Singer Billie Eilish Released a Powerful Short Film on Body Positivity

Singer Billie Eilish Released a Powerful Short Film on Body Positivity

A short film called Not My Responsibility that is released by famous singer Billie Eilish. The powerful film talks about what women face in the Hollywood Industry when it comes to body image. The singer has spoken openly about the double standards about the topic that is prevalent in Hollywood to date. Not My Responsibility was released in the earlier part of 2020 during the Where Do We Go World tour of Billie Eilish. The second part of the tour is now on hold due to the COVID-19 and the restrictions following the global pandemic. The highlight of this short film is when Billie Eilish narrates a stunning monologue. In this, she talks about the relationship between her and her body. Besides, she talks about how she decided to camouflage her curves before realizing body positivity.

Eilish clearly says that men in the same industry when do not face so many double standards regarding body image. The problem that women are objectified is what results in such problems. There is an awesome dialogue by Eilish in which she puts forwards a few questions. She asks people if her shoulders are provocative or her chest, hips, and stomach are. The fact that people do not accept your natural body and how you were born is a big problem in today’s society.

While she narrates the monologue, she is shunning all stereotypes of the society one by one. The process is depicted through Eilish removing all layers of clothing on her body one at a time. It is a way of trying to make society realize how a woman has to make herself feel uncomfortable just to live up to the standards of society. The film is so relatable and nothing short of a masterpiece.

The judgments and body positivity

During the film, Billie’s monologue contains more powerful thoughts that she seems to have suppressed till date. She talks about the people who pass judgments irrespective of what a woman does. Also, she highlights the helplessness of every woman in the society. For example, when she is removing the layers of clothing from her body, people will probably call her a slut. The strange part is that people judge even though they have never seen her body.

Eilish disappears slowly into a small pool of dark water while she puts this question forward. In the much talked about monologue of Billie Eilish, she says how no one judges a boy when he wears all kinds of baggy clothes. However, when a woman dresses in the same way, people suggest her to be more girly and wear proper clothes. This shows how the world is turning more sexist by the day. She says how people have given her suggestions about wearing tight clothes to look prettier. According to the standards of society, girls should learn how to carry body-hugging clothes to stand out as a different category.

Not My Responsibility received huge appreciation from all over the world. Billie Eilish has stated in several of her interviews that she could relate to the flavor of the film because she has faced the same so many times in her Hollywood career.

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