GTA Online’s Exclusive Street Dealers: Locations and Premium Prices

GTA Online's Exclusive Street Dealers

Within the vast expanse of GTA Online, players have the unique opportunity to encounter specialized NPCs daily, known as Street Dealers. These characters are particularly interested in procuring illegal goods from the various businesses players run. In return, they offer prices that are notably higher than the market rate, providing an attractive avenue for players to boost their GTA money. To help you stay updated, here’s a rundown on today’s GTA Online Street Dealer locations and their respective buying rates.

Today’s GTA Online Street Dealer Hotspots

In GTA Online, every day ushers in the appearance of three Street Dealers at distinct locations within San Andreas. Their preferences for specific illicit goods like Acid, Cocaine, Meth, and Weed vary daily, as do the prices they’re willing to pay. This dynamic nature makes them a lucrative choice for players looking to sell their stash for a premium.

Spotlight on Street Dealer 1 in GTA Online

Today, the first Street Dealer has set up shop in the Alamo Sea vicinity. Engage with this dealer, and you’ll find they’re willing to buy products at the following premium rates:

  • Weed: $3140.
  • Meth: $8850.
  • Cocaine: $19100.
  • Acid: $1495.

It’s worth noting that this particular Street Dealer has a keen interest in Weed. This implies they’re prepared to purchase up to 10x Weed from players, generously offering double the standard price. Such offers are a great way to significantly enhance your GTA money reserves!

Position of Street Dealer 2 in GTA Online

Nestled in the Chamberlain Hills region, the second Street Dealer is eagerly awaiting players. On approaching this dealer, you’ll discover they’re willing to procure goods at these attractive rates:

  • Weed: $3040.
  • Meth: $8850.
  • Cocaine: $19100.
  • Acid: $1495.

An essential note for players: this dealer has a particular fondness for Weed. As a result, they’re inclined to purchase as much as 10x Weed from you, generously compensating with double its regular value.

Where to Find Street Dealer 3 in GTA Online

Positioned at the Los Santos International Airport vicinity, the third Street Dealer is the last on today’s list. Engage in conversation with this dealer, and you’ll learn about their buying rates:

  • Weed: $1570.
  • Meth: $8400.
  • Cocaine: $19400.
  • Acid: $2850.

This dealer has a notable preference for Acid, indicating they’re willing to buy an impressive 10x Acid from players, rewarding them with double its usual price.

More GTA Online Daily Activities

GTA Online has a plethora of other daily activities to explore. The locations for activities like The Gun Van, Shipwreck, and Cayo Perico Treasure Chests undergo changes daily, synchronized with the Street Dealers. To simplify your hunt, consult our specialized guides tailored to these daily activities.

When Do the GTA Online Street Dealers Relocate?

In GTA Online, the Street Dealers shift to new locations daily, following the game servers’ refresh cycle. This update takes place daily at 07:00 UTC. After this refresh, the dealers will establish themselves in random fresh spots throughout Los Santos. Typically, this transition is seamless. However, on the rarest of occasions, there might be glitches causing the dealers to either remain stationary or, even more unusually, not appear at all.

Maximizing Profits: Selling to GTA Online’s Street Dealers

In the dynamic world of GTA Online, players have the opportunity to encounter three distinct Street Dealer NPCs every day. These characters, discernible by a Speech Bubble icon on your map as you approach them, are pivotal if you’re keen on maximizing profits from the various in-game businesses.

For those new to the game or using modded accounts, leveraging the Street Dealer service necessitates ownership of specific businesses. These enterprises generate a range of products you can offload for a handsome sum. The potential products and their corresponding businesses include:

  • Weed – Courtesy of the Weed Farm enterprise.
  • Meth – Produced at the Meth Lab facility.
  • Cocaine – Originates from the Cocaine Lockup operation.
  • Acid – Cultivated at the Acid Lab unit.

If you’re an owner of any of the above-listed businesses, interacting with a Street Dealer is straightforward. Simply locate one, engage with them, and a menu will pop up, listing the prices they’re willing to offer for your products. This interface is your gateway to making a sale.

The allure of Street Dealers is the premium they’re willing to pay for your products. Moreover, every day, they have a special penchant for a specific product, for which they’re ready to pay even higher.

We consistently update this post to reflect the daily locations and rates of the GTA Online Street Dealers. Ensure you revisit regularly to stay informed about today’s Street Dealer locations and their attractive prices.

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