10 Unique and Fun Activities in Pakistan

10 Unique and Fun Activities in Pakistan

This Asian nation, safe to say, is the most ignored country for travel and tour. Often missed out as boring or not worthy, the country of Pakistan is a wonder to behold, a rare gem to treasure and a beautiful destination to visit. History, culture and beauty are the very pillars of its tourism background. With the towering highest mountain range in the North and the regal South with all its ancient glory is inviting for any explorer who wishes to travel off-beat but has the best time. The Serene Air has amusing offers for you to choose from while planning your trip to Pakistan. While months are required for you to climb every mountain, skim every valley and spot the ruins of a civilization or two, your job here is made easy as we enlist the 10 most iconic and all-indulging activities you can be a part of during your time in Pakistan.

  1. View The Flag Lowering Event at the Indo- Pakistan Border


The patriotic vibe is set on at the Wagah- Attari border at the Lowering Of The Flag event that takes place at 5 pm in the outskirts of Lahore. This ancient practice is still done every day at 5 pm as both countries lower their flags and the counter guards perform the leg-raising salute competition and greet each other officially and competitively.

2. Hike The Nanda Parbhat

An activity you can never say no to while touring in Pakistan is saying no to the hike trials of the Nanda Parbhat peak. Being the world’s ninth tallest peak, the mountains are at your call and beckon to deliver you the scenic souvenirs of nature’s best. This hike is an eight-hour round trip starting at the Fairy Meadows Campsite and going up until nearly 4000 m.nHiking to the campsite in itself is a beguiling experience.

3. Cycle Or Ride The Karakoram Highway

This pass between the mountains is the world’s highest paved international road connecting Pakistan and China. The snow-clad mountains, crystal glaciers, and soul-soothing valleys can all be viewed as you drive by. Cycling Is also a very recent adventure activity for thrill chasers.

4. Sail Across The Landscape- Made Attabad Lake

Recent landscape in the Hunza River has made this beautiful lake called the Attabad Lake that is slowly getting into the lens of tourists. This lake is beautiful when the summer sun melts the mountain glaciers that empty into the lake. Apart from the boat rides which are a must-go, the jet rides are also available for the thrill of it all.

5. Fall for the Ancient Ruins At Sindh

10 Unique and Fun Activities in Pakistan

If you are a history lover or have a thing for those remnants from the past, the Province of Sindh has it for you. The Mohenjo Daro civilization and a few of its archeological magnificence can be seen here. This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that shouldn’t be missed.

6. Shopping And Its Tempting Call

The local street markets are the best places for you to harness your bargaining skills at the same time, shop to your heart’s content.  Karachi is your hub if you have decided to brave this endeavor and don’t forget to check out the Jodia Bazar. This is the largest and probably the highest revenue-generating trace center that shouldn’t be missed.

7.  Be Amused By The Persian Landscapes And Mughal Monuments 

Do not miss out on visiting all the forts that stand in all their royalty to depict the Mughal Architecture. The monumental Mosques and gardens of the Persian kind are the nation’s largest and landmarks carrying the untouchable mark of history and culture that is so beautiful and artistic.

8. The Chinese Are Just A Hike Away!

The Karakoram Highway trek through the remaining Silk Road will take you to the Pakistan- Chinese Border at an altitude of more than 4000m. The altitude is unreachable, tall with breathtaking curves, thrilling hairpin bends and beautiful valleys on the way. 

9. The Khyber Danger Awaits You

Suit up and get ready for the heart flutter while treading the off-road, unexplored, lawless land region of the Khyber Pass which is the route to Afghanistan and Pakistan. This route is known for its smuggling activities of all kinds of goods. However, the safer corners of this road are worth exploring.

10.From Caves To Dining Tables!

10 Unique and Fun Activities in Pakistan

The Khewra Salt Mine, which is the world’s second-largest one, is the most famous tourist attraction. It is home to the famous Himalayan Pink Salts which are obtained from the caves. The landmark is famous for these caves and other touring activities.

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