Schoolboy Q Net Worth Everything You Need To Know About

Schoolboy Q net worth

Hence you click on this article; you are familiar with Schoolboy Q very well; maybe you are a die heart fan. Consequently, you know this is not his real name. Besides, he is an independent songwriter, musician and freestyle rapper. However, you probably don’t know what is Schoolboy Q net worth? This same reason leads you to this article.

In this article, we will analyze Schoolboy Q net worth, further, few words on his life and career. Schoolboy Q is an American hip hop recording artist who has a net worth of $5 million. So that you can relate to your favorite singer from a close intent, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the overview and to the main topic.


Before we jump to the brief discussion of net worth or the lifestyle of Schoolboy Q, let’s first get an overview of his entire life within a minute.

Real Name Quincy Mathew Hanley
Age 34
Net worth Over $5 million
Date of birth 1986, 29th October
Income source Music, songwriter, Rapping
Height 5′ 6″
Girlfriend N/A
Nationality American
Religion Christianity

Schoolboy Q’s Early Life

On October 29th, 1986, Schoolboy Q was born. Quincy Mathew Hanley was his official birth name. He was born in a military base in Wiesbaden, Germany. At that time, his father worked here as an American Military soldier. Note, his parents were separated before his birth. As a result, he grew up in a broken home.

When Schoolboy Q was born, his father decided to remain in Germany to continue his US military duties. On the other hand, he moved to Texas along with his mother. They stayed for a couple of years, and later they moved to California and finally settled there. That’s why the majority of his early life was in the South Central Los Angeles area.

Schoolboy Q net worth

First, he joined John Muir Middle School, and later, he attended Crenshaw High School. Also, he graduated from here. After that, he has joined a couple of local colleges as well. For instance, Glendale Commu College, West Los Angeles College. He also played football during his college days. He mostly played as a receiver and returner. Chiefly, this activity allowed him later to play for the West Los Angeles Oilers sports team.

Following this, he was a bit of a troublesome kid since his teenage time. Therefore, he involved himself with various criminal activities like drug dealing, gang banging, stealing, and many others. Moreover, he was one of the core members of a street gang named 52 Hoover Gangster Crips.

Identically, his drug-dealing activists were deep as he sold various hard drugs, for instance, Crack, Oxycontin, Marijuana etc., in Los Angeles streets. Because of this, he was even jailed for six months in 2007 for home invasion crimes. As a whole, this is a glimpse of his early life.

Schoolboy Q’s Career

Even though he had some troublesome teenage periods, he has had an insane passion for music since then. He always worked hard for his musical creativity. By the age of 16, he eventually started his career in the music industry.

2006: His first work was with Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). It is a record label located in Carson, California. Here he became familiar with other artists. Later, he collaborated with some of them in many music albums.

2008: Afterwards, his first mixtape was called ‘Schoolboy Turned Hustla.’ He recorded this music with TDE and G.E.D inc. Eventually, he lifted his own real-life stories through his debut music.

2009: Consequently, his first mixtape received a lot of response. As a result, following this, Schoolboy Q signed an agreement with TDE.

Because of this, TDE acknowledged him as one of their artists. In May 2009, he launched his second official mixtape with TDE titled ‘Gansta & Soul.’

2010: Further, he started touring the country with his bandmates. He worked on some projects during this time.

2011: Again, he released an album called ‘Setbacks.’ Overall, it received a lot of hype and reached the US Billboard 200 chart.

2012: Soon, he launched his second album on iTunes called ‘Habits & Contradictions’. Likewise, it got massive hits; around 4000 digital copies were sold within the first week of release.

2013: Then, Launched solo debut album called ‘Collard Greens.’ Surprisingly, he appeared on the BET Award Show, BET Hip Hop Awards, NBA Live 14, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as well.’

2014: Next, he launched his third album named ‘Oxymoron.’ It received huge success commercially, with 140,000 copies sold within the first week and reached one on the Billboard 200 Chart.

2016: In July 2016, he released his fourth album called ‘Black Face LP’ that featured many prominent artists. Thus, it also received enormous success.

Similarly, on various platforms like US Top R & R&B, Hip-Hop Albums Billboard, US Billboard 200, it ranked second for this album. Other than this, it ranked two at Canadian Billboard as well.

Moreover, a bunch of prominent artists was featured; for instance, Anderson Pask, Kanye West, Tha Dogg, Miguel, Jadakiss, E-40 and many more. Among them, he received massive popularity from the fans.

2019: To conclude, he launched his fifth album titled ‘Crash Talk.’ Here he collaborated with TDE and Interscope Records. It was another big hit and ranked three on US Billboard 200.

Albums and Tracks

To summarize, there are many songs and music that Schoolboy Q is famous for. However, the album Oxymoron released in 2014 was ranked number 4,071 in all the great album lists. Eventually, it was a hit for him that ranked 344. Apart from that, Crash Talk in 2019, The TDE tour in 2004, Blank Face LP in 2016, and many more. These songs made him the person he is right now.

Schoolboy Q net worth

The main source of income for Schoolboy Q is music. Likewise, he writes rap songs and himself, an independent singer. Similarly, he wrote many successful songs and sang many. That’s why his estimated yearly earning is about $900,000. Especially, he only earns from YouTube around $500K, and there are other sources from promotional videos, photoshoots and many more. At an early age, he found his fortune and maintained that till date. According to July 2021 update, his net worth is above $5 million.

Month Year Earnings
January 2021 $5-$6.8K
February 2021 $5.3-$6.9K
March 2021 $5.3-$7K
April 2021 $6-$7.8K
May 2021 $4.2-$5.7K
June 2021 $4-$5.4K


Now, if we break it down to a day, week, month and year, it’ll look like this:

Daily $1,735.16
Weekly $12,179.49
Monthly $52,777.78
Yearly $533,333.33


Q1: How old is Schoolboy Q?

Answer: He was born on October 26, 1986. Hence, his age is 34 years.

Q2: What city is Schoolboy Q from?

Answer: He is from Wiesbaden, Germany.

Q3: Where did Schoolboy Q get his name?

Answer: Indeed, it was an exciting story. When he was in the part of TDE, he and Punch had a chit-chat. They were talking about nicknames, but Quincy Mathew Hanley didn’t have one. At that time, people called him Q’ Hanley. Previously, people used to call him Schoolboy. Thus, he thought, why not choose ‘Schoolboy Q’ as my celebrity name. Since then, he is known as Schoolboy Q.

Q4: How is the rivalry between Schoolboy Q and 40 Glocc?

Answer: Explicitly, there was a bit of a short-lived rivalry between two famous American rappers Schoolboy Q and 40 Glocc. In 2009, Schoolboy Q released one of his albums named ‘Gansta & Soul.’ But this album consists of that infamous track named ‘Ezell (40 Glocc Killa). Particularly, this title depicted his rivalry with another rapper named 40 Glocc. Later, Schoolboy Q established a band called ‘Black Hippy.’

Q5: Why often does Schoolboy Q capitalize H?

Answer: It has been seen that Schoolboy Q likes to capitalize H always. Because of his various social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or other platforms, he uses capitalize H often. In 2011, Schoolboy Q mentioned in a Tweet that he does it because of Hippy, Hover, Hipower, Hell; these are the words that represent his life, and that is why he is so fond of capitalizing H.

Final thoughts

Well, if you were a big fan of Schoolboy Q, you must have loved this article. His wealth and fame exist only because crazy fans like you exist. Hopefully, you liked this article as much as you like Schoolboy. It was an amazing chance to get some glimpse of Schoolboy Q net worth. Moreover, share this article with your friends who are in the same gang. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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