Best Time Travel Movies

Best Time Travel Movies

Science fiction has always had its clichés. Whether it’s robots, alien spaceships, dystopian political systems, or time travel, every good book or film set in the future must present at least. One of the recurring elements of the genre, and try to renew it without distorting it. Sometimes we succeed, and we find ourselves in front of a masterpiece; other times, you miss the goal miserably. This article gives you full information about the best time travel movies.

Time travel was one of the central elements of science fiction cinema, especially between the 80s and 90s. Not that there was no lack of adventures of this type before think. To give a couple of examples of Planet of the Apes or Bandits of Time. But there is no doubt that in those two decades, the topic became fashionable.

Whether it leaped forward, towards an increasingly dark future, or backward, towards a past to regret, everyone seemed to want to leave the present.

LOOPER (2012): Best Time Travel Movies

Shortly, Joe is a professional killer in the pay of organized crime. His ability is to kill people using time travel: by receiving precise indications. He will eliminate the “targets” of criminals by taking unsuspecting victims by surprise, sent back thirty years. Hitmen like Joe, called “looper,” will then have to discard the evidence. The weapon they typically use is the Blunderbuss, an infallible gun on a close subject. Joe is accumulating wealth and prestige, but the seemingly perfect toy could break when, from the future. The order that the next target to hit – to close the time loop – is himself, but as an older man.

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The ambitious film written and directed by Rian Johnson: Looper mixes the thriller elements with those of science fiction. Thanks to which it has obtained good feedback from critics and audiences. The top-notch cast consisting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Paul Dano, Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels, Noah Segan, and Piper Perabo.


The young Jack Portman grew up in the imagination of fantastic stories and, in particular, those. About the adventures of Miss Peregrine’s special boys, endowed with peculiar supernatural abilities. When he mysteriously finds his grandfather Abraham dying. He has the only clue in his words: finding “the ring of September 3, 1943”. One day, Jack finds a postcard signed by Miss Peregrine, sent from the small British island of Cairnholm. So he decides to leave but arrived at his destination he discovers that the institute was destroyed during the war. But he finds the special boys again, and so he discovers that Miss Peregrine had managed to save them. Thanks to a time ring capable of transforming the course of events and endlessly avoiding something from happening …

Directed by Tim Burton, written by Jane Goldman, and based on the book by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine. The Home for Peculiar Children has received mixed reviews and more than good but less than expected audience success. However, it is a film suitable for a transversal audience and not just for fans of the Burbank director’s cinema. In this film, time travel has the shape of rings, connecting different eras, and manipulating definite events. In a large cast composed of many boys, Eva Green, Asa Butterfield, Samuel L. Jackson, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Terence Stamp, and Allison Janney stand out. This movie was the best time travel movies in 2016.


It seems like a sunny day in 1984. Saverio, an elementary school teacher, and Mario, a janitor, take a secondary road and stop at a level crossing. After a sudden storm, however, they find themselves incredibly thrown back in time. Towards the end of the Renaissance fifteenth century. The very year that marked the turning point for history. Acclimatizing more or less quickly, for Saverio and Mario, the adventures have just begun …

Directed and starring Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni and written by the two artists with Giuseppe Bertolucci. We have to cry is now universally considered a cult film of Italian cinema. Troisi and Benigni, brilliant comedians and eccentric authors. Dedicated themselves with a passion for a project that, at the time, was criticized. For the numerous sequences not necessarily linked to the thread of the plot. But in which the talent of both emerged extraordinarily. An extraordinary journey through time. With formidable jokes made unique by the genius of two fundamental figures of the Italian show.

ANYWHERE IN TIME (1980): Best Time Travel Movies

May 1972. Student Richard Collier ( Christopher Reeve ) celebrates the success of a comedy he presented in college: he hopes. In fact, to become an established playwright. While he is with his friends, an older woman approaches him to hand him a watch before walking away.

After eight years, Richard has achieved his set goals, having already made numerous successful texts. Yet, he has never been able to forget that strange and inexplicable encounter and continually tries to find clues. That can lead him to understand its contours. On a drive, pass the Grand Hotel on Lake Chicago. Here he stops and makes his entrance, finding a theatre inside. In the next room, on one wall, a portrait of an actress who had acted there in 1912. Richard recognizes her as the woman he has been looking for for some time. Delving deeper into the matter, he discovers that she is named Elise McKenna ( Jane Seymour). He acted in that theatre on June 27, 1912. That day another name was also marked on the hotel register: Richard Collier.

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Directed by Jeannot Szwarc and written by Richard Matheson (who took it from his own novel). Ovunque new tempo mixes science fiction and romance, with fluctuating results but with an undoubted narrative style—Oscar nomination for costumes and a Golden Globe nomination for John Barry’s score.


A government agent ( Ethan Hawke ) uses time travel to go after a terrorist, known as the Frizzle Bomber. After having escaped him in several circumstances. The man will no longer be able to make mistakes as the criminal is endangering thousands of people’s lives during one of the previous clashes. This allows him to work undercover in a bar.  The agent offers to take John back to the past and exactly where. But it will only be the beginning of a series of twists.

