What To Do if I Got Locked Outside My House in NYC?

Many of us have found ourselves locked outside our houses at certain points, especially in New York City. This usually results in an inconvenience that diverts time from our day-to-day schedule. While it may seem like something that could ruin our day, there are many ways and methods to ensure that we will still get access to our house, even if it might seem like we’re stuck. Here are the first things you should do when locked outside your NYC house.

Call a Household Member 

New York is one of the centers of the world. Its role in the world’s economy is indisputable, which means that living there can be quite expensive even for a single person. This means that many people live there with more than one person in the apartment.

While living with others in NYC has its disadvantages, one cannot ignore its importance in case one gets locked out of the house. The fact that you are not the only one with access to your home means that if you’re trapped outside, you simply need to call your other household members and get access to your house.

Find Someone with a Spare Key

Most apartments in NYC have multiple different tenants. This means that these apartments require several different copies of keys which unlock the main door. The main disadvantage of this reality is that it’s a potential for others to acquire a key to your house more easily. This could lead to break – ins and burglary.

However, this naturally means that it’s also easier for you as the tenant to gain access in case you’re locked outside. If it happens, simply contact one of the people holding a spare key and go get it from them. Traveling around the city is also not such a complicated matter, so you should be able to get the key in no time.

Call the Landlord, in Case there is One

As previously mentioned, real estate prices in NYC are through the roof. Many people cannot afford to buy their own apartment in the city. This situation led to many residents of the city renting an apartment instead of owning one. What this means is that many apartments are in fact owned by a landlord who’s responsible for it.

For you, the tenant, this means luck. Why? Because the landlord most certainly has a spare key to your apartment. Landlords always keep those in case they need to check out the apartment or show it to potential tenants. If you get stuck outside your house without a key, just call the landlord and they’ll provide you with a spare key for sure.

Call a Professional Locksmith in NYC

Sometimes the timing is very poor, and you find yourself needing to get into your house without delay. You won’t have the option to start looking for spare keys from your landlord or from any roommates or other tenants. Or it might not even be possible because it’s the middle of the night.

Enter locksmiths. They can help you by breaking your house’s lock in no time. They can be called in immediately at any time of the day and save your day. Locksmith for NYC  is a very reliable locksmithing company that provides you with its services whenever you need them. Just head on over to their site and see it for yourselves.

Check For an Open Window or Back Door

In case you’ve exhausted all other options available to you, you can try to find a way into your flat. Sometimes it’s not a very viable option, especially if you live in a tall building. But in certain cases, it’s possible to find open windows or back doors that will allow you to get in relatively easily. Just remember not to put yourself in danger in the process.


While getting stuck outside your house without a lock may sound like a huge hassle, there are many opportunities to fix the situation very easily. From simple solutions like finding spare keys to calling locksmiths, these days nobody needs to go to a motel just because they’re locked out of the house.

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