YouTube SEO Your Ultimate Guide to Ranking in 2021

YouTube SEO Guide Ranking

YouTube SEO: Your Ultimate Guide to Ranking in 2021. With the video format being the preferred content medium in this day and age, overlooking YouTube is something that no brand can ill-afford to do. After all, it isn’t just the most popular video streaming website, it is also one of the World Wide Web’s biggest search engines, with over two billion users active every month. It is for this reason that entrepreneurs and markets alike continue to invest in video production services. Ranking high in this social media platform can lead to a lot of Internet exposure. For those who remain unconvinced, here are a few facts:

  • Based on YouTube reports, video consumption over mobile devices increases at least a hundred percent every year.
  • Email leads for videos usually result in two-hundred to three-hundred percent CTR or click-through rates.
  • More than half of Internet users watch online videos daily.

With that said, elevating your position in YouTube’s search rankings is neither as straightforward nor as simple as it appears to be. And in this guide, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about YouTube SEO and help you rank in this digital channel in 2021

YouTube: What are its factors for ranking?

To understand what search engine optimization techniques work for YouTube, you must first know the factors its algorithm uses to rank video content. Listed below are just a few of these factors.

  1. Views. The number of subscribers and views is one of the most common factors that YouTube considers when ranking videos in its search results. Usually, views are counted when users are able to watch at least half a minute’s worth of the video. Repeated viewing is included as a part of the total views. However, to prevent any spam from manipulating the statistics, multiple views that come from one user per day isn’t counted.
  2. Retention of the audience. The amount of time that users spend watching a video is generally considered to have more weight than mere clicks. Because of this, it is essential to produce engaging video content that won’t just keep people watching, but to return to your channel for more
  3. Interaction. Another strong factor in ranking for YouTube is engagement. The platform gauges this factor through the number of likes, comments, subscriptions, and other forms of interaction with the videos and their channel sources
  4. Quality. Studies have shown that videos that offer users higher resolution tend to rank much higher than those that don’t. So, before you publish any content, make sure that the videos support the HD format.
  5. Authority. While this digital platform presents people with strong possibilities for monetization, the process also requires a lot of thoughtful analysis and careful creation. Once a channel can reach remarkable figures, it is allowed to secure verification for a badge and turn itself into a more official source.

SEO techniques for YouTube

Not unlike a website, videos need to be optimized to elevate their visibility on the YouTube platform. Creating engaging content is a start, but it is rarely enough to generate the exposure it needs to find the intended audience. So, to give your channel a chance to reach your target users, here are a few search engine optimization techniques that you must adopt. 

  • Conducting keyword research. YouTube isn’t just a video streaming platform and a social media channel – it is also a search engine. With that in mind, conducting keyword research is an effective SEO strategy to place high in the website’s search results. After all, doing so will give you a much better idea of the terms, phrases, and other search tags people use when looking for content relevant to their brand or business.
  • Video metadata. The metadata of a video – both visual and textual information associated with it – is a significant factor in determining the content’s relevance to specific search queries. Even as the Internet is becoming smarter, and platforms like YouTube and Google have begun to adopt machine learning for recognizing objects, metadata remains essential because it is what people first see when they encounter a video. Because of this, having metadata that is as relevant as it is appealing to the content will make the video more clickable
  • YouTube analytics. Trying to enhance the SEO of your YouTube channel without having a clear understanding of the target audience is not unlike cooking a dish without the necessary ingredients: it is impossible. As such, it is crucial to analyze what the watching habits of your intended audience are. In this way, YouTube’s analytics can be an invaluable tool because it supplies content creators with a plethora of different metrics, such as traffic sources, demographics, click-through rate, viewer numbers, etc. It can even present insight on targeted keywords and the interest of your audience too. Needless to say, it offers features that can help your videos rank up in search results.
  • Optimization of watch time. Watch time is essentially how long viewers watch a specific video. Because it is another major factor that the platform’s algorithm carefully considers in the placement of the content in search rankings, the video mustn’t be just clicked. But the videos keep people engaged. The longer users spend watching the video, the greater the chances that interact with you, check through your videos and even subscribe
  • Social media promotion. These days, the Internet is primarily driven by social media. Sharing content across multiple channels might seem obvious. However, it remains to be one of the most effective strategies to maximizing the traffic and visibility potential of video production services. Since the technique also encourages interaction from viewers, the chances of converting users to loyal followers are higher.  


With all of the advantages that it offers, there’s little reason not to leverage search engine optimization techniques for YouTube videos. By incorporating the strategies laid out above with expert video production services, you’ll improve the chances of your video content to reach your target viewers and convert the intended audience into subscribers who will continue to follow your content. So never underestimate the power of SEO; it can deliver results.

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