Skyrim Legendary Edition Vs Special Edition What’s The Difference?

Skyrim legendary edition vs. Special edition

If you are a PS gamer and specifically love playing the open-world game, I believe you also played Skyrim legendary edition. Though it was released almost a decade ago, the impressive thing is it is still fighting with the top-rated game. ‘Bethesda’ is an American game developing company that keeps developing the game and always updating the version. In this article, we will talk about almost everything about Skyrim.  We will clear all of your doubts and show the difference between ‘Skyrim legendary edition vs Special edition.’

So far, Skyrim has four different editions: special edition, standard edition, legendary edition, and VR (Virtual reality) edition. Skyrim has a big fan base with approximately 18.5 million players. In short, it creates a craze among gamers. Although it’s an old game, some people just started playing Skyrim in 2021.

However, Skyrim’s recent updates give numerous features to its players. Players now can improve their character by editing and opening many more customization options.

About Skyrim

To begin with, the full name of Skyrim is ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.’ This is an open-world game under the action genre. The game was first published on November 11, 2011. Markedly, the game developed by ‘Bethesda Gaming Studios’ and ‘Bethesda Softworks’ is the game’s publisher. Bethesda is an American game developing company; they created so many action games in the US earlier. Bethesda used a creation engine to develop the game.

Skyrim Special Edition:

Operating System (OS) Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit Version)
Processor Intel i5-750 or AMD Phenom II X4-945
Disk Space 12 GB
Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 470 1GB /AMD HD 7870 2GB
Sound A sound card that is compatible with DirectX 


Skyrim Legendary Edition:

Operating System Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) also Vista and XP
Processor At least Dual-Core 2.0GHz
Disk Space 6 GB
Graphics Card 512 MB RAM with DirectX version  9.0 video card
Sound A sound card that is compatible with DirectX 

Game features

Skyrim special edition has multiple improvements and new features –

  • Frightfully commend game
  • Improved effects and high transparent art
  • Shaders for environments
  • Zestful and high-powered field
  • High reflection of screen time
  • HIgh-accuracy rays

However, Bethesda is now allowing you to play other modes like ‘PC mode’ on your console. By using Mods, you can even experience playing Skyrim special editions. If you are active on Steam, then there is good news for you. Now by using steam, you can easily upgrade your Skyrim special edition for free.

Specific variation ‘Between Skyrim Legendary Edition vs Special Edition

Skyrim Legendary Edition is allowing you to experience the ‘Nintendo switch.’ They are also giving you the PlayStation VR option at the same time. On the other hand, special editions offer many options in your hand; instead, they offer only PlayStation  4, Xbox-1, and windows.

  • You can’t purchase the Skyrim Legendary Edition from everywhere. Identically, only GameStop and other out reserved websites are selling this. Whereas Special Edition openly accessible on the big platform like Steam or other places
  • You will get improved graphics vision on Skyrim Legendary Edition in the combat edition. But the Special edition does not give you any special options like that, rather some basic improvement.

Which one is superior: Legendary Edition or Skyrim Special Edition?

The main thing is that you don’t have to purchase the latest console to enjoy the game. Both editions have different flavors to taste. Each of them has some advantages and disadvantages, here are some special points to look.

  • Cost – From the beginning, Skyrim was not free like others; you need to pay anyway to enjoy this. Formerly, the Skyrim Legendary edition is relatively cheaper than the Special edition. Legendary editions cost 16-30 dollars on different platforms, whereas Special editions will take 20-40 dollars.
  • Gaming Platforms – Skyrim Special Edition are available on PS5, PS4, Xbox 1 and windows. Further, the Legendary Edition’s platforms are Nintendo Switch game, Playstation VR and other common platforms like windows and Play Stations.
  • Gameplay Skyrim Special Edition – You will have all four DLC on Skyrim Special Edition; that’s not everything. This edition is just an improvement of the original version. You want to enjoy this version freely; then you need to update this continuously every time. Moreover, the updates are quite strong for this version because it will give you a more impressive world experience than before. Ultimately console players are welcomed on modded versions and have the option to create one’s own mod.
  • Skyrim Legendary Edition – Impressively, you also get all DLCs here. This version is similar to the previous one, which means it is remastered. However, you will have a better gameplay experience here than another one. If you are waiting for the combat camera option, then you will get that. Amazingly you can attack and ride at one time. There is an option to buy special features like ‘Special Difficult Mode’ for experienced gamers. Finally, this version is full of skill and action.

