Best Restaurants in Singapore for Fine Dining Are Trying to Adapt to the New Normal

Best Restaurants in Singapore for Dining

Singapore is known for its varying cuisine and people love to eat out and dine at different restaurants. And this was further proved when easing restrictions witnessed many people back on the streets again to try their favorite recipes, either at the high-end restaurants or the roadside stalls and smaller joints. Let’s see the best restaurants in Singapore for fine dining.

As soon as the restrictions were eased, not only were the eating outlets booked to the brim physically, but online reservations received huge requests for booking spaces. 

Reopening restaurants in Singapore after restrictions is a Herculean task

It is well understood that hunger for good food and varieties is still rampant but for the restaurant owners, it is a challenging time and task. And why is it so? 

Reopening the food joints amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic means you have to adopt very stringent cleaning and sanitizing measures although Singapore boasts of unparalleled hygiene standards

How are restaurants in Singapore taking necessary measures? 

Ranging from five-star restaurants to the food stalls on the roadside oftentimes referred to as hawker stalls are taking adequate measures to keep it safe, clean, and hygienic for the eager individuals that have stirred out of their houses to get a taste of their favorite cuisine and dishes during the pandemic. 

As such, restaurant owners are not taking any chances at all. For instance, at a high-end fine dining restaurant when you leave your chair to visit the restroom on your return you will find that there are a fresh set of napkins placed on your table. 

Also, to, minimize contact you can check the digital menu and then order for your favorite dishes instead of someone coming to your table and handing over the menu card to you. 

Aside from the above measures, you will find that the best restaurants in Singapore are also making sure that protocols related to social distancing are well maintained. 

Restaurants make sure that the minimum distance is maintained between two seats. So, people are spread out across the floor to ensure safety. 

Another effort that food joint owners are making is that they are placing sanitizers at the individual tables for the guests. Also, the chefs and staff take orders fully maintaining safety protocols like wearing gloves, masks, and talking from a distance. 

By adhering to these standards, you can be assured that these restaurant owners are keeping up to the SG Clean quality benchmark. 

The Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore focus on business development and encourages hygiene and sanitation in hospitality and related businesses. Also, it aims at certifying establishments that receive a huge number of guests so that they maintain and adhere to the best practices in the industry. 

If restaurants in Singapore want to get certified, it has to comply with a seven-point checklist that encompasses things ranging from implementing standardized hygiene practices, cleanliness, and so on. 

More than 400 cafes, restaurants, bars, and more than 2500 hawkers, coffee shops, and markets have earned the certification for compliance with the checklist. 


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