Top Benefits of penis enlargement surgery 

Penis enlargement surgery continues to be the most popular choice for men who seek to increase both the length and girth of their penis. In this article we look at the top benefits of penis enlargement surgery


1. Permanent results


This is perhaps the number one reason why men choose penis enlargement surgery over other temporary options such as penis fillers. To make the penis longer a ligament called a suspensory ligament is divided and freed from its attachments to the pubic bone. This manoeuvre enables hidden length of the penis to be revealed. This hidden length is typically between one and two inches extra. The extra length does vary slightly from patient to patient, however the majority of patients will achieve around one inch more to the flaccid penis length. To make sure the results of this part of the surgery are permanent, the Urologist creates a barrier to prevent the suspensory ligament from attaching once more to the pubic bone. This is very important because if this happens the ligament can attach higher up, leaving the penis shorter than it was before the surgery. At Moorgate Andrology we have developed a new technique using the interposition of the patients own tissues to create this barrier. This means that we do not need to place a lifelong silicone implant for the same purpose. This is especially helpful in young men who are quite lean. In some cases of silicone buffer placement the buffer can migrate leaving a protrusion of the implant in the pubis, requiring a further surgery to remove it.

The girth enhancement is achieved by transferring the patients own body fat. This fat is taken from the belly and the inner thighs where the best quality fat is. This harvested fat is purified before injection into the penis shaft. After the surgery the penis looks awkwardly thick. This is because some of the fat is absorbed in the first three months. The final result is usually an increase of one to two inches in the flaccid and erect girth of the penis. Because the newly transferred fat receives its own blood supply the results are permanent.


2. Biggest increase in penis size


Most patients who choose a penis enlargement surgery will have the penis made longer and thicker at the same time. The flaccid penis is usually double the size, making this option of penis enlargement the biggest penis size increase possible. Large gains can be achieved with penis filler using large volumes of  hyaluronic acid, however fat is thicker than filler and the gains with a fat transfer are generally more substantial. The division of the suspensory ligament also gives a true increase in the flaccid length of the penis. It does not rely on the weight of an additional product such as hyaluronic acid to make the penis appear longer , albeit temporarily.



3. Option to increase both length and girth

Penis enlargement surgery is the one procedure where real penis lengthening and girth enhancement can be done at the same time. This avoids the need to two separate procedures. Of course, it is also possible to perform just penis lengthening with ligamentosis surgery, or just a girth enhancement with a penis girth fat transfer. Most Urologists agree that the best results come from both the length and girth surgery performed together.

4. Increased self confidence

        Many men lack confidence in their penis size. In many cases the penis is smaller than the average, including some cases we see of true micro-penis. This can have a devastating effect on young men , preventing them from forming sexual relationships as a result. Penis enlargement surgery can help them find a new self-confidence , enabling them to move on and form fulfilling sexual relationships, quite often for the first time. The National health service do not provide penis enlargement surgery routinely for men with a small penis. We have seen cases where men have managed to get such a procedure on the NHS, but these have been cases of micro penis. As the NHS suffers from the pressures for increasing demand for its services, penis enlargement surgery procedures will be very low down the list of priorities. 


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