Why You Need an Online Phone Number for SMS

Online Phone Number for SMS

An online phone number is a mobile number for which you don’t have to buy a physical SIM and insert it into a landline phone. This type of number is available over the Internet, and depending on its type, you can use it for absolutely different purposes: from creating a large call center to a simple and quick one-time registration on any website. Let’s understand why and who needs such numbers to receive SMS, where to buy them and how much they cost on average.

Advantages of Online Phone Numbers

We can highlight such advantages of using this service, but depending on the type of online number, this list may be even larger:

  • Economic efficiency. A regular SIM card costs an average of several dollars, and in some countries it is even more expensive. While the cost of an online number for receiving SMS is only a couple of tens of cents and some services provide them for free. Yes, the SIM card in this case can last you much longer, but in some cases this is not necessary. In addition, you will have to pay extra for mobile communication.
  • Fast connection. You can buy a phone number online to receive calls or text messages within a few minutes. The registration of a new SIM card may take a few hours, as you need to go to the store, sign a contract, provide your passport details and much more.
  • Lack of geographical reference. Online numbers are not linked to your real location, so you can get a phone number from any country in the world. It can be the code of the USA, England, China or even Guatemala.

Who uses online phone numbers, and who can benefit from them?

Online phone numbers for receiving SMS may be needed:

  • Those people who want to register with a classified resource. Some platforms and sites (especially e-wallets, crypto-exchanges, etc.) only accept phone numbers from a limited number of countries to register. To get around this, you can connect an online phone number of the desired country and register with it.
  • SMM managers and PR people. To get likes, reposts, followers and other activity on your account, you’ll need a lot of different profiles. But to register that many pages, you’ll need a unique phone number for each one. To avoid expensive purchases of physical SIM cards, you can use their virtual counterpart. Of course, this is not the best way of promotion, but nevertheless it exists.
  • For those who want to remain anonymous. If you need to create an account on any resource, but you don’t want to use your real phone for this, then using a virtual phone number will be the best solution for you.
  • Fans of promotions and discounts. Usually, to get bonus cards and participate in promotions, you have to fill out a form where you have to provide your phone number. Using your online numbers, you can get an extra gift or discount as many times as you want. It can also help when participating in lotteries by registering several accounts at once you can increase your chances of winning the lottery.
  • Those who want to protect themselves from fraudsters. You’ve most probably come across sites that ask you to enter your phone number in order to download a file. Very often, such data then ends up in the hands of scammers. To protect yourself, you can simply receive SMS messages from such sites to virtual numbers. Popularity online and use user reviews and comments to do so. In order to leave them and not raise suspicion, you will need many different accounts, which can be created thanks to online phone numbers.

How to get an Online Phone Number?

We will use the popular SMS-man service to buy an online phone number for texting. The interface of the site is intuitive, so it is very easy to use. To buy a phone number online you need to perform four simple steps:

  1. Register on SMS-man site using your valid e-mail address or social network account;
  2. Find tab “Replenish my balance” and make necessary amount for purchase.
  3. Choose the country of origin for the phone number and the desired service on the main page.
  4. Press “Buy” button in front of the selected service.

After this number is ready to use for registration on the selected service. After sending an SMS to it, you can get it in your personal cabinet.

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