How to Meet Bejan Daruwalla Personally [Best Tips and Guide]

How to meet Bejan Daruwalla

How to meet Bejan Daruwalla

How to Meet Bejan Daruwalla Personally : Bejan Daruwalla is a popular astrologer in India. He is widely known for his predictions, and horoscope services. He is also one of the most popular astrologers among the celebrities in India. He is widely known for his predictions for many incidents and persons. He regularly predicts stock markets, famous celebrities, famous politicians, and many other things. Many celebrities prefers predictions of Bejan Daruwalla.

In this article, we have provided best tips on how to meet Bejan Daruwalla personally, face to face and in person. So, let’s read!

#1 Best Ways to Meet Bejan Daruwalla Personally

#1 Take An Appointment on Phone

He is one of the busiest astrologers in India. Many celebrities in India prefers his predictions overs other. So, obviously, you need to take an appointment well in advance to get the confirmed meeting with him. Taking an appointment of Bejan Daruwalla on phone is the best way to meet him personally and face to face. You should dial +91-9825470377 (From India) and +91-9825470377 (Out of India). It is one of the best ways to meet Bejan Daruwalla face to face.

#2 Write An Email

It is one of the best options to meet your favorite astrologer. However, you should explain your problem, and other things, expected required time, and other important things on email. However, you should not expose personal details on email. The official email ID of Bejan Daruwalla is

#3 Famous Prediction

Bejan Daruwala also predicted the win of Barack Obama in the Presidential Elections of the United States. “I was invited to the US to talk about American astrology. There I studied the birth charts of Obama and his opponent John McCain. Obama is the right man at the right place at the right time” – on Mid-Day by him

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