How to Meet Hollywood Stars in India [Best Tips and Guide]

Hollywood is more popular than the Bollywood film industry in the world. Hollywood has a large number (read millions of) of fans in India. Most of them want to meet their favorite actors, actresses, directors, and producers once in their lifetime. However, for most of them, is a difficult thing because they don’t know how to meet Hollywood stars in India. To help them, we have compiled a list of best ways to meet your favorite Hollywood film star in India. So, let’s enjoy!

How to Meet Hollywood Stars in India [Best Tips and Guide]

1. Hotel Where They Stays

Most of Hollywood stars stays in luxury hotels in India during their film shootings. Many film stars have visited India for their film shootings, such as Jackie Chan, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and many other big names. Most of them lived in luxury hotels in the particular city. So, you should visit the particular hotel and try to meet them.

2. Film Shooting Locations

Hollywood stars are easily accessible in India at the film shooting locations. However, you should visit the film shooting location very early before a large crowd arrives. Try to contact and ask the crew members about the best time to meet the star. Most of them are very helpful and will guide you.

3. Write A Letter Well In Advance

It is one of the least popular ways to meet Hollywood stars in India. Most of film shooting schedules are decided very early and hence you should write a letter to the particular celebrity and ask if she/he can meet you. If a particular celebrity is nice and kind, then you would get a response from them.

4. Contact The Local Organizer

It is the last option to meet Hollywood stars in India. You should contact the local organizer who is arranging everything for the film unit. However, you should have some good contacts with the local organizer to convince him/her to help you to meet your favorite Hollywood star in India.

Article first published on April 26, 2016.

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