How to Create an Online iGaming Affiliate Business

An iGaming affiliate website can be a lucrative source of income, provided that you make it big. All it takes is to offer or promote the services of platforms like mr bet casino or sports betting sites, and you get a commission when people sign up and make a deposit. How do you do it, and what do you need? 


In a snapshot, you need the following things:


  • A website;
  • Regular blog posts;
  • Affiliate links.


In this article, we will talk about each one and help you prepare. We will also touch a bit on getting traffic for your website!


Building a Website 

The first thing you need to do to succeed in affiliate marketing is to build a website. You do not have to spend a lot of money to do this. You can create a free site if you want. 


Here are some free site builders you can use: 


  • WordPress.Com
  • Google Sites
  • Site 123
  • Wix
  • Weebly


The thing with free website builders is that they have severe limitations. For example, you cannot add plug-ins or use drag-and-drop tools like Elementor and Thrive. 


Why is this a problem? It is an issue because these free websites builder gives you raw designs. There is nothing else you can do to make your website unique. Your site’s design relies solely on the theme that you use.


As an affiliate marketer, you want a platform that stands out from cookie-cutter platforms. You want your website to have a personality—a brand, so to speak. With a paid website, you are in full control of your site design and functionalities.


To get the best out of your web designing goals, we suggest that you use the following tools:


  • WordPress.Org;
  • A hosting service;
  • A domain name of your own;
  • A web builder like Elementor Pro.


With these tools, the sky is pretty much the limit as far as design is concerned. Your website will look unique and will have better credibility than others. 


Publishing Blog Posts

The next step to building affiliate marketing for the iGaming sector is to create a series of posts. Ideally, you want to publish blog posts regularly. If you can write daily – do it. If this goal is not reasonable, you should at least attempt to write two or three blog posts per week. 


Here are the benefits of publishing blog posts:


  • You get free traffic from search engines;
  • You provide value to the readers;
  • Your posts will be around forever for as long as your site is active;
  • You insert your affiliate links in these blog posts.


Some marketers in this field prefer to advertise. However, we can tell you right now that this is costly. Once your ads stop running, no one sees your content. With regular posting, you can build authority, and search engines will show your posts to users and readers worldwide. 


If you cannot write your own blog post, so what are your options? There are two main variants: hire a writer or use a machine like ChatGPT.


Between these two, hiring a writer is so much better. Why? Because ChatGPT is a robot that only re-writes what is already on the internet. Because of that, the articles you publish do not really add anything new to what is already out there.


Once you have the blog set up, your next problem is traffic. If your website is new, expect traffic accumulation to be slow. To give you a realistic number, it takes, on average, two years before a new blog gets serious traction. 


What you can do to accumulate traffic is build your social media presence. You can use Facebook, Instagram, or even create a YouTube channel if you want. Once you have amassed followers, you can expect people to visit your website to learn more. You can also post your affiliate links in these accounts or channels.


Signing Up For Affiliate Programs

The last step to building an affiliate website is to sign up for affiliate programs. There is not much to discuss in detail. All you have to do is find casinos that offer these programs. A vast majority of them do offer affiliate programs. Go through each offer and choose the ones whose commissions are worth your time.


Building an affiliate site is easy. The problem begins with writing blog posts daily, or at least at regular intervals, and then getting traffic. The goal is to become an authoritative platform and then become credible enough that people will trust you. 


Not only that, but you also have to make search engines trust you so they will show your articles at the top of search engine results pages.


Once you achieve this, you will get more and more free traffic. As such, you will have more people reading your articles and get more clicks. With more clicks comes more registrations and sign-ups!

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