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The growth in the online trading field that we have been witnessing over the years led to the rise of the number of platforms. And ultimately, this range of the platforms led the users to a concern: Which platform is the best to choose as the online trading partner and is a reliable platform? 

One of the most important aspects is reliability. The platforms have to reveal why and how they are trustable. Another one is the convenience of them obviously. If you are having trouble trying to pick one platform considering these aspects, there is one to solve those problems. Binomo offers a service that is fully legit in Pakistan, and really convenient with the app and the website.

But, what is the Binomo platform for investment and trading all about and how does it work? In the review, this question is going to be answered with all the essential aspects to be considered.

What is

Binomo was founded by Dolphin Corp in 2014, and it has been recognized as a platform that enables its traders to access advanced trading technology through service in English and other 11 languages.

Is Binomo safe or a scam?

One of the first considerations of a trader when trying to pick a platform to use is the platform’s credibility. Naturally, such questions are asked about the Binomo platform, such as is it real or fake?

First of all, Binomo is regulated by the International Financial Commission, which has confirmed that the platform is a safe service for traders. In addition to the commission, the Verify My Trade certificate was obtained by Binomo, confirming the quality of the trades. Binomo also has awards to prove the claims of its reliability (FE Award in 2015, and IAIR Award next year). Thus, such regulation and awards show that Binomo is not a scam, but a secure trading platform.

How to use Binomo?

Some beginners ask how to make money on Binomo, but they need to understand that they can’t do this, but they can get additional income. Also, on the platform, all clients can study for free to reduce the risk of losing funds. 

The extra income you are able to make through Binomo is based on the changes in the exchange rate of currencies and other assets. And for that, fixed-time trades (FTT) are used. They allow traders to earn up to 90% of the trade size if the forecast is correct.

Tutorial on how to trade on Binomo:

  1. Choose the asset you like best.
  2. Select the amount and time for the trade.
  3. Determine the next activity of the chart movement.
  4. Choose whether to press the red button if you think the movement will go DOWN or press the green button if you think the movement will go UP.
  5. Wait until the trade is completed. If the forecast is correct, you get a profit, if not, the funds will not be returned.

Note! The use of signals on the platform is prohibited by the rules of Binomo.

But how to get into this world of Binomo? Thanks to its user-friendly interface. Let us explain that in more detail.

Sign Up and Log In

After deciding to use the Binomo platform, you must log in. It is no more difficult than on any site on the net:

  • Click the “Sign In” button on
  • Register through a Google/Facebook account or email.
  • Set a strong password.
  • Choose the currency you will use. Please remember that you will not be able to change it after the registration due to safety regulations.
  • Read and Accept the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Activate your account using the link from the email. You will now be able to log into your trading account through the Binomo login page using your email and password.

At times, Binomo managers may request documents to prove the identity of the account holder. It used to take a few days, but thanks to the automatic verification service, which is also available in Pakistan, it only takes a few minutes.

Accounts types

Among 4 different types of accounts, Binomo is offering a range of selections with different advantages:

  • Demo Account

It is available immediately after logging into Binomo. The demo account created for educational purposes is funded with a virtual $1000. With these funds, those who start trading steps will learn how the Binomo platform actually works in a safe environment.

  • Standard

It is the entrance account to Binomo and this type of account comes with 40+ assets to trade. Other than that, $10 is enabling the users to participate in both paid and free tournaments.

  • Gold

After you have made a cumulative deposit of $500, you will have a Gold Account with all its benefits: 60+ assets to trade, up to 150% deposit bonus, up to 90% profitability of the trade in case of correct forecast.

  • VIP

Traders have 70+ assets to trade, up to 10% cashback in some cases, up to 200% deposit bonus, up to 90% profitability of the trade in case of correct forecast, a personal manager, access to VIP tournaments, and risk-free trade are yours after a cumulative deposit of $1000.


Binomo offers a range of trading education opportunities for beginners. As mentioned, choosing a demo account is a great way to understand how to invest and trade on the Binomo app or website.

There is also a Help Center with FAQ, where the traders are able to find the answers to their questions about Binomo.

Besides these, there is a section named Strategies on the website. There are methods that conclude verified trades for users. However, It is important to remember that there is not any strategy that can assure continued success in trading.


How to invest money in Binomo to start trading? It is enough to a minimum deposit of $10. There are many deposit options on Binomo especially in Pakistan, such as JazzCash, EasyPaisa, CashMaal, Perfect Money, etc.


Considering in the review, one can’t but mention the bonuses. Traders are three types of bonuses:

  1. A welcome bonus of 25% that all traders get after registering.
  2. Non-deposit bonuses have a fixed amount. To receive a non-deposit bonus, you do not need to enter various coupon codes in your account. It will be automatically added to your Binomo account.
  3. The amount of the deposit bonuses depends on the account status: up to 100% for Standard, up to 150% for Gold, up to 200% for VIP.

To withdraw the bonus, you need to make a Trade Turnover. Details can be found in Binomo’s terms and conditions.

Withdraw funds

Once you make correct forecasts and get profit, it is time to learn how to withdraw money from Binomo. Withdrawals are possible in the same way that you used for the deposit. This is the platform’s security policy. 

The time of the withdrawal process is also depending on the payment method and account type. It might be done in a few minutes, or it can take 3 days or more.

Download the Binomo app

It has basically the same process as any other app:

  • If you are using an Android device, Google Play Store is where you can download it. For the ones who use an iOS device, the Binomo app is in the AppStore.
  • For Android users, if there are problems installing the Binomo app, there is an APK version for invest and trade. It can be downloaded from the link:

For PC

In addition to being able to download the mobile app on iOS and Android devices, you can trade on the platform through a browser on Windows or Mac, as there is no trading app for PC.


In conclusion, we note that Binomo is a secure platform for trade that guarantees its users a reliable service and a convenient terminal. In addition to our review, traders can check comments about on trusted sites like Quora.

It is always important to remember the risks of the field of trading such as losing the deposit if you make a forecast incorrect. However, for those who are accepting the existing risks, Binomo is a platform you can trust to invest and trade on it.


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