What Is the Price of Junk Removal?

Costs of junk removal

The average cost of removing junk is €234 per load, with normal expenditures falling between €132 and €362. A full truckload costs between 411 and 811 euros. The minimum price ranges from €61 to €151 for a single item. The cost of each extra item ranges from €21 to €41. The price per truckload to remove construction waste, gravel, or dirt ranges from €111 to €611. Dumpster leases cost between €311 and €611 per week.

The cost of junk removal

  • Appliances cost between €61 and €211 (plus €21 for each additional appliance), depending on the model.
  • Prices for mattresses and furniture range from €111 to €611.
  • The cost of yard debris ranges from €51 to €551.
  • A tire’s price ranges from €5 to €15.
  • The piano is priced from €21 and €311.
  • Prices for hot tubs range from €311 to €611.
  • The cost of construction waste ranges from €111 to €811.

How much does a truckload of junk removal cost?

Junk removal might run you anywhere from €61 to €811. Most people pay between €211 and €311. It is cheapest to clear up the entire property at once because firms charge a minimum of €61 to €151 with each additional item just adding on €21 to €41. The majority of professionals charge in bulk by the truckload, however some itemise the load.

Volume in cubic yards, Average Costs, and Average Truck Load Costs

  • the smallest truck load, measured in cubic yards
  • The cost will be in the range of €61–€151 for 1.5.
  • The price will be between €111 and €175 for an eighth of a truck load with a cubic yard volume of 1.5.
  • The price will range from €151 to €275.
  • The price will range from €211 to €351, and the amount will be 1.5 cubic yards.
  • The price will range from €251 to €421, and the volume will be in Cubic Yards 2.
  • The price will range from €311 to €475 for a truck load that is one-third, 2.5 cubic yards in size.
  • The truck load will cost between €351 and €511 and have a volume of 3/4 cubic yards.
  • The price will range from €411 to €611 and the volume will be 3.5 cubic yards.

Junk Removal Rates by Project Type

Large things (such as tyres, pianos, appliances, etc.) that take two or more people to haul away to a landfill or other designated area are typically removed as part of junk waste disposal.

A expert would typically examine everything and calculate the total cost based on what you have, how far they must transport it, and any associated dumping fees.


Each refrigerator removal costs between €51 and €151. Large equipment like freezers and refrigerators cannot be thrown away without endangering the ozone layer because they contain freon gas. You must use a rubbish removal company.

more large appliances

An expensive big appliance removal typically costs €111. However, it might be between €61 and €131. If you only have a few items to get rid of, each extra piece only costs an average of €31.

If you have working appliances, think about recycling them or donating them. Most rubbish removal businesses recycle most of the items they collect. For instance, a water heater will be less expensive than other things because it has a scrap value of roughly €11.

Mattresses and furnishings

The price of moving furniture ranges from €111 to €611. Usually, you’ll pay between €75 and €151.

If you have any usable furniture, think about donating it to a thrift store like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. When you finish, grab a tax-deductible receipt.


Depending on the style of piano and the level of difficulties required in removing it from the house, getting rid of a piano can cost anywhere between €211 and €311.

If it can be fixed, think about giving it to a local musical organisation. The cost of moving the piano ranges from €251 to €611, but if it is being donated, it is likely tax deductible.

a hot tub

You should expect to pay anything from €311 and €611 to have a hot tub removed, depending on its size and difficulty. You can always disassemble it and bring it curbside for simple pickup to save some money.

Tire If you drop off a tyre at a recycler or tyre business, tyre removal costs between €5 and €15 per tyre. A rubbish removal firm will cost you at least €61 if you engage them. State-imposed tyre disposal fees, which can range from €1.25 to €2 per tyre, make up a portion of that. Although almost all tyres are recycled, it never hurts to inquire.

  • €11–€15 per tyre with rims.
  • From €5 to €11 per tyre without rims.

Cost of Shed Removal and Construction Rubbish Removal

Depending on how much is there, the cost to remove construction debris ranges from €111 to €811. Most landfills accept this without charging extra. Asking your general contractor if they would handle this as part of your overall project is a good idea.

What Does It Cost to Remove and Haul Yard Debris?

For the most part, clearing and hauling away yard garbage costs between €211 and €551. Expect to spend between €51 and €111 per load for curbside pickup after you’ve already stacked it up. Burning yard garbage is prohibited unless authorised by your municipality.

Tree Rubble

Although the cost of removing tree debris ranges from €51 to €111, the average cost of removing a tree ranges from €411 to €2,111. Unless you intend to use it as firewood, in which case cutting it up will cost an additional €75. Never burn a tree on your property without first calling the fire department in your area.

The price of waste removal ranges from €51 to €511 or more.

Because it involves everything from hazardous fluorescent lights to outdated latex paint and other toxic substances, it requires a little more planning and effort than garbage and rubbish disposal.

Depending on which of the following categories your garbage fits into, the cost of waste collection will vary significantly:

  • Electronic: 11–111 euros. Everything electronic is included in this, including obsolete TVs and laptops.
  • Solid waste and garbage: €111–€351.
  • This typically includes residential clutter and trash.
  • Risky: €51 to €511. It will need careful planning and specialised tools to remove old latex paint, mercury, or other pollutants professionally.
    • Everyday products like batteries and fluorescent light bulbs are included in this group of hazardous garbage, which comes in a variety of prices. Some things differ from state to state, but your landfill employees or garbage removal experts will know what matters.
  • 71–125 euros for composting. Including food waste and yard waste, this includes anything organic.