Is the Skyrim Special Edition worth the money?

Consequently, the mod version makes Skyrim unique. If you really want to enjoy the fullest, then dive into the modding world. You can use Nexus Community or Bethesda Workshop for this purpose. The Special Edition of Skyrim feels like another level in the mod version.

Skyrim Legendary Edition Vs. Special Edition

This is probably the one and only method of getting access to the coolest features of the mod version. Provided that player DLCs, houses and farmsteads, new cities and various weapons, ammo, and the list go on.

Nonetheless, you can still find the oldest version of the mod on the internet. Yes, did you remember? The Vanilla version of Skyrim. Sadly, they didn’t upgrade in the past decade. Besides, for the past four years, they haven’t bothered adding new content and features.

Once you start playing the Special Edition of Skyrim, you’ll also get many features of the Legendary edition as well. Such as

  • The game mainly focuses on 64-bit processors.
  • Graphics, animations, and other HD components have been completely upgraded.
  • Introduced real lighting feature
  • It seems to have a completely redesigned adaptive dynamic range.

The list goes on.

Do Skyrim Legendary Edition Mods Work?

Game developers are introducing new add-ons and extra tools for both the Legendary and Special edition of Skyrim. However, a significant portion is moving towards Skyrim: SE. Therefore, if modding is your main choice, then you should also take on the remastered versions.

The recent mods released in the years 2020 and 2021 are chiefly focused on Special Edition. As a result, you can imagine this will be the trend for the upcoming days as well. Meanwhile, Bethesda is launching a more advanced and remastered version very soon.

Subsequently, the good news is by spending $10-15; you can scrap the Skyrim Special Edition very easily. It doesn’t matter if you are playing on a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. If you are a PC player, you can have the game at a much lower price on the Steam platform. For this reason, patiently wait until you get such offers in your hand. (Valium)

FAQs of Skyrim legendary edition vs Special edition

Q1: Can I run Skyrim on my laptop?

Answer: Surely, you can. Usually, Skyrim runs on both mobile and computer. That’s why you can play this amazing game on your laptop easily. However, to get the most out of this game, we recommend using a dedicated graphics card with an SSD card or a high spec gaming laptop that will serve you the best.

For example, you can use Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 CPU. If your budget allows, then the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or higher version of the processor will give you a smooth experience.

Q2: Can I ascend to the throne of Skyrim?

Answer: You can’t ascend to the throne of Skyrim all alone. The High King position doesn’t really suit Dragonborn, the hero, main character since he has a lot of power, but according to the rules of lore, Dragonborn is always in search of quests.

Nonetheless, using the Nexus mod, you can become the High King. The High King mod offers an exclusive mission to become King. Remember, the mod was published in 2017, and you should generally download modifications at your own risk.

Q3: Is DLC included with Skyrim Special Edition?

Answer: Certainly. You’ll love to hear Skyrim Special Edition has multiple official DLCs. Among them are Dragonborn, Hearthfire, Dawnguard and many more.

Q4: Should I buy Skyrim’s original version or a special edition?

Answer: We have two scenarios here. If you want to play the mod, then feel free to grab the Original version. In contrast, the Special Edition offers more stability but provides fewer mods. Further, we don’t know when the SKSE64 version will be launched.

Hopefully, in the coming days, SE will cost less, and then you can grab one at ease. Sounds crazy, right?

Final Words of Skyrim legendary edition vs Special edition

If you read the article thoroughly, you already understand that Skyrim Special Edition is not better than Skyrim Legendary Edition. Means Skyrim Legendary Edition wins the comparison battle. By spending the same amount of money, you can get more features and gameplay options.

However, both of the editions are neck to neck. They’ll serve you the best result possible. If you fulfill the basic requirement of this game, you can have the ultimate fun and experience regardless of the edition you use.

Finally, we hope you find this article helpful. If so, share with your gaming buddies. Besides, if you have any questions, let us know in the comment section. Also, check out our other articles as well.

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