The cost of being a music super fan in the UK

The cost of being a music super fan in the UK

It is well known that it is not cheap to be a music fan in 2022. While artists say they are seeing reduced revenues from their actual musical output thanks to services like Spotify, fans are still paying huge amounts of money for tickets, official merchandise, and other “music-adjacent” things that can really add up over time. (xanax)

Concert tickets, particularly for the world’s greatest shows, can be an expensive purchase. Superfans of pop stars can burn through a great many pounds following their venerated images on visit, and this made us wonder – which uber music acts are the most costly (and least expensive) to be a superfan of?

Taking a gander at 65 of the world’s greatest selling pop demonstrations of the last 10 years, we examined:

  • The typical cost of a collection download
  • The typical expense of their authority stock items
  • The common cost of a live gig ticket
  • The expense of a genuine marked thing
  • Where conceivable, the cost for a 12″ vinyl collection
  • By including the all out cost of these sought after fan buys into a ‘Superfan Starter Bundle’ we’ve positioned which present day music acts are probably going to be the least expensive and generally costly to help.

What amount does it cost to be an electronic superfan?

According to a recent article by Betway – Drake, Ed Sgeeran, BTS, Adele & Dua Lipa as a portion of the music acts that are most thoughtful to fans on a tight spending plan. The ‘starter pack’ for super devotees of these uber acts comes in at around £150 ($210) or less.

The typical collection cost for the best 20 ‘least expensive’ music acts are under £9 (approx. $12.50), with the exception of Lewis Capaldi, Mumford and Children, Meghan Trainor and Ke$ha, whose typical collection download costs are a couple of quid more. With collection download costs genuinely normalized in all cases, the genuine distinction to a fan’s handbag strings are the expenses of gig tickets, and getting hold of that unique marked piece of product.

Driving the way as the most costly electronic craftsman to be a superfan of is Major Lazer, costing devotees roughly £631.48 in general, to see live and purchase merchandise from.

Those admirers of Major Lazer that went to every one of their six shows over the most recent five years will have paid out a faltering £488.04. Superfans needing all things ‘Major Lazer’ can purchase their most recent collection ‘Music Is the Weapon’ for £9.99, or pack themselves out with stock for £14.93.

Getting a marked piece of memorabilia is an unquestionable requirement for a super fan, and there is a major distinction in the amount you can purchase signed products for. We took a gander at the least expensive (certified!) marked things for every craftsman accessible to buy on eBay, and the postings were all no less than £20 ($28) or more. Fanatics of Ed Sheeran, Woman Crazy, Camilla Cabello and Lewis Capaldi can all get a signed keepsake for under £30 ($42), while enthusiasts of Eminem, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West will be hoping to fork-out hundreds, on the off chance that not thousands for a marked thing.

Different craftsmen that have extensive expenses connected to their marked product (between £200 – £400/$280 – $550) incorporate Jay Z, Olivia Rodrigo, BTS and Beyonce.

The music act charging the most for their authority stock pieces is Jay Z, with pullovers estimated at £65/$90 and a coat costing fans £173/$240. Lorde likewise has various more costly product items including Zippo lighters at £40/$55, long sleeve shirts at £55/$75 and a hoodie at £125/$173.

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