Healthy lifestyle instead of medications

The sooner we begin to take care of our health, the faster the body and organism will reciprocate. Of course, we all dream of a miracle pill that we take and become healthy, but it’s not that simple. Modern doctors and nutritionists have proven the relationship between health and a healthy lifestyle, without which it is impossible to achieve harmony with oneself. Exercise, eat healthy food, think positively and surround yourself with positive emotions – this is a proven way to become stronger and more beautiful and protect yourself from diseases. And to entertain yourself, visit sites like Mostbet.

Healthy lifestyle. Basic rules

  1. To refuse from bad habits. The formation of a healthy lifestyle begins with this step, because addiction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs makes all further efforts useless and will definitely not help you improve your health. In addition, the presence of addictions negatively affects a person’s energy background and he begins to feel irritable and depressed. All this negatively affects mood and leads to deterioration of well-being and apathy.
  2. Maintain physical activity. Play sports, run, do exercises, gymnastics, strengthening and stretching exercises, harden yourself. According to the majority of scientists who have studied the individual human system for a healthy lifestyle, it is necessary to choose the correct frequency of physical activity and gradually complicate the tasks in order to take into account all the characteristics of the body. Neurosurgeon Shatalova G.S. believed that you should train regularly, but to the best of your ability, and cardiologist Amosov N.M. advised devoting 30 minutes a day to gymnastics and the same amount to vigorous walking (at least 1 km). These doctors themselves followed their recommendations and lived long (on average 90 years) and happy lives, maintaining vigor of body and clarity of thinking.
  3. Adhere to the correct regimen, ideally based on internal biorhythms and the advice of a doctor or professional trainer. “Night owls” should have one schedule, “larks” should have a different one, but if you are a “unique bird” in general, then your schedule should be unique. Develop a daily routine, planning the time of getting up and falling asleep for a week at approximately the same time, take into account your work schedule, and provide pauses for rest and meals. The first few weeks will be difficult, but then everything you do during the day will become automatic and become a healthy lifestyle habit. But your body will be grateful for your willpower – labor productivity will increase, your well-being and mood will improve, optimism and energy will appear.
  4. Balance your diet. Of course, you can follow the path of least resistance and choose any of the millions of developed diets, but this way you are unlikely to achieve success in a healthy lifestyle and improve your health. It is better to consult a nutritionist and trainer, or, at a minimum, switch to safe, healthy foods instead of processed foods and eat at regular intervals at the same time every day. Such nutrition will help the body readjust itself and quickly cope with the feeling of hunger, which can be false. Otherwise, the recommendations of specialists are very different. Some are confident in the benefits of vegetarianism, others choose a mixed menu, others practice a raw food diet, and others are addicted to fasting. The main thing is to remember that having embarked on the path of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition must be selected taking into account individual characteristics, preferences and needs for your age and condition (and we, young people, have so many needs!). Food pyramids will help you understand the usefulness of individual products – diagrams in which food is divided into groups depending on its usefulness for the body. Nutritionists have created such models for different regions, although there are some that are common to the whole world. For example, developed in 1992 by Harvard or released in 2007 by MyPyramid.


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