What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

What is the difference between a wedding and an elopement?

Relationships need effort from both sides. A couple who met casually or through an arrangement traverse till the day they decide to wed each other when they are sure that the other person is someone they would like to spend the rest of their lives with. Most work through and few don’t. But the glimmer of hope always remains in the eyes of those who seek companionship. And when they meet the right fit, one pops the questions and the other says yes. And for most, it is a beautiful unison of two souls that lasts through the highs and lows of life till death parts them. 

Times have evolved and living relationships have an element of commitment. However, even for a couple who has lived together for a long time and read the mind of their partner before they speak, marriage is the next level of commitment. However, whether it is a couple stepping up a level in their relationship status or an arranged marriage duo who hit off after being matched by a human matchmaker or a dating app, the security that work marriage brings is irreplaceable. But equally daunting is getting married by planning the wedding and all the ceremonies that go on to make it a big day. This is the reason people are looking to go for a simple, intimate ceremony open to just a few important people in their life. They capture the memories through pictures of their elopement wedding photography and treasure it for life. 

Elopement weddings are unlike normal weddings in many ways. But the biggest difference between both is the myths that surround the perception of the former. In fact, a lot of couples who prefer a small and meaningful wedding may not even know that it is called an elopement wedding. To cleanse perspectives let us just bust some myths about elopement weddings:

  • Elopement happens for secretive reasons

It is so wrong to say so. Every bride eloping is not pregnant. And all the couples who elope don’t have disapproving parents who don’t agree with their choice of life partners. Contrarily, a lot of couples disclose their intentions to their parents and friends about their intentions. And in all probability, they will be helping them plan a small and delightful wedding where everything was thoughtful. 

  • There is nothing real or special about elopements

Elopement is as real as any other wedding. Large weddings with over a hundred guests ( some of them who don’t even know which side they are invited from) are less personalized than an elopement. That makes eloping and marrying more special than ever. 

As for how special one wants their elopement to be is totally up to them. It is influenced by personal tastes, ongoing trends, and the budget of the couple. 

  • Elopements are last-minute affairs for couples on a shoestring budget

Elopement weddings offer flexibility and a personalized tone. People can work around a budget if they wish to. But several couples can afford a plush wedding and yet prefer an intimate wedding with a very small guest list. As for planning, most elopement weddings need a minimum of 3 months to plan thoroughly. If a couple wants it to be more special with more customizations, it may take longer to plan it. 


  • Couples who elope are selfish

Two people who choose to elope are trying to involve the core that matters to them. It is in fact a very thoughtful step. Some do it to spend wisely, others for minimalistic reasons or to save the planet from further carbon footprints a large wedding creates. In eight out of ten cases couples who eloped are surrounded by their immediate families and friends. 

Parents wish the best for their children and some have dreams about what kind of person they will marry. Unfortunately, parenting should be limited to loving their child selflessly, empowering them with education and moral values to choose between right and wrong. They should not influence the lives of their adult children but just be their support system. 

  • Elopement is not a ceremonious affair

To iterate again elopement is about flexibility. If a couple chooses to go on with an all-day fun and frolicking, they can very well go for it. Right from here comes the bride, to the flower girl, the exchange of rings, the kiss, the father-daughter dance, the maid of honor’s speech, the best man’s speech, you name it and that can be fit in an elopement wedding. The quintessential feature of an elopement wedding is less number of guests and more fun. For many couples, their elopement wedding seemed like a vacation with the closest family and friends. 

How can one make their elopement a memorable affair?

Couples who wanted to elope and make it a dreamy fairytale to remember always made location their strong point of inference. A couple who loved to dive planned for an underwater wedding in the ocean. Now, that’s the kind of elopement wedding that needs detailed planning. 

The location preference of an elopement is usually in a scenic natural setting overlooking a beautiful view. Elopement weddings at a place with a fabulous landscape are a wedding photographer’s delight. Their subjects can blend in easily with the surroundings. Added to this if the day is perfect with good lighting, then the couple will cherish the pictures for years. So if you are planning for a memorable one choose the right location and always have backup plans for reasons such as climatic changes. 

Summing it up:

There are no guarantees to life and it can change any minute. The only way one can enjoy their elopement wedding is by keeping it real. Grand weddings have a show- that is often staged for the gallery of guests. They are enjoyable as long as you are invited to one that is managed by a wedding planner. However, elopements do not need the groom to represent a prince riding a white horse about to whisk the princess away. It is about simple ceremonies, fun, loads of laughter, some joy, and a lot of merry-making.

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