindy Dunbar. After a long time, the couple married in 1992. Additionally, due to some personal issues, they divorced in 1994. The couple shared a son named Riley Hawk.

After their divorce, Tony got involved with another girl named Erin Lee, and they married in 2006. They together shared a daughter named Kadence Clover Hawk. However, they divorced in 2011. After their divorce, Tony Hawk remarried Cathy Goodman in 2015.

Professional Life

Tony Hawk embarked on his professional career at the age of 14.  In addition, he signed with the Powell Peralta professional team, and it was the beginning of his success. As a top-tier street skater, he was known to all, and he consolidated his position with his dedication.

Throughout his journey, Tom has participated in multiple competitions and emerged as a winner. After winning over 70 competitions, Tom has won the people’s hearts. Moreover, Tom Hanks accomplished a groundbreaking success by successfully executing 900,” which created a history in the realm of skateboarding.

After gaining achievement, Tom Hawk left a remarkable mark in the sport and decided to retire from professional skateboarding. After that, Tony engaged himself in several ventures, including business, endorsements, and film.

Furthermore, Tom Hawk is also known for his self-named video game, which is another source of his net worth. After that, Tom Hawk signed a contract with Activision in 1998 for the video games series Tony Hawk pro skater. In addition, he has earned around $1.4 billion.


Tony Hawk is a generous person, and he has contributed to numerous philanthropic projects. In 2002, Tony Hawk launched a foundation named Tony Hawk Foundation, donating over $5.8 million.


However, the foundation changed its name to “Skatepark Project” in 2020. Following the contribution, the Skateboard Project Foundation received the Robert Wood Johnson Sports Award in 2015.

FAQ on Tony Hawk Net Worth

What is Tony Hawk’s net worth?

According to celebrity net worth, Tony Hawk’s net worth is estimated to be $140 million.

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder who has a high-profile net worth and wealth.

How did Tony Hawk become successful?

After attaining massive accomplishments in his skateboard career, good fortune came to him. With his phenomenal gaming skills, he has become one of the foremost athletes in America.

What is the full name and nickname of Tony Hawk?

Anthony Frank Hawk is the full name of Tony Hawk, and his nickname is Birdman.

Final Thoughts

Tony Hawk is predominantly the most demanding professional skateboard player. As he has unshakable determination to achieve his goals, he achieved enormous success in his career.

With a successful career, Tony Hawk has earned several accolades and a money-spinning net worth. His professional achievements and financial growth are the testimony of his indomitable passion.

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