Japanese Fashion Brand Designer Kenzō Takada Died of COVID-19

Kenzō Takada
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Kenzō Takada was the first fashion designer from Japan who established his name in the Paris fashion week and other ones like France as well. He took his last breath on Sunday, suffering from Covid-19.

The Japanese designer works featured cheerful floral prints with colorful palates. He designed street wears as well as couture luxury fashion.

The 81-year-old Kenzō was the president of ACF(Asian couture federation). LVMH purchased his brand in 1993. Six years later, he took retirement in 1999 to invest his time into art.

The iconic French Japanese fashion designer was born in 1939. He started living in France in 1965. Kenzō got possession of sewing and sketching from childhood

He founded a brand of skincare products, clothes, and perfumes named Kenzō. His men’s cool collection came in 1983. He came up with his perfume in 1988.

Kenzō’s spokesperson said he completed almost 8000 designs in his life.

Tributes to Kenzō Takada

Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, his tribute tweeting that the immensely talented Kenzō Takada had given so much color to the art of fashion. The city will miss its capable son

The chief of LVMH and owner of the brand Sidney Toledano said he was an absolute fan of Kenzō’s work.

Kenzō used to sell sketches to different fashion brands. Later he started his new store named jungle jap.

Takada talked to South China morning post recently, saying that he accessorized his store with very little money. He found his love for jungle prints after seeing a painting in Paris.

Though he lived in Paris, his designs were influenced by Japanese culture, fabric, and designs.

Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore head Circe Henestrosa said that Kenzō kept his native streak always in his work of art through colors and vibrant graphics.

Takada was ahead of his time

He thinks Takada was ahead of his time with his gender-fluid fashion experiment in designs. Takada didn’t succumb to any stereotypical narratives of men’s and women’s clothing.

Elle magazine used Takada’s designs for their cover after seeing his show in 1971. He got immense international recognition after that.

Kenzō Takada had a major emotional setback after his life partner died in 1993. He described that time of his life as most heartbreaking as he lost his business partner at that time too. Then he sold his brand to Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton(LVMH) for almost 80m USD.

The Japanese designer told the skinned China morning post that the fashion industry has really changed. From the designs of cloths to the numerous seasons taking place.

Kenzō, the brand went on with several designers like Carol Lim and Humberto Leon design for it. They brought back Takada’s Tiger design to their work. Kenzō, though retried from fashion, continued exploring with other creative art forms.

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