How to Meet Kamal Hassan Personally and Face to Face

Kamal Haasan

How to Meet Kamal Hassan Personally and Face to Face

This article is about how to meet Kamal Hassan personally. Kamal Hassan is India’s prominent and highly respectable director, producer, playback singer, lyricist, screenwriter, and actor. He has worked with a huge number of Hindi as well as Tamil movies. Kamal Hassan is an awardee of various prestigious awards like the National Awards, Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, and Padma Bhushan awards.

To remind you some of his popular movies, Hey Ram, Dasavathaar, Sadma, Saagar, Chachi 420, Papanasam, Uttama Villain, and many more. Kamal Hassan began his career since his childhood. His brilliant performances made the country proud.

#3 Tips on How to Meet Kamal Hassan Personally

Kamal Haasan

#1 Request an appointment with Kamal Hassan

You need an impressive handwritten letter that gives a strong reason to meet you. Try to keep your tone professional and up to the point. Avoid using too many flowery words and do not sound too pleasing. Your letter will either fix up a meet or break up the communication. Thus, ensure that you think a lot before writing. You may post the letter at the address below;

Kamal Hassan
218, TTK Road
Chennai – 600 018
Tamil Nadu, India

#2 During film shoots

Most of the celebrities are present in their vanity vans to meet stars in India. Kamal Hassan relaxes in his vanity van when he isn’t shooting on sets. Find out his latest movie details and the shoot location. There are higher possibilities that you will get a chance to interact with him face to face. Keep a confident personality and a presentable appearance, when you go to see him. Kamal Hassan is known for his down-to- earth nature and humble attitude towards his fans.

#3 Contact his PR

If you know someone from the media, he will help you with Kamal Hassan’s PR’s number. Every artist has a PR who takes care of their dates and will help you fix an appointment with him. Approach the PR in a subtle manner and do not nag them with your continuous messages. Wait for their response. Your genuine approach and patience will help them to approach you sooner than you expect. Upload a few good pictures and be honest about your identity to the PR. Fake accounts and lies won’t do any good to your dream of seeing your favorite star.

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