Written and directed by Michael and Peter Spierig and based on the short story by Robert A. Heinlein, Predestination uses temporal paradoxes to make the characters converge on stage, gradually revealing each piece to amaze the viewer one sequence after another. How could we reverse the course of events within a single temporal universe if we could go back in time by changing the situations’ development at the origin of the events themselves?

PRINCE OF PERSIA – THE SANDS OF TIME (2010): Best Time Travel Movies

In the Persia of a bygone era, the orphan Dastan enters the sympathies of King Sharman, who adopts him as the third prince of Persia. Having grown up, Dastan goes to Alamut, together with his brothers Tus and Garsiv, to stop illegal arms trafficking. During the attack, Dastan comes into possession of a dagger belonging to Princess Tamina, also imprisoned. Returning as a winner, Dastan is, however, openly reprimanded by his father. Who fears that having acted as a holy city such as Azimut could damage relations between the kingdom and its allies. Dastan still pays homage to the king by handing him a robe left by Tus shortly before. After the king puts it on, it generates a fire that burns his body, without anyone being able to remedy it.

Directed by Mike Newell and written by Boaz Yakin, Doug Miro, and Carlo Bernard, Prince of Persia. The Sands of Time is inspired by the successful video game series created by Jordan Mechner while still adding new elements. The film uses the most classic of temporal paradoxes in an adventure narrative background: elements that have decreed the good commercial success of the film, enhanced by the cast composed of Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Alfred Molina, Ben Kingsley, Richard Coyle, and Toby Kebbell.


All the Lake family men have an extraordinary gift: by firmly clenching their fists in a place isolated from others, they can jump back in time, reaching into their own past to change the assumptions of events that have already occurred. One day, Bill tells the secret to his 21-year-old son Tim. After understanding the potential he now has, the boy begins to change some small events in his life: actions that he would do differently, others that he would no longer perform, or still others that he would live differently. Although the risk of exaggerating is always present, between one trip and the next, Tim meets the beautiful Mary, who will represent the love he has always dreamed of.

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Written and directed by Richard Curtis, A Question of Time extraordinarily combines the elements most suited to dramatic comedy with those of fantastic cinema, maintaining the British director and screenwriter’s narrative linearity. The first-rate cast composed of Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, and the almost rookies Vanessa Kirby and Margot Robbie: the Australian actress, immediately after Matter of Time, would then take part in The Wolf of Wall Street, establishing herself in the panorama international cinema.


TV meteorologist Phil Connors ( Bill Murray ) has to wrap up a report on the traditional Groundhog Day. Once in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Phil still doesn’t seem very convinced of what to do. The next day, at 6 o’clock, he wakes up in his room while the clock radio plays I Got You, Babe, by Sonny & Cher, and then writes about the groundhog and the celebration. When he thinks he’s done, a blizzard prevents him from leaving, and so does his colleague Rita ( Andie MacDowell). The next morning, Phil realizes that there is something strange. At first, he takes advantage of it to have fun and try to win over Rita, but he soon realizes that getting back to reality is what really matters.

Directed by Harold Ramis and written by the director with Danny Rubin. Ricomincio da capo is now considered a cult of the 90s American comedy. A success that has grown over the years thanks above all to a brilliant screenplay and an unforgettable character such as Bill Murray’s Phil Connors stuck in a time loop that will allow him to change his existence. Fun and profound, there is some inspiration from Frank Capra’s cinema. Yet, despite appearances, Ricomincio da capo had a complicated process due to some misunderstanding between Ramis and Murray – here in their latest collaboration – which led to the breakup of the long artistic partnership at the end of the shoot. All this before the highly anticipated reconciliation, which took place shortly before the director’s death in 2014. Best time travel movies in 1993.

TENET (2020)

A CIA agent takes part in a Russian undercover operation to rescue a compromised colleague. And to find an unidentified object during a terrorist attack on the Kyiv Opera House. Shortly thereafter, having reached the objectives. To ensure that he was ready to collaborate for a secret organization called “Tenet.”

Conducted in a laboratory, the agent will gradually discover that he is the true protagonist of the events he encounters.  That allows objects to move backward by reversing the time flow.  Thus, the new mission will have as its sole objective the rescue of.

One of the most representative sentences of Tenetit is the best way to get closer to a film that has catalyzed public opinion and restored meaning to an entire cinema year. Ten years after Inception, Christopher Nolan has returned to pure action. Impressing his unmistakable trademark in the direction, script, and production, absolutely imposing. He has therefore created a main character who initially finds himself disoriented. Only to become, little by little, aware of the mission he has to fulfill and finally realizes that he is the fulcrum. Just as it happens for every single Tenet viewer. Who at the end of the viewing will have understood that he had lived an extraordinary experience – accompanied by an author enthusiastic about involving the public by crossing time once again.

Through shorter narrative periods but with a perspective far beyond the imagination of the characters on stage. The British author started from known elements and renewed himself by proposing. New challenges translated into an unforgettable realization of many action sequences, with undoubted homages to the 007 sagas and daring when necessary thanks to his enormous directorial skills. Now this movie is the best time travel movies at the time.


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