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best coffee in Bali

We are often asked questions: “Where to buy coffee in Bali?”, “Which coffee to choose?”, “Where to try good Balinese coffee?” “Where to taste real Luwak coffee?” Despite the fact that there is a lot of information about the best coffee in Bali topic on the Internet, we decided to make our little contribution to the coverage of this issue.

Two types of coffee in Bali.

So, there are two types of coffee trees growing in Bali: Arabica and Robusta.

Best coffee in Bali

Arabica, has a smaller bush, leaves are smaller, glossy and bright green. When arabica is in bloom, the flowers are white with a perceptible pleasant aroma reminiscent of the scent of jasmine. The berries themselves are smaller, red or purple in color. The beans are rich in caffeine, but Arabica has a milder flavor and more aroma compared to Robusta.

Coffee in Bali

Robusta, outwardly differs in the size of a coffee tree, such trees are up to 8-10 meters high. Of course, for industrial production, robusta bushes are cut and form the required height. When the coffee is in bloom, the flowers of the robusta are pale pink. The leaves are large and the fruits ripen rather large, have a rounded shape and brownish-green color. The coffee beans themselves are very rich in caffeine, and the taste of such coffee is bitter, even somewhat rough. For this reason, Robusta is usually mixed with Arabica coffee.

Coffee is grown on plantations. This is usually a small family business.

Balinese coffee and how is it made?

Balinese coffee

When the berries are ripe, ripe and red, they are picked. Then they are dried, the grains are separated from the pulp and the grains are sorted. The grains also differ in male and female.

In the photo on the right, the female grain has a flatter surface. On the left, a correspondingly male grain with a more convex surface. Male coffee beans are more expensive.

The best coffee in Bali is roasted. Production roasting and mature technology allows you to get: light, medium, strong, Viennese, continental and other types of coffee roasting. Balinese prefer to fry grains over a fire – like seeds in a frying pan.

Next, the best coffee in Bali is grinded, or rather broken in a mortar with a special mallet. Then this coffee is simply poured with boiling water. For our taste, this coffee is quite bitter and very strong. We prefer coffee of a finer grinding from beans and brewed in a coffee maker or a Turk

Where to try good coffee in Bali?

We love coffee very much, so we ourselves enjoy drinking it every day. Here we will tell a little about our favorite places where we usually drink coffee ourselves.

best coffee in Bali

Excellent, tasty and inexpensive coffee from a coffee machine is served at McCafé (McDonald’s in Jimbaran). We usually take a cup of espresso or cappuccino.

There is a chain of coffee shops – Excelso, where they sell coffee under the brand of the same name.

For example, Excelso cafe in Mall Bali Gallery.

coffee tarik Teh tarik & roti canai is a simple local eatery with Malaysian cuisine, found in Jimbaran and Sanur.

Kopi (coffee, translated from Indonesian) tarik – very tasty with some buns. The drink is taken and whipped in a special way with condensed milk. This drink can also be tasted on the top floor at the Kuta beach walk store – a shopping center near Kuta beach.

Coffee plantations on the way to Kintamani or Bedugul – there we always treat ourselves to strong traditional Balinese coffee. We drink luwak coffee, coffee with ginger, coffee with ginseng.

In any varung, cafe, restaurant, you can order Kopi Bali – traditional Balinese coffee.

In the store, when we go somewhere, we buy Nescafe coffee in cans with us – it is tasty, invigorates and cools well.

Where to buy coffee in Bali?

On coffee plantations. We choose good coffee beans there, as it is the freshest (usually harvested the day before). We go through each pack so that the fried grains are not burnt, but chocolate-colored. We buy a few kilograms, then grind, cook and drink. The places are on the road to Kintamani or Bedugul.

best coffee in Bali

In the Hardy’s store (Nusa Dua, Sanur), Lotte mart (Sanur), we buy coffee Excelso, Kopi Bali, Kopi Bubuk – coffee powder in golden or transparent packs (usually this inexpensive coffee is bought by the Balinese themselves).

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