Digital Waste

On electronic waste, you’ll spend anywhere from €11 to €111 or more. Depending on where you reside and what you’re throwing out, fees can vary significantly. While certain electronic parts can be recycled, others include elements that are bad for the environment.

  • TV: €11-€111
  • Computer: $15 to $191

The low end of the spectrum is the price you’d pay to dispose of it yourself at the nearby landfill.

Residential Garbage Collection and Trash Pickup

The cost of household trash and waste collection ranges from €25 to €111 per month. You can choose from 21-gallon containers all the way up to 96-gallon bins. This charge typically appears on a bigger utility bill that usually includes charges for water and sewage.

When using a private company, you could also have to pay a one-time setup cost of €31 to €51. Making a trip to the dump to dispose of trash, appliances, and lighter garbage loads is typically not a big concern. But for the major issues, occasionally you need assistance.

a risky waste Removal of hazardous garbage costs between €51 and €511. The majority of rubbish removal firms won’t accept dangerous or toxic materials. To handle this, you must contact your neighbourhood waste or rubbish collection business.

  • Freon removal and disposal costs range from €51 to €151.
  • Both freon and refrigerants need to be disposed of carefully. In some states, you need a licence to properly dispose of it.
  • A gallon of latex paint costs between €5 and €11. Don’t simply throw it in the trash. You can transport it yourself to the dump, where there will be a dedicated section designated just for paint and chemicals.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs are priced per foot from €1.11 to €1.51. They contain hazardous trash called mercury. If you choose to replace your home’s lights with LEDs, have the old bulbs disposed of by a pro. Don’t discard them in the trash.

How Much Does It Cost to Dump at a Landfill?

You can dump your own garbage, furniture, and hazardous waste at your neighbourhood landfill for €21 to €51 per tonne if you have the time and the means to transport it. Your municipal utility bill may in some areas include free dumping.

The price of hoarding and clean-up services

Depending on the amount of trash and the level of contamination, hoarding and clean-out services cost between €1 and €7 per square foot. You may occasionally need to work with mould removal experts. Costs for mould removal range from €1,111 to €3,519

Bankruptcy Cleanout

For basic services, cleaning a foreclosed home might cost between €111 and €651. The sum varies according on the business, the size of the foreclosed property, and whether there are goods that need to be removed or damage that needs to be fixed.

Finding the Right Professional for Waste, Garbage, or Junk

The majority of rubbish removal businesses either charge by kind, size, or truckload. Fees for transporting waste to its right location could be one or many additional costs. This is so that they can’t be dumped in landfills like paint, refrigerators, air conditioners, fluorescent lights, etc.

Your garbage disposal specialists should:

  • Deliver everything to a landfill or another appropriate drop-off after sorting it.
  • After the removal, clean your house, garage, or landscaping.
  • Have a removal team that is skilled and knowledgeable.

Organizing the Removal of Junk and Debris

Depending on the type of waste, waste removal services may provide bulk or itemised rates. A expert will typically examine all the details and arrive with a final cost based on the items involved, the company’s billing method (by truckload or by item), and your position in relation to their headquarters and the landfill.

By putting everything together before pick-up, you can save some time (and perhaps even some money). Additionally, you can easily bring your own trash or rubbish to the dump.

How Junk, Waste, and Trash Services Differ

Understanding the distinctions between “junk,” “waste,” and “garbage” is crucial. Prices and experts vary slightly amongst them.

Who supplies it, what it is, how much it costs, and what you need to know

  • €51 to €111 for trash collection services offered by the city or a third-party business like waste management. regularly occurring. a part of your recurring power bill.
  • €61 to €811 for garbage removal professionals at junk removal removal of huge objects once only (e.g., major appliances, furniture, etc.).
  • The price to remove waste varies. Service for disposing of waste or municipal hazardous materials (typically chemicals and electronics). construction debris for compost and yards: €71–€511

Waste management companies or the city

Any organic stuff, yard garbage, and tree limbs. bits of compostable food.

Q&As Regarding Junk Removal

Where can I find a free rubbish removal service?

Sell and donate usable stuff. If the trash is usable, certain charitable organisations, like the Salvation Army, will remove it without charge. If it’s not useful, you’ll have to pay for it by hiring a hauler that is qualified to do the job.

How can I dispose of my outdated equipment for nothing?

Donate outdated appliances that are still in good condition to charities like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, or a temple if they are still functional. They may even show up to take it up.

How much does monthly garbage removal typically cost?

The monthly cost for trash disposal services ranges from €31 to €51.

What are the costs and services of residential waste collection services?

Residential garbage collection services pick up regular household waste and garbage for €31 to €51 each month.

What is the price of junkworld?

The price for junkworld might range from €111 to €911 depending on where you reside and how much rubbish you have.

How much is trash management?

Depending on where you live, waste management fees might range from €211 to €411.

How much does a day’s dumpster rental cost?

Most dumpsters cost between €41 and €71 per day, with a weekly minimum. Renting a dumpster ranges from €311 to €511 per week. Before having a big trash sent to your house, make sure to check with your homeowners’ association.

How much should I bill for clearing the debris?

Depending on your region, you should charge a minimum of €111 for debris removal and a maximum of €911 for a truckload.


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