VIP Programs in Online Gambling – Are they worth it?

One of the reasons for the fast growth of the online gambling industry is that people can use a variety of bonuses. Many of the perks are only available to new signees who have to make a deposit, but most operators have started offering perks for existing clients. 

Even though not all offers have a lot of fans, some are way more popular because they provide special perks. One such deal is the VIP club, where the most loyal customers can obtain things not accessible to anyone else. Keep in mind that not all VIP clubs are the same because, based on the corresponding Stake VIP levels wagering requirements, some loyalty programs offer a lot more things than others. That’s one of the big reasons why people prefer using those things.

Experienced gamblers usually do not need convincing when it comes down to the VIP perks that gambling websites have to offer. The latter provides a wide range of benefits that make them worthwhile, but the bad news is that not a lot of users are aware of them. This article will try to show you why the VIP clubs are worth it and how to ensure the program you use offers the tools you need.

The good things about the VIP programs

Even though not all VIP clubs offer enough options, customers who put in the time and find casino or a bookmaker that is worth using will eventually find a top-tier program for loyal customers. With that said, a lot of things make a given VIP program good, and we are about to reveal all of them.

Besides the fact that you get to be a part of an exclusive group of people, joining the VIP club will allow you to earn a lot of exclusive rewards. One of the things that gambling websites use to reward their most loyal clients is by offering them unique options. Some of the bonuses will look the same as the regular offers but will provide higher rewards, whereas others will be completely new and only available to VIP users.

Another good thing about being a VIP online casino customer is related to the different tournaments you can participate in. Depending on the gambling operator, a lot of the VIP users have the chance to play in events organized by the given brand. Besides having the opportunity to play against other players, you can even compete for a special reward.

Another big advantage related to VIP programs is the exclusive customer service you get. Almost all loyalty programs will offer this benefit, which means that VIP clients who need help with something will get priority support. Some of the VIP users who spent more money than others will even get their own personal agents, something that will make their experience even more memorable.

The bad things about VIP programs

We can all agree that the benefits outweigh the cons regarding VIP programs in an online casino. However, this does not mean there aren’t certain negatives that people need to know.

The first one is the most annoying, and it is related to the amount of money that you need to spend to be a VIP client. Depending on the website you are using, this amount can start from around $100 and can reach up to several thousand. What’s more, all VIP programs have different tiers, and the only way to unlock the benefits that come along with them is to wager more money.

While discussing the topic of money, you can see that a lot of loyalty clubs have amazing bonuses. However, to obtain some of those bonuses, you will need to reach a certain VIP level, which, as we mentioned, requires you to spend more. Consequently, the best bonuses for exclusive clients will only be available to people who deposit more money than others. 

Another con that is not that popular among online gamblers when it comes to VIP clubs is that some of them will only allow you to access those benefits for a limited time. Besides wagering enough money to join the VIP club, many websites have something known as a “retention fee”. What this means is that you also need to wager a certain amount of money per month if you want to remain a VIP user and have access to all of the benefits.


After analyzing the good and the bad, we can safely say that the VIP program is usually worth it, but it depends a lot on the website you are using. A lot of brands may seem like they have an excellent VIP club, but in reality, it will not offer options that are worth using. 

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