Rick Moranis of Ghostbusters Fame Randomly Attacked in Manhattan

Rick Moranis
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Out of nowhere, a man attacked actor Rick Moranis. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids actor is currently recovering from the attack in New York City.

Rick Moranis near Central Park

Moranis was out in the morning around 7:30 for his usual morning walk. He was at the Central Park West close to the 70th Street when a man punched him in the head. The 67-year-old fell on the ground.

The authorities tweeted about the incident and extracted the security footage on October 2. The video shows that the attacker ran up to Moranis and knocked him, and walked away. Till now, police have not been able to find the person. They have asked for help from the public to catch the suspect. We hope that the man behind this attack is soon found and punished for his wrongdoings.

After Rick Moranis was hospitalized, he reported having pain in the head, back, and hip. He gave details of what happened to explain the crime. The management team of the actor informed the media that the man is recovering. They also said that the actor is grateful for all the wishes and thoughts from friends and followers.

Rick is a veteran Canadian actor who became famous during the 80s as he was a part of the cast in Second City Television. Soon the man became a household name and was gained global fame. His blockbuster Ghostbusters was one of the biggest milestones in his career. However, he kept a low profile after his wife’s demise from cancer in 1991. The man singlehandedly brought up his kids and devoted time to his family. Soon, we will see him reprise the crazy investor Wayne Szalinski in the movie Shrunk. It is the sequel of Honey I Shrunk the Kids that got him fame and critical praises.

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