Costs of Home Renovation in 2022: Estimation Template

Are you considering updating those worn-out kitchen cabinets, but don’t have access to a quality estimating service? Perhaps you have plans to install hardwood floors instead of carpet in your home or add a third bathroom. You might be daydreaming of having a finished basement with a home theatre and a bar. You’re not the only one who is considering remodelling your property.

Renovations may be less expensive than home purchases, depending on your location, the size and age of your house, and the projects you choose. People spend an average of €15,111 on each renovation job, according to a study conducted of the top 51 Dublin neighbourhoods.

Discover the typical price of a house renovation in Dublin with this article, and then use the home renovation cost estimator template to calculate the cost of your job.

What Is The Price Of A House Renovation?

In Dublin, the average cost of one home renovation is €15,111.

Due to financial difficulty, households spent 48% less on renovations after the effects of COVID-19 than they had before the pandemic2. In order to keep overall remodelling expenses down, people reported being more careful with their expenditures and turning to do-it-yourself projects and more affordable finishes.

The typical recommended spending for remodelling projects will vary depending on the type of home and project. According to the room or update, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) advises allocating a specific proportion of the home’s overall worth, as shown in the chart below.

Project Spending Recommendation

  • cooking 16%
  • 11–15% in the basement or attic
  • 13% of bedrooms are primary.
  • 1% of total living area
  • primary toilet 7%
  • little bathroom 5%
  • Aside 3-5%
  • For Windows, 3–4%
  • patio or backyard, 5%
  • Roof 2 – 4%
  • Standard Bedroom, 1–3%

What do the national average home renovation costs look like based on the proposed spending per project?

What Is the Price of a Complete House Renovation?

A home renovation typically costs between €15,111 and €211,1104. The cost can vary significantly depending on the building’s features. The final cost typically relies on any structural or mechanical repairs that must be made, the amount of square footage, any issues that must be resolved, the location, and the materials that were employed.

Remodels can be classified as high-end, mid-range, or low-end, depending on their individual features.

  • High-end: These are significant renovations using high-end items and designer materials.
  • Mid-range: These renovations typically involve using products and materials that fall in the centre of the price range for second homes’ typical undertakings.
  • Low-end: Remodels with small upgrades that are frequently found in starter homes are referred to as low-end; many of these projects are self-funded or do-it-yourself and employ low-end materials.

The high-, mid-, and low-end national averages for the price of common renovations are provided below. The return on investment was calculated using Remodeling’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report5 to the nearest percentage.

Unwise renovation

The average price to demolish and remodel a house ranges from €111,111 to €211,1114, depending on the square footage. The price per square foot ranges from €61 to €151 and consists of new HVAC, plumbing, appliances, structural upgrades, and a new roof (heating, venting, air conditioning system).

Renovating the Interior

The price of interior demolition must be taken into account when remodelling a home’s interior. From €1,211 to €4,711 on average, with a high end of roughly €11,1114. The whole cost includes rip out, permits, disposal fees, and debris removal. Once everything has been accounted for, you must take the project’s specific costs into account.

Removing interior walls is a common interior remodelling done by homeowners. This can set you back between €311 and €11,114. Nevertheless, the cost can vary depending on whether or not a wall is load-bearing. The primary support for the house is provided by load-bearing walls, therefore demolishing them requires a lot of assistance.

How Much Does Adding a Room Cost?

A room addition is anticipated to cost between €135,111 and €282,111. A third of people (around 33%) claim to have modified their main bedroom to make it more livable and functional overall. After finishing, more than half of homeowners say they love being at home more and feel really accomplished.

  • €321,976 is the average high-end cost.
  • Additional home value of €152,996
  • Return on Investment of 48%
  • The median price was €156,741.
  • Additional home value of €85,672
  • Return on Investment of 59%

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

Many home owners regard a light-filled, contemporary bathroom to be a luxury. Similar to how buyers consider kitchens when determining whether or not to make an offer on a home, buyers frequently concentrate on bathrooms.

The average cost to remodel a bathroom ranges from €21,111 to €38,111. The principal bathroom is normally only renovated when spending reaches or exceeds €4,5112. Upgrades like flooring, lights, worktops, and cabinets are often avoided with budgets below this limit; however, paint is the one accoutrement that people continue to splurge on.

  • The typical premium costs €75,692.
  • Additional home value of €41,473
  • Return on Investment of 55%
  • The average price is €38,813 globally.
  • Additional home value of €22,475
  • Return on Investment of 58%
  • €24,424 is the average cost in the middle.
  • Additional home value of €14,671
  • Return on Investment of 61%

How much does remodelling a kitchen cost?

