How to enhance creativity in intimate moments with your partner

Undoubtedly, the most intense moments in a couple always occur in the first few relationships. With the passage of time, the two people start to get to know each other and get used to each other and that makes the intensity and passion start to lose strength. But luckily all is not lost, there are a series of tricks through which we can innovate again and enjoy intimate moments with our partner.

The trick to keep the relationship intense is to innovate and avoid routine. When there is routine in a couple, the most common thing is that boredom makes an appearance and consequently the couple gradually separates. But that’s what we are here for, we are going to show you a list of tricks with which you can revive the flame of love.

1- Focus on visual effects

If you want to get creative and attract your partner’s attention, go for a striking visual effect. Sexy lingerie is always a great way to heat up the atmosphere. If you add to that a sexual position on the bed, you can be sure that the probability of attracting their attention will be very high. Remember, visual stimulation is all about arousal.

2- Massages are essential

As the experts of the best gay erotic massage centre in Madrid inform us, massages are a great tool to break the daily routine.

Through a good massage you will not only be able to calm your partner and increase libido, but you will also be able to get closer to her if you add creativity to the massage.

Nowadays there are many massages you can opt for, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Rotating massages can be a good idea to avoid boredom. And if you notice that the flame of love is starting to lose intensity, we recommend you opt for tantric massages. It will allow you to experience sexuality as a couple from a different point of view, but with greater intensity, as the masseurs tell us. Tantric massages are a tool that in the vast majority of occasions always give good results because they allow you to surprise your partner. 

3- Awaken your partner in a sexy way

Recent studies have shown that having sex early in the morning is not everyone’s cup of tea. But we have to break the harmony and that’s why we should try to wake up our partner with something erotic.

Surprise your partner by trying to have sex outside traditional times. When a couple has been together for a long time, the most common thing is to have sex only in the evenings. So change that trend and go for a morning sex session.

4- Turn your partner on through touch

Learning to be creative when a relationship has been going on for a long time is complicated. That’s why we suggest touch to get that creativity. Touch will make you feel things you wouldn’t feel otherwise.

For example, you can cover her eyes and start touching different parts of her body. Of course, you should not go directly to the genitals, but you will have to warm up your partner to achieve the desired arousal. The caresses with your hands and other items will create different sensations that can be very pleasurable. If you do it well, calmly and with affection you will feel that creativity is present and consequently you are doing things right. Many people also use handcuffs to prevent the other person from moving so that the degree of arousal is higher.

5- Whispers are really creative.

If you think back, you probably realise that in the early days of your relationship you used to whisper in your partner’s ear to tell her things and get her going on many occasions. But over time you have stopped doing it. It’s normal, it tends to happen in the vast majority of relationships.

Now is a good time to use the whispering tactic to arouse your partner. It is a creative technique that will allow you to relive intimate and intense moments.

Depending on your partner’s personality, you can take advantage of whispering to tell him or her things that are more racy or even to ask him or her to do things for you. Of course, all of them erotic to raise the temperature. Through the wishes you can make your most intimate desires come true and enjoy with the person you love the most.

6- Bet on compliments

Highlighting the things you like about your partner can also be a good option when it comes to creativity in the most intimate moments. If you say those compliments with style, your partner is sure to like them a lot.

Highlight her strong points and the ones you like the most so that she can remember that you still like her and therefore love her. Compliments to your partner are always good for the relationship and are highly recommended by sexologists.

7- Surprise your partner in the bathroom

If your partner is taking a bath, it can be a good time to go into the bathroom and surprise her. But don’t do it in a crazy way, always do it in an exciting way. For example, pretend you are spying on your partner and let her surprise you. The excitement will be guaranteed and that will make the shower end with a happy ending for both parties.

It has been proven that surprise always helps in intimate moments. Go for them and you will be able to enjoy sex with your partner again.



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