Portable lights with high output Arkfeld UV light are all the trend now


The switch on the flat torch has six different modes that may be selected: turbo, high, medium, low, strobe, and twilight are just a few of the settings that are available. While the mode switch on the torch is in the flat flashlight position, turning the torch into turbo mode is as simple as pushing the button twice. This function, which is used in both commercial and educational settings, frees presenters from the need to move physically closer to or stand directly in front of the projector in order to draw attention to certain passages of text. When you wish to switch between the light and the laser on the device, you may use a simple toggle instead of having to shut down the device each time.

Arkfeld UV flashlight modes

The incredible 1,000-lumen output of turbo mode lasts for just four minutes before automatically dimming to 300 lumens for another one hundred and ten minutes of use. It can keep going for about two whole hours on high speed, turbo. Easy and natural navigation between modes is provided. The light may be turned on with a single press of the central button. After turning it on, pressing and holding the central button will toggle between the bright, moderate, dim, and moonlight settings.

The maximum time the light may be used at full power (300 lumens) is 126 minutes, after which it automatically decreases to 60 lumens for a further 34 minutes. With the medium setting, the light will shine brightly for 11 hours and 50 minutes before dimming to control heat. In contrast, the moonlight setting of just 1 lumen will last for up to 8 days of continuous usage, while the low level can produce an extremely modest 15 lumens of light for up to 41 hours. The strobe function is activated by quickly tapping the central button. (www.easyvet.com)

Arkfeld’s UV ability to shed light

The Arkfeld UV light has a maximum range of 330 feet and 2,560 candelas, however, it is not intended to be used as a thrower. If you double-tap the button, you’ll get the entire 1,000 lumens, which will illuminate a large area in front of you. Walking your pet at night or in low light doesn’t need a bright flashlight, and you won’t have to turn up the brightness to do it on medium or low.


It’s awesome that Olight included a laser pointer to make this lamp so versatile. Just flip the selector switch to the laser indication setting to activate this feature. After making your selection, the laser pointer may be activated by pressing its center button. Those who need to point out objects or flaws from afar will find this quite helpful.


Olight has done it again by showing us something cutting-edge. The Arkfeld UV flashlight is one of a kind in both design and functionality; you have to try one out for yourself to realize how special it is. The thumb can access 7 different functions, and it has a terrific feel in the hand. It is a wonderful everyday carry (EDC) light because of its compact profile and the ease with which it may be concealed. Including a laser pointer inside the package is a nice touch.

It is useful in a variety of settings, including the workplace, the school, the outdoors, or even just at home while you are having fun with your pets. It is possible that in the not-too-distant future, Olight may provide more choices for the secondary purpose, such as UV light; however, only time will tell for sure. Yet, this undoubtedly made previously unavailable options available again. It is fantastic that Olight continues to provide its consumers with the chance to personalize their experience by choosing the emitter temperature that is most appealing to them.

When combined with the many color options that will be accessible for the Arkfeld UV lamp, you will have something that will appeal to a large majority of people. If you pick up an Arkfeld, you will immediately learn that it is a terrific light that comes with some cutting-edge capabilities, and it may rapidly become the light that you carry the most often. Thank you so much for reading.

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