Adele to Host Saturday Night Live, Confirms TV Comeback

Adele to Host Saturday Night Live, Confirms TV Comeback

Adele made her fans and followers happy with the news that she is returning to TV. To their surprise, Adele to host Saturday Night Live in the coming week. The singer took to her Instagram profile to share a picture of colorful notes and revealed that H.E.R would be the guest that night.

Adele to host Saturday Night Live

Hosting SNL will be the first significant comeback of Adele after her 2016 tour. The singer also didn’t release any new album since ’25’ in 2015.

While announcing the news, Adele expressed her excitement by writing, “Bloooooody hellllll.” The singer is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the show and also terrified. She said that it would be her first-ever hosting gig, which happens to be SNL, so it is huge.

The singer also revealed that she wanted a standalone moment since forever to have a space that she could throw herself into. She also said that the time had not been right till now.

Finally, Adele said that jumping into the sea with head first and closed eyes reflect how we feel in 2020 and hope for the best. She said this to express her current turmoil of emotions related to SNL hosting.

Adele then revealed that 12 years back on that day, she had first appeared on that show. It was during an election and gave her a break in America. She then said that life is a full circle, and she couldn’t say no to this opportunity.

What to expect?

On talking about the guest’s performance, Adele said that H.E.R would be a musical guest. She expressed how much she loves her and can’t wait to get mesmerized by her performance. She also said that she would have fun, get confused, and feel every other emotion in-between.

Is Adele going to release new music?

As soon as the news of hosting SNL was out, fans started speculating that Adele will release another album. They started asking for a teaser and official announcement of the upcoming single.

The first appearance of Adele on SNL was back in 2008. She performed hit numbers like Cold Shoulder and Chasing Pavements. She was again back in 2015 for promoting her album 25, and viewers were surprised to listen to When We Were Young and Hello.

These reasons are evident enough for speculation and expectation. But we also have to realize that the singer is coming in as a host and not a guest this time. Let’s hope for the best!

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