Great Sleep = Great Life 

The way your body feels when you wake up can be greatly affected by the quality of your mattress. A good one offers sufficient support for your legs, neck, spine, and back. If properly maintained, buying a decent mattress online is a wise investment that lasts for many years. According to studies, having a medium-firm mattress—particularly one with adjustable firmness, allows for more comfort, good spinal alignment, and improved quality of sleep.  Research also indicates that the surface you sleep on affects how comfortable you are, if bodily aches and pains are a worry for you. Additionally, it can ease the pain that can be brought on by improper mattress use and aid people in sleeping better. 


Types of mattress based on size

  • Single mattress

The single size mattress is perfect for a single individual with dimension sizes ranging between 72X 30X 6 to 78X 36X 6. The 6-inch thickness of the single size mattress gives good support to the back and makes for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

  • Double bed mattress

Double bed mattresses are perfect for couples and families with children. The double mattress come in two different sizes. They are:

  • Queen size mattress: This type of double bed mattress can be an excellent bed for the master bedroom or guest room, comfortably allowing extra sleepers in the home for a few nights, because the regular queen size mattress is advised for couples. The most popular standard-size mattress can accommodate many sleepers and conveniently fits into practically any space. Although this type of double mattress is less expensive than King size beds and offers more resting room than Twin XL beds, the Queen size mattress size is in the midway point of Twin XL and King size as the mattress’ average dimensions range between 60″W x 72″L to 66”W x 72”W. 

  • King sized mattress

King size mattresses are the largest double bed mattress as per industry standards. The mattress’ standard dimensions range from 72″W x 72″L to 72″W x 78″L. This means that a king-sized mattress would be preferable to a queen sized mattress, particularly if you have pets or youngsters or like more space to sleep soundly. A King size mattress provides each person with 8″ more area than a Queen sized mattress, which makes it perfect for master bedrooms, although it could be too big for certain people. A King sized mattress is also often optimal for couples and is similar to each person sleeping on their own Twin XL bed.

Types of mattresses online based on functionality 

Firm Mattress

No one area of the body needs to carry the whole weight of the mattress thanks to the uniform weight distribution provided by a firm mattress. These beds provide very minimal sinking, which increases the likelihood that the vertebrae will stay in a secure, normal position. In fact, larger individuals like firm mattresses. Squishy foams could be too prone to sinking in for appropriate comfort. Lighter people tend to prefer “soft to medium” firm mattresses since they tend to sink in less and find firm beds to be uncomfortable. Buying a firm mattress online prevents your lower back from compressing, which can enable you to breathe more deeply as you sleep.

Orthopedic mattress 

The best mattress for back pain is the one which takes the shape of your body while you sleep and keeps the spine straight. Our orthopedic mattress online helps maintain posture while you sleep, thereby strengthening your back muscles. Orthopedic mattresses guarantee the right spinal alignment to lessen back discomfort and minimize stress on the spine. An orthopedic mattress distributes your weight evenly to avoid pressure points from developing, especially in your neck, back, and hips. They provide stronger support with a supple top surface thanks to layers of springs and foam (or pure memory foam) construction. Some brands like SPACES go a step ahead by outfitting their orthopedic mattress online with individual pocket springs that, ensure minimal sleep disturbance, even when sharing the bed with someone, thereby earning the moniker ‘Best Mattress for Back Pain’. An orthopedic mattress may be used by anybody of any age, but it is especially useful for those who experience discomfort when sleeping, due to an illness or an accident. 

The uniqueness of the mattress online when you buy from brands like SPACES

  • The mattresses online come with a built-in mattress protector.
  • Anti-pilling properties of the mattresses help them last long without sagging
  • 30 nights free trials can be used to find the ideal mattress for your needs.
  • The top fabrics can be customized as per your desired requirement for optimal comfort.
  • All mattresses are completely water repellent. 
  • You can gain access to an impressive 12-year warranty on mattresses online with each purchase.

Where to buy your mattress online?

There are several brands selling a variety of mattresses, but our recommendation is to visit the SPACES website for the best quality mattresses online to make your sleep time a joyful affair. These large variety of mattresses includes queen mattresses, single mattresses, King size mattresses, as well as Orthopedic mattresses. Moreover, custom dimensions can be provided to create your very own customized mattress online. From  the dimensions to the choice of fabric, everything is customizable at SPACES, so you can curate your sleep experience effectively.  

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