EA Sports FC 24: Top 10 Young Centre Backs for a Formidable Defense in Career Mode

EA Sports FC 24

Building a Strong Defensive Foundation with Promising Young Talents

In EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, a robust defense is key to team success, and central to this is a solid pair of centre backs. Investing in young, talented centre backs can not only strengthen your defense but also offer significant growth potential and financial gains in the long run. This can be particularly strategic when utilizing FC coins for training, development, and transfers. Here’s a look at some of the best young centre backs to consider for your team.

  1. António Silva, Benfica
  • Rating: 78
  • Potential: 88
  • Value: €28.5 million

António Silva stands out as one of the top young centre backs, with a starting rating of 78 and potential to reach 88. While securing his services might require an investment over €30 million, the expenditure can be justified by his substantial potential growth, making effective use of your FC coins.

  1. Jorrel Hato, Ajax
  • Rating: 68
  • Potential: 87

Jorrel Hato is an excellent choice for teams with tighter budget constraints. Boasting a rating of 68 and a potential of 87, Hato can provide great value for money. His versatility in playing both as a left back and defensive midfielder adds to his appeal.

  1. Piero Hincapié, Bayer Leverkusen
  • Rating: 79
  • Potential: 86

Piero Hincapié is a key player for Bayer Leverkusen, known for his speed and ability to match wingers and fast strikers. Starting with a rating of 79 and a potential of 86, he is also a viable option as a left back, offering flexibility in defense.

  1. Gonçalo Inácio, Sporting CP
  • Rating: 79
  • Potential: 86
  • Value: €33 million

Gonçalo Inácio from Sporting CP is another young centre back worth considering. With a rating of 79 and potential of 86, Inácio is a solid option, especially for top teams, given his valuation of €33 million. His long passing ability is a bonus, enabling you to initiate plays from the back.

  1. Giorgio Scalvini, Bergamo Calcio (Atalanta)
  • Rating: 75
  • Potential: 86

Giorgio Scalvini has been a standout for Atalanta, proving to be a reliable defender at just 19. With a rating of 75 and a potential of 86, he offers a cost-effective option for strengthening your backline. However, his lack of pace might require tactical adjustments or focused training using FC coins.

  1. Malick Thiaw, AC Milan
  • Rating: 77
  • Potential: 85
  • Value: Under €25 million

Malick Thiaw, now a pillar in AC Milan’s defense, is one of Serie A’s top young defenders. With a rating of 77 and a potential of 85, he’s a solid choice for the centre back position. Negotiations might secure him for under €25 million, making him a smart investment for teams looking to strengthen their defense with promising talents.

  1. Castello Lukeba, RB Leipzig
  • Rating: 77
  • Potential: 85

Formerly a standout at Olympique Lyon and now at RB Leipzig, Castello Lukeba is a highly-rated young defender. His left-footedness makes him a valuable addition, starting with a rating of 77 and a potential of 85. Lukeba is perfect for solidifying your backline and can reach his full potential in just a few seasons.

  1. Ousmane Diomande, Sporting CP
  • Rating: 75
  • Potential: 85
  • Value: €11.5 million

Ousmane Diomande is an excellent option for mid-table teams, especially in top leagues. With a rating of 75 and a potential of 85, his high defensive work rate and physical presence make him a formidable defender. His current market value of €11.5 million makes him a viable choice for teams on a moderate budget.


  1. Jorne Spileers, Club Brugge
  • Rating: 69
  • Potential: 85
  • Value: Approx €3.3 million

Jorne Spileers, a talent from Club Brugge, is an excellent pick for teams seeking potential on a budget. With a rating of 69 and a potential of 85, his value of around €3.3 million makes him an attractive option for teams looking to build a solid defense without a large expenditure of FC coins.

  1. Leon King, Rangers
  • Rating: 66
  • Potential: 85

Leon King, a bright prospect from Rangers, is a great choice for teams with limited FC coins. Starting at a rating of 66, he can be acquired for a few million and has the potential to grow to 85. His fast growth, complemented by development plans, can make him a key player in your squad.

These young centre backs offer a range of options for teams in EA Sports FC 24’s Career Mode, whether you’re managing a top-tier club or a smaller team on the rise. Investing in these players can provide both immediate defensive strength and future growth potential, making them valuable assets in your quest for success.

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