Magician David Blaine Held 52 Helium Balloons and Flew Over Arizona

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If you have seen the heart-touching movie Up, you will know how an old man tied balloons to his house. It was his dream to fly away, and he did. Since then, we have seen several viral pet videos where dogs and cats are tied with balloons and risen. It is quite a famous video type on TikTok where pet owners create an illusion by carrying their pets Up, after tying them to balloons. To our surprise, magician David Blaine tried a death-defying flight with his Ascension.

Magician David Blaine Ascension over Arizona desert

In a viral video, we saw the David Blaine wearing a harness made of 52 helium balloons. He tied them to his body and flew to an altitude of 18,000 feet. The man didn’t put a parachute on him till he was almost halfway ‘Up.’

The event was streamed on YouTube and was a funded project. Once David reached 24,900 feet, he pulled a cord and started skydiving back to the earth! Thankfully, he was successful in pulling the parachute. Once he hit the surface, he started running in cheer. His younger daughter was in cheers and started shouting, “You did it!”

The ascension was priorly planned to happen in New York City but got rescheduled to Arizona. Doing it in the city might have been more complicated. The magician was spotted practicing for the event in August at Fresno.

David Blaine has always created illusions that are too good to be true. But his latest attempt made jaws drop. If it didn’t go as planned, it could have been fatally and even take his life. To all his fans, we would suggest they do not try something as extreme as this, even if the video looks tempting. Thus, limit it to watching the video and don’t try it by yourself.

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