Kitchen renovations typically cost between €23,111 and €135,111 and are one of the first rooms that homeowners renovate. Modern kitchens are frequently what tempt purchasers to submit offers when they look at houses up for sale. Homeowners with budgets under €4,111 forego updating the kitchen’s cupboards, worktops, and appliances.

  • €149,179 is the average high-end cost.
  • Additional home value of €81,284
  • Return on Investment of 54%
  • $75,571 is the average cost in the centre.
  • Additional home value of €43,364
  • Return on Investment of 57%
  • Lowest price on average: €26,214
  • Additional home value of €18,927
  • Return on Investment of 72%

Garage Renovation Costs

The average cost of a full garage remodel is between €7,111 and €15,111. A modest improvement like replacing your garage door can significantly increase the value of your house and yield a 95% return on your investment.

  • An average garage door replacement costs €3,917.
  • An increase in home value of €3,663
  • Return on investment of 94%

Remodeling Exterior Cost

A home’s curb appeal or structural stability may be the focus of exterior renovations. The average cost of replacing the roof, siding, and windows is close to €68,111. A patio or deck area will cost an additional €17,111.

  • Roof replacement typically costs €37,144.
  • Additional home value of €21,482
  • Return on Investment of 56%
  • The average price to replace siding is €18,111.
  • Additional home value of €12,467
  • Return on Investment of 69%
  • An average window replacement costs €21,312.
  • Additional home value of €14,471
  • Return on Investment of 68%
  • A deck addition typically costs €19,596.
  • Additional home value of €12,614
  • Return on Investment of 65%

Convert a building into a doorway

Any home can benefit from a grand entryway, which costs on average little over €9,111. Even though the price may cause sticker shock, take into account the labour involved. Moving electrical components, modernising the trim, constructing a bigger casing, and painting are all required for this renovation.

  • High-end grand entry doors typically cost €11,144.
  • An increase in home value of €6,116
  • Return on Investment of 61%
  • A mid-range entry door typically costs €2,182.
  • An increase in home value of €1,353
  • Return on Investment of 65%

The spreadsheet for pricing home improvements

Depending on your preferences, the cost of remodelling your property will change. You may simply adjust your budget so that your money goes toward the things that are most important for your home by utilising the home remodelling cost estimator worksheet.

  • Plan how you will pay for your remodelling job. You can either pay cash, apply for a construction loan, or refinance your house to receive tax-free money.
  • Copy the spreadsheet for each project to a separate tab. Then calculate the cost of the preliminary work, such as inspections, designs, and permits.
  • Start seeking vendors and obtaining project estimates once your preparation work has been calculated. Make necessary adjustments.
  • Enter the actual cost in column E after figuring out your projected costs and getting to work.

If necessary, alter your spending plan and record your unpaid amount accordingly.

FAQs about Home Renovation Costs

Are you still debating between renovating and buying new? Check out these frequently asked questions concerning the price of home renovations.

Is a new home cheaper to build or to remodel?

Remodeling generally has lower costs than building a new house. With their respective industries reaching €77 billion and €62 billion, residential spending on newly constructed homes with improved kitchens and bathrooms often outpaces that on remodels. Consider using cash-out refinancing to obtain tax-free capital for your remodelling project in order to support your endeavour.

Is it worthwhile to remodel a house?

Although investing in your property might raise its worth for a larger return on investment when you sell it, remodelling can be pricey. Additionally, it can increase the pleasure and profitability of living at home. Let’s say you spend money on landscaping or new siding for your house. This will increase its market value and curb appeal, making it easier to sell your property and increasing the likelihood that you’ll get the best price when you do.

Serious issues in your home can be resolved by replacing your roof, correcting a crumbling foundation, or purchasing new HVAC equipment. By taking care of these issues, you can avoid future, more expensive issues like water damage, mould, or damaged walls.

What is the typical price per square foot for home remodelling?

Your home improvement project will cost more the more square footage it involves. On average, a house renovation will cost between €11 and €61 per square foot. As a result, you may expect to pay more for any restoration job the more square footage it involves.

the conclusion

The price of a home remodelling will vary depending on the size, square footage, underlying problems, location, and materials chosen. Start by using the worksheet above to estimate the cost of a home renovation, and then speak with contractors to learn the precise costs in your area.

It’s difficult to remodel and renovate a home. But a joyful household can enhance your wellbeing. The planning and remodelling processes take time, so factor that into your budget before you start your project.


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