Tyra Banks Signed as Host for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Upcoming Season

Tyra Banks

Recently Tom Bergeron took to his Twitter account to announce that he has not been called back to host the 29th season of Dancing With the Stars. When the fans of the show started speculating who could replace Bergeron, the announcement was made by ABC. According to the official statement, the new host of the famous dance entertainment show will be Tyra Banks.

The beautiful woman is a successful businesswoman, and a former supermodel too. Tyra Banks has an experience of hosting other popular television reality shows. Her profile includes hosting “America’s Next Top Model,” and of course “America’s Got Talent.” The ABC representative added that Tyra Banks is the executive producer of “Dancing With the Stars” along with being the host of the show.

Tyra Bank participated to issue a joint statement after some time and spoke highly about Tom Bergeron. She described how Tom had already set the stage for her. Now, she has to live up to the expectation and popularity of the show. It was a joint statement on part of both the BBC and ABC studios. Tyra adds that she is very excited and looking forward to doing her best as a host and executive producer.

After all, it is now her responsibility to take the legacy forward. According to the network, it was logical on their part to replace both Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. They were associated with the show for 15 years and 6 years respectively. The network says that it was a massive step towards reviving the ratings of their show that going down for the past few seasons.

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The former host of “Dancing With the Stars”

Before, Bergeron proved that he is an opinionated man when he spoke about the show’s decision to invite political figures to participate in the show. For example, the former press secretary of White House, Sean Spicer. He was also the director of communications for the Trump cabinet. In a Twitter post, Bergeron even said that it is alright if people want to disagree now, but it is ultimately the call of the makers.

Sean Spicer even joined other Republican contestants who were former participants of the show. The list includes several people, and one major name is of course Bristol Palin, Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter. Besides, former governor of Texas Rick Perry was also a participant in the show. He ran for presidentship as well.

Tyra Banks controversies

The new host Tyra Banks has also been part of several controversies, the most highlighted one is what happened back in 2006. It was during the shoot of “America’s Next Top Model,” that Banks commented on a model’s appearance and the gap between her teeth. She was not just the host, but also the executive producer of the modeling reality show.

During an episode, Tyra Banks questioned Dani Evans, a model and a black contestant about her teeth. The supermodel asked her directly why she was not getting the gap between her teeth fixed by a dentist. Further, Banks points out about her inability to be the cover girl with that kind of appearance.

To Tyra’s question, Evans said that she thought that she did not need to change her appearance. As a reply, Tyra Banks talks rudely to the participant saying that it is not at all a marketable trait if she feels so. Later, the statement became a contradiction, when Banks complimented a white contestant on the same feature that she scolded Dani for. According to Banks, the white contestant looked edgier with that unique look.

Recently, ABC network’s President Karey Burke officially spoke about the new host of the show. According to him, Tyra is a perfect choice because of her vast experience and personality. Burke says that Tyra is a multi-talented woman who has bagged so many awards. Plus, she has a powerful and fearless personality that makes her stand out from the rest in a crowd.

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