Bob Credit Card Payment

Bob Credit Card Payment

Bank of Baroda(BoB) provides customers with many pleasing alternatives to credit card bill payments, allowing them to conduct transactions efficiently. If customers need to revel uninterrupted service, then timely payment of credit card bills is essential. Baroda Bank also offers many ways to keep and payment credit card scorecards. According to the due date, users can pick any charging method in keeping with their comfort level and pay first-class payments. So, in this article, we will give you full-on information about Bob Credit Card Payment.

Customers should be privy to the unique methods. That can be used to pay with credit score card payments in conjunction and the processing time it takes to make payments. Baroda bank credit score cardholders can use the following offline payment options -branch checks, automatic debit cards, money orders, or cash bills.

Baroda bank playing cards provide various rewards and benefits for each card at the same time. After all, some playing cards provide incredible quantity cashback for various transactions simultaneously. Because some playing cards provide a complimenting factor. Baroda’s bank also provides various storage methods and price options. And the purchaser can select your credit score card according to their comfort level.

Let’s talk about the Bank of Baroda credit card payment broadly. For Bank of Baroda (Bob) Credit Card Payment, The primary option method is divided into online and offline payment modes. Besides, it may also be categorized as more than one function. That customers can use to repay their credit card scorecard fees.

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The Online payment methods of Bank of Baroda Credit Card

Through BillDesk, Bank of Baroda (Bob) Credit card payment.

  • To take advantage of this feature, customers should reserve an Internet ID on the credit card scorecard invoice.
  • Log in and enter the specified information.
  • To pay credit card scorecard payments, customers must first register from BillDesk without paying any fees.
  • However, Follow the steps on the screen to collect fees. Because customers must use a user name and password issued by a financial institution to enter their debts and issue invoices.
  • You can also pay through BillDesk through Baroda’s credit card scorecard customers.

Visa Bill Pay

The Visa Bill Pay provides an entirely smooth and handy platform to generate bills to any Visa BOB credit card. So, customers can make one-time or one-time bills and set commands to make the predetermined habitual bill closer to their payment method.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Bill Payment thru Razor Pay

Customers will pay their credit score card invoices through Razor Pay. So, the service keeps the invoice price clean. Customers will pay via UPI (Unified Payment Interface), debit card, or net banking. Razorpay may have all the essential information on credit card scorecard invoices. Besides, to make the price reasonable, the registrant can share personalized hyperlinks with consumers every month.

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Bill Payment thru Insta Pay – Net Banking

Net banking is the quickest method to charge credit card scorecard invoice fees. So, you can use the BOB card Insta Pay operator provided by net banking to quickly repay the credit score card payment of Bank of Baroda. Without even logging, Customers pay through Insta Pay into the BOB portal.

The steps are:

  • Click to go to the Insta Pay page.
  • For pricing, consumers should choose Insta Pay.
  • Enter variety Bob credit scorecards and verification codes.
  • So, Click Continue and confirm the holder’s name, which must be similar to the name imprinted on the credit scorecard.
  • Enter the amount, email processing range, and mobile phone number.
  • Then decide to charge a fee by a particular financial institution (customers can choose to use other Bank Net banking offers or Baroda Bank’s net banking offers ).
  • One way for customers to charge according to the screen commands of the selected financial institution may be to have a credit card account within the working day.
  • So, the payment completed by the customer will be available in the card account within two working days.

Bank of Baroda Mobile Banking Application

Baroda Bank Credit Scorecard customers can also use Baroda Bank’s mobile banking software to make outstanding invoices bills. Customers want to download the application on their mobile phones and login into the application with their consumer ID after setting it up. So, it has all the functions that may be provided inside the net banking portal. To pay for the loyalty card, the person wants to enter the loyalty card tab and select “Credit Card Payment Option.” With particularly more desirable safety for credit score card money owed the use of 128-bit SSL safety a consumer pays or transact for something from everywhere having access to their financial savings account the use of the Mobile app.

Through Auto Debit, Bank of Baroda(Bob) Credit Card Payment

The automatic debit provider is the highest green model for Baroda’s credit card bill payment. So, this amount is deducted from the customer’s financial savings account or current account. To activate this feature, the customer needs to publish the “Automatic Debit” software shape on the department. 

Bank of Baroda(Bob) Credit Card Payment thru NEFT/RTGS the usage of Bank of Baroda IFSC Code

Those who do not have an account yet with Baroda Bank can also make high-value credit scorecard invoice bills through NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer) or RTGS(Real-time Total Gross Settlement) transfers. Because this could be higher up to rupee 1,00,000. To pay Baroda Bank’s credit score card invoice fees via NEFT or RTGS, customers should first register into their credit cards. So, the steps for each registration and payment are as follows.


  • Log in to your selected financial institution’s internet banking account.
  • Head over to fund switch segment and click on upload beneficiary
  • Provide the subsequent info
  • So, Payee Account Number/ Beneficiary account – sixteen-digit credit score card variety
  • Account Number (From wherein the fee is being made)
  • IFSC Code – BARB0COLABA is a credit card code
  • Beneficiary Name – Bank of Baroda

Branch – Colaba

Location – Mumbai

Transaction Type – NEFT


  • Login the payment to the Internet banking portal of the financial institution. From which you have obtained the credit score card of Bank of Baroda as the beneficiary.
  • Go to the budget switching page and choose the method of payment RTGS/NEFT.
  • Select Bank of Baroda from the list of beneficiaries.
  • Enter the amount.
  • However, put the 16-digit credit scorecard into the beneficiary field. And then press the mark on the credit score card to call.
  • So, click on Pay

Bank of Baroda(Bob) Credit Card Payment through Self-Service Portal

To make the bank of Baroda(Bob) credit card payment through the self-service portal. So, follow these steps:

  • Click here to start the method. Click “click to pay” self-service portal
  • To provide the credit score card number and verification code,
  • click Enter to confirm the name, which must be the same as the name on the cardboard.
  • Enter the amount, email ID, and cell number.
  • So, choose the bank to charge the fee (customers can choose Baroda Bank or other indexed financial institutions).
  • To charge according to the steps of the selected financial institution.

The Offline Payment Methods of Bank of Baroda Credit Card 

By Bank of Baroda clients, some offline Bank of Baroda (Bob) credit card payment methods are given below.

Through Cash, Bank of Baroda(Bob) Credit Card Payment

However, you can pay by a coin at any branch, and payment by coin may be made in any department of Baroda Bank managed by Baroda Bank. In return, the buyer will receive a confirmation after depositing the coin.

Credit Card Bill Payment via Cheque

A nearby cheque may be deposited at any Bank of Baroda department. So, mention the sixteen-digit credit score card’s wide variety at the again of the cheque.

Auto Debit

A customer of Baroda Bank can utilize the automatic debit characteristic to make bills his or her top-notch payments from his or her financial savings or new debt. So, the customer needs to post the completed automatic debit card form to the closest Baroda bank department to spark the electronic clearing service.

Payment Processing Time for the Various Methods

The price processing time for diverse Bank Of Baroda credit score card invoice fee is:

Insta pay up to two days

Self Service Portal Up to two days

Bill Desk Up to three days

NEFT/RTGSWithin three running days

Auto Debit By the due date

Razor Pay UPI – Same Day

Debit – Within three running days

Netbanking – Within three running


Cash on the contemporary time

Baroda Cheque maximum for two running days

Other Bank Cheque – Up to five running days

Bank of Baroda Credit Card Statement

Clients ought to sign up their email address and mobile phone number at Baroda Bank to obtain electronic statements. So, BOB credit cardholders can log in to their online banking debts and get the right to enter their month-to-month statements online.


How does the Bank of Baroda method scheduled Auto debit bills?

The automatic debit bill can be processed on a deliberate date. And the account can be debited according to the set status command. This may be finished earlier than the cut-off time set by the financial institution. If the scheduled date is a holiday, the money can be deducted from the account on the following running day.

Can Bank of Baroda consumers take a look at the reputation in their bills online?

Yes, you may check the reputation of the finished bill under the “View Payment” tab. Other “pending” bills may be considered under the “reminder” stage of the “bill payment” home webpage.

What fees are charged for the invoice price of the Baroda Bank Credit Score Card through NEFT?

 Fees collected through NEFT and RTGS no longer charge any fees.

 Is it essential to open an account at Baroda Bank for credit scoring card invoice fees?

You may also pay Baroda Bank’s credit score card invoice through BillDesk, NEFT, etc.

I have paid my Baroda financial institution’s credit card scorecard invoice before the due date. Should I pay overdue fees? 

Baroda Bank may also provide an additional grace period of 2 to 3 days after the due date to collect invoice fees. However, we suggest that you clear the invoice a few days before the due date.

How to set status commands on my Baroda credit card? 

To set the status command, download this form and place it in the housing department.

Can customers generate receipts for finished bills online?

 To generate a receipt, they should click on the outstanding invoice to generate an electronic receipt.

Is there a price limit at Baroda Bank, and credit score card payments are paid online?

Yes. The credit score card statement is due or less or the minimum amount indicated on the statement.

On the Paytm, How to Make Payment the Bank of Baroda Credit Card Bill?

It could be very smooth and handy to make BOB credit score card charge online on Paytm. Just comply with those easy steps, and it will likely be processed inside a minute-

  1. On Paytm, You must go to the Bank of Baroda Credit Card Bill Payment Page.
  2. Then you have to enter your Credit Card Number.

    3.Enter the invoice quantity

    4. So, click on Proceed

   5. Select the fee mode of your preference, i.e., Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, or UPI